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  1. Sorry if this is on another thread, i couldn't find it anywhere. Who is the Canadian broadcaster for the champions league this coming season? i thought i heard that TSN was not going to play any games?
  2. I don't understand some people...." totally agreed...I'm a Impact Fan but I believe that TFC has more chance to win...we'll see. At the end, I'll support any winner to bring us up in the CONCACAF" Why not just say, I'm a soccer fan and any team that goes thru from Canada i hope will represent us well. IMPACT FANS DO NOT CHEER FOR TORONTO OR VANCOUVER or any other team but theirs! what the eff is wrong with u, this is club soccer not international teams, no countries involved here, we want the Impact to make it and if they don't well screw Toronto or Vancouver i hope thwy fail miserably, t
  3. I LOVE YOU, thanks for the link! sucks for that post PR hit and what a ****TY crowd
  4. Last year we were in the upper section 104, i believe thats the designated travelling supporter section. We did see/hear the rowdy supporters but personally i just laughed at it more than anything. RPB think they're british hooligans or something but if ure concerned there was security around us all of last year and the only time "trouble" started was after the game when the TFC fans started throwing glowsticks and granola bars into our section from behind as they were leaving the game. I even went to the bathroom alone a few times during the game and was never bothered and i was wearing Impac
  5. Key for the Impact is a good result at BMO to start cause the Caps won't have Sebrango this year to put a dagger in TFC's heart so we can't rely on them for any help. EDDIEEEEEEEEE SEBRANGOOOOO OUUUUU AHHHHH I WANNA KNOWWWWWWW HOWWWW U SCORED THAT GOALLLLLLL
  6. I don't get the whole cheer for a "canadian" team...this is CLUB SOCCER!!!! I can't see Liverpool fans cheering for Manchester united in the champions league and vice versa! So screw TFC, if they ever made it to the champions league i defenitely would not be cheering for them just like i wouldnt expect a TFC fan to cheer for the Impact. IMPACT FC!!!!
  7. The way i see it everything after the TFC game in July was a bonus, this team had me on the edge of my seat every single game, yes we lost but how many people expected us to make it that far..not too many Impact players should hold their head up high and get ready for another run because we all know TFC and Van will want a piece of the action. LET'S GO IMPACT!!!!
  8. I dunno about u guys but i never wanted to **** my pants so badly, 45 MINS TO GO!!! COME ON BOYS!!!!!!! p.s. they showed a lady with a Montreal Rocks poster and next to her was a guys with an ultras scarf, any idea who they are?
  9. Whoever is going have fun at the game, i envy u ok well only a little bit but im still sad to be missing such a huge game, ill be cheering the Impact and Ultras on from some sports bar in cancun! LETS GO IMPACT!!!!
  10. p.s. when i say "if it were TFC...etc" i dont mean it in the sense cbc is pro toronto or anything (altho some will prob argue that), but rather because they show some TFC regular season games and have a TV deal with them which tye dont with the impact
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