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  1. Well hopefully TFC will produce one or two Van Der Varts in the years to come.
  2. As much as i dislike chelsea Anelka would dominate over here.
  3. was at the game. the quality of play was low. i like the linsay kid he was finding himself some spac at times. dont know what to say, wasnt much of a crowd. Ive been to three games this year so far all CCL and I think it sucks it really sucks that TFC cant muster a crowd to see their team play in a tournament that is of a higher level (- arabe unido) than MLS. \\ Im curious how many of you have tried to buy 30 dollar tickets (2 side by side) and been unable to. Yet you go to a game and there a tons of empty seats. LOWER the seat prices and make them available to people. I am not spendin
  4. i wish the gold cup was like the euro cup once every four years and required a bunch of games to qualify. Im sure alot of people in concacaf would like that also.
  5. for a few moments from when mista got on the pitch leading to the tfc goal i was really impressed by the team. I forgot i was watchng mls. Beatiful goal and build up play.
  6. yeah wont be watching this one - sorry impact/tfc - habs are more important. sucks though because impact/tfc is my favorite game to watch in this part of the world. Columbus/tfc - Neva heard. its gonna be cool in 2 years when they play 4 times per year. Sucks 2 for the impact fans because Toronto is the best team they will play this year. well except any friendlies with big euro clubs.
  7. I think the mls will do extremely well in montreal. the games will sell out.
  8. great article. We as fans get treated by the mls like we have never seen a good game in our lives. As far as im concerned the mls with its little salary cap and its north american way of doing things can go piss up a rope.
  9. Good for speaking up Gerba, and i don't agree with PJ. So far Preki has not impressed. TFC almost make the playoffs and frankly looked pretty good at times last year. So they get rid of all their talent and they do it with utter disrespect! Its not always the good players that make good coaches Mo and Preki are testament to that.
  10. best of luck to jim. I wish that he could have had a final game with the team, hes been excellent for club and country. i really think he had another season in him.
  11. last year the problem was at cb and forwards the midfeild was really strong. this year.... i feel so bad for garcia, hes been so prone to mistakes at tfc/ hes been a good player in the past but has completely lost his confidence. this was his chance to get it back and now im sure its even worse.
  12. this team is half what it was last year. and only half the players are left from last year.....
  13. right now i feel that to get the best quality soccer in the mls we need those over thirty guys. theres no money here to attract young excellent players and so id rather see older players past their prime who might not be as fast but are highly skilled. as far as preki.... im not 2 sure i like the way this team is going at all. So far the pre season has been a disaster, the team is significantly worse than last year. i hope to catch a few games this year live now that ive moved to Toronto and i hope preki proves me wrong. there was 5 cmnt players last year (+ attackora who is an excel
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