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  1. The word "tribalism" is apt. Since the selection process for the team will be based in London, Ulster and Scotland will seem a long way distant, so the understandable fear is that it will quickly become an England team with a new name. Difficult to bring everyone together for practice, etc., you know. Read also the fears expressed that FIFA might say "If you can put a British team on the field for the Olympics, why do we bother with all the home "countries" playing separately?" Scotland has a population of 5.2 M, not much more than the GTA. Imagine if we had the bureaucracy of a foot
  2. Watching this game, I saw countless TFC crosses into the box that ended up being cleared or mishandled, leading to the idea that the game plan was designed for Gordon, who did not play. Almost no defence splitting passes through to Santos. Instead, high balls through to Santos who ran on to them from time to time.
  3. And while we are into trivia, Newton Heath was a major steam engine depot (Shed code 26A) serving Victoria station and towards the NE. Zzzzzzz
  4. I understand that his family is in London and he doesn't want to relocate far from there. Birmingham is just up the M40. Even Celtic was a bit far from that point of view.
  5. Looks like Robbie Keane is headed for Aston Villa.
  6. Although much of this discussion is about debt, it's interesting also to compare operating losses with, for example, the NBA. Here is a February 2010 quote about it: "But Stern on Saturday rolled out another figure he believes needs to be out there: $400 million. That's the total amount of money he says NBA teams will lose this season. Stern also spoke of losses of at least $200 million per season in the first four seasons of the current collective bargaining agreement, 2005-09."
  7. Agreed. On Sept 18 I watched Tottenham vs Wolves. The seats were low level, far corner, and according to a seat mate cost 40 pnds, or $64
  8. Maybe, although careful re-reading of the BBTB piece reveals no Europhilic reference. I believe another way of putting it (BBTB was trying to be polite and non-confrontational) would be that this may the first experience of some fans as a pro sports supporter, and more maturity as time goes on will bring with it a broader view of the fan experience. And if this is too much to ask, they should try something else. I always was nervous about the trendy bubble surrounding TFC in 2007-2008, and how long it would last when things got tough. Let's just hope MLSE has enough sense to bring in g
  9. Fine. Deciding not to renew is a rational choice. Go to the games, or stay home. TFC ownership has to understand that expectations have changed and the club has to perform or it will lose support, and the waiting list for season tickets will prove to be illusory. I suspect that they now recognize that hiring Johnston was a mistake in the first place, as he was unable to build a team and a playing style, and corporate inertia could not deal with it when required at the end of last year. What I am commenting on is the juvenile talk of demonstrations and (potential) violence, which j
  10. Au contraire. We fully understand the point. It's just that we think it's a bit whiny and unrealistic, and it's not unusual to include major event games in a pro-sports season ticket package. Get over it. Be proud that Toronto has been chosen for the league's big event. In 2012, the MLS Cup will be somewhere else, so things should be back to normal. My earlier point is that this "protest" has developed into something that is in danger of spoiling everything for the fans who are glad to have a team in town to cheer for, who have seen everything from INEX and the Blizzard to t
  11. Usually the View from the South Stands is astute and makes sense, but this time it is a bit foggy and irrational. Maybe it's the rain. Perhaps influenced by some of the wilder and more profanity laced shrieks on the RPB board that pass for adult comment. Yes, the season has again been a disappointment. Johnston seemed to be less than competent, and from reports he relied on hearsay (or agencies) rather than proper scouting. The "hard working" plumbers were not good enough. Mista was a bust in the short time here. Maybe De Guzman was not on balance the rght choice, although has mor
  12. On Gargan losing possession leading to the penalty, this happened directly below my seat. Gargan collected the pass then slowed down while travelling TOWARDS his own goal, looking for someone to pass to, instead of clearing. Poor decision. This was not Garcia's fault.
  13. I believe it was Delta that bought Northwest, or "North Worst" as seasoned travellers call them. I'm told KLM were happy to be rid of it.
  14. Getting back to the original theme, which was the TV viewership of TFC, one wonders if the spreading of coverage of Euro and S. American games has saturated the market. TSN2 has now joined in with EPL coverage (didn't notice any announcement or marketing of the product, it just seemed to happen), Setanta, GOL and FSC have Spain, Brazil, Germany and everything in between. All well produced shows. ESPN has MLS, which GOL carries, such as the Chivas game last night. It takes a while for a new (to Canada) league to gain traction and keep viewers, especially with relevance only to the To
  15. Can someone give a rational reason why Jacob Peterson is still on the team, let alone brought on to play? Against NY and again on Saturday, he showed he is chronically unable to control a pass without it bouncing off his foot and out of play. We'll not get into the shots taken that are even not on target. Meanwhile Robbie Keane sits on the Spurs bench unable to get a game; too bad we can't have him on loan.
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