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  1. And why not Jordon??? Name me another top goalie your going to find in the next coming year.....
  2. Montreal vs Carolina in semi-finals. Match #1 in Montreal October 14 (thursday coming up) Match #2 at Carolina October 17 (next sunday)
  3. Well you can tell which players are going to be their in 2K12. But at the same time you got to be ready for changes. 1 more year in the BS league, with no fans and sh*tty a*s fields. Can't f*cken wait 76 weeks to go!
  4. We going to be in playoffs before TFC. So f**k them. Why are you even talking about a sh*tty team like them.
  5. WOW and there going to MLS. HOLY **** are they even ready cause i didnt hear / understand anything
  6. NO IM GOOD. so im going to end off with this F**K OFF TFC
  7. OHH NoOoOoOoOOoOOOoOOo they out................. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
  8. http://www.prislandersfc.com/index/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=93 live stream. Off PR website
  9. There not allowed we just bring them in and cause WE DON'T GIVE A F**K! Hope everyone enjoyed the show
  10. For the Peru game, they made the roster before Gerba got HOT.
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