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  1. CANADIAN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP IN SUMMARY A Leagues Year Team (League) 1907 Calgary Caledonians (People’s Shield) 1908 Calgary Caledonians (People’s Shield) 1909 Calgary Caledonians (People’s Shield) 1910 Calgary Hillhursts (People’s Shield) - 1912 Fort William C.P.R. (People’s Shield) 1913 Norwood Wanderers (Winnipeg) (Connaught Cup) 1914 Norwood Wanderers (Winnipeg) (Connaught Cup) 1915 Winnipeg Scottish (Connaught Cup) - 1919 Montreal Grand (Connaught Cup) 1920 Hamilton Westinghouse (Connaught Cup) 1921 Toronto Scottish (Connaught Cup) 1922 Calgary Hi
  2. I added the PDL champions under the C leagues. What do you guys think?
  3. I decided to make CanPL a B league, but what do you guys think? Thanks for bumping :).
  4. Question for Admins.. sorry took a while to update this. Dealing with life's challenges. But now that the list has been updated any chance to re-pin it? Thanks!!
  5. Hi Kent! I feel like it should be under D leagues. Should we start or just add to the C leagues? Not sure where the PDL would fit.
  6. I think we should make it a B league unless the team wins the Voyageur's Cup. What do you think xcalibre?
  7. Woow big wins for Vancouver Whitecaps and Toronto Croatia.. Classic Canadian soccer teams :)).
  8. Hello all! Today I corrected some of the NSL, CNSL, CPSL, and CSL (2006-) results based on the stats given in the "Stars Soccer Review (Volume 6) - Canada Soccer (Best of Answers)" magazine.. The stats are on pages 32 and 33 and are associated with the article on the new Canadian Soccer League entitled "CLS poised for a Made-in Canada future".
  9. Hello fellow Association Football fans Ok.. Just to show my solidarity and that I was another frustrated fan here it goes.. I was also confused by some of the coaching decisions. 1. I thought the flanks were seriously underutilized. The best passes can come from the right and left sides. The team was trying to break through the middle all the time. One good set up that seemed to work was: Gerba in the attacking middle, Simpson on the attacking left, and Jackson on the attacking right. Both Simpson and Jackson appeared to have the speed to be able to provide passes for Ger
  10. Oh well.. New York just became my favorite MLS team lol.
  11. Until recently, the CSL site stated that until the end of 2002 it was the regular season leader that was determined to be the champion. It was only after 2003 that the playoffs (i.e. Rogers Cup) winner was crowned the champ. Is this correct? Thanks!
  12. Hello all! Just added the Open Canada Cup results to the list. With that it became apparent how strong the Toronto Olympians were at the end of the 1990s.
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