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  1. Canada played well, probably deserved to win on the night. Thought they pressed the US defence well, but our own defence was a bit shaky. Zadorsky is the obvious goat for the goal, but otherwise I thought she had a fine game. One criticism of the game plan is it felt like there were a lot of long balls played when there were other options and no one was really getting in the box, even when crosses were coming in from the wings. Fleming was POTM for me. Her ball control and passing were a cut above most others on the pitch - and she's not afraid to put a tackle in either!
  2. Signed with Blackburn http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/40802767
  3. The next match is always the most important match Pumped for this game!
  4. Dangit, I didn't read the title well enough before clicking and voted **********.
  5. Malouda is named in the official FG squad on CONCACAF's own site: http://www.goldcup.org/en/gold-cup/teams/2017/4960#tab_team%3Droster They've brought their own tournament into disrepute by allowing Malouda to even be there and now Honduras receives a free win that they didn't deserve. Its so ridiculous.
  6. Leave Arfield out and lets see what Oso can do.
  7. You can just tell he is in a bit of a different class when he is on the ball than a lot of the other players on the pitch. Glad we were able to get him to play for us!
  8. that clips been done a bit i've noticed. being a Spurs fan, its a bit hard to take, but i found this one amusing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ovBW9Y9GP4
  9. yeah, but James wasn't playing as a defender, was he? He's already shown that he can score with his head and Carver's tactic was to just dump long balls into the 18 yard box for hime to head home (and nearly did in the 89th), because at that point Montreal was definately playing for the draw and sitting behind the ball. The only problem was that the players still seemed content to work through midfield rather than just bombing it forward. I thought it was a great tactical substitution, being as if TFC had scored a late winner, James would have been able to simply slot back in as a CB to defend the lead. As for not using all of his subs; if you look at who was on the bench the only other 'attacking' option was Jarrod Smith, and while i rate him slightly higher that Cunningham (cuz he works for it), we all know he wasn't going to score a goal. going back to the original post, i think Carver is obviously a passionate guy who speaks his mind and is getting just as frustrated as everybody else and its showing. "Any time we lose we can pretty much expect Carver or Johnston to parade around like little kids ******** at whatever they deem outside of their control for the day." ag futbol (sorry i'm new and haven't figured out how to quote yet) I think if you'd look back a few games (possibly the last Cup game?) I remember Carver taking full responsibility for playing the wrong team in the first half. He's not perfect, but I'd take him over any other MLS coach at the moment.
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