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  1. David understood immediately that he had torn his Achilles tendon, this is such sad news. he is such a class act.
  2. he has just injured himself and will have an operation tomorrow
  3. anyone know a pub in Vancouver showing the game?
  4. jaymmzzs


    OOPS this is for the lower mainland. Thanks
  5. jaymmzzs


    Looking for places that are showing games. Any one know where to watch the england croatia game on wednesday? Also the brazil game on saturday . How about the portugal game on saturday, or wednesday? Thanks,
  6. Just saw an ad for CBC that they will be braodcasting 2010 WC games. Any one know how many games ? and game times ?
  7. any one know where to see a replay of the england croatia game
  8. I am very disappointed that he didn;t delay the surgery and go play. Is this guy really a Canadian? Why does getting to the world cup not mean as much as a stanley cup/
  9. here is some old news. But you got to wonder were we would be today if Colin had of got the coach he wanted. http://www.tsn.ca/soccer/story/Default.aspx?id=217029
  10. Did they call a news conference yet? Why are heads not rolling?
  11. The antics of the players did not have any bearing on the score. To preserve a win, is what was needed , canada had the first chance up 1-0 and did nothing.Players have been diving for years. Not like we haven;t seen this before. Canada was outplayed all 2nd half. No passion,
  12. \ The talent is not there. They cannot beat mexico in mexico, the fat lady is singing , its all over/
  13. Canada down 2-1 and still keeping most players back. Long balls , what is the point of long ball after long ball. Dale must go.
  14. That is the first I have heard about Canada wanting it. But seeing how it will be in Brazil in 2014 I doubt it will be in Canada. But if it was at least we would finally qualify.
  15. Um I do believe that Canada was bribed during world cup games. Having said that. I really don't think Brazil needed ghana to throw the games, and Declan Hill is already back tracking on much of his book.
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