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  1. Detailed write up from a Jamaican newspaper. The article actually credits Canada a few times for its defensive effort. http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20081120/sports/sports1.html
  2. Wow, from a big high to a big low. I wish I could say the guys played well in this game, but the only area of the game they looked better than Honduras was on their set pieces, and that was thanks to Hume in the 2nd half. Yes, they had some good pressure and possession, but I expect that when a team trails for most the game. Honduras --- and specifically you Costly and Guevara, the kings of time-wasting and play acting --- enjoy your home cooking as much as you can tonight because you are in for a rude surprise at the office in Kingston. I'm out of here guys, it was a blast -
  3. So its official! Jamaica with the 1-0 upset of Mexico. Boy, does that change things for Canada. They'd better wake up in the 2nd half, the first half was weak. Come one Canada... make it 2 for 2 for Big Daddy tonight!
  4. Is this the same Bora Milutinoviæ that went on to coach Honduras and Jamaica? Amazing... in that case, he must have thought those nations had a better shot at the World Cup
  5. Is this the same Paul James who is an unabashed CSA and DM sympathizer? If so, then his thoughts on Brennan are not surprising. There might be some truth in the European based player thing, in terms of sacrifice. But to say they are full of 'contempt' for the team is over the top --- if any of them did have contempt, they would play for another country
  6. Will the Leafs-Habs game be an issue at any of our usual pubs? I'd imagine we'll be outnumbered by hockey fans
  7. Good. Glad to see he is at least doing one thing right. And at least he is not afraid to speak his mind. But as for his assertion that some soccer critics in this country may not know the game at the highest level, and not know what to expect? Give me a break, Dale. I cannot think of a single journalist who expected Canada to be in the late rounds of the World Cup. Like us, they probably expected Canada to finish ahead of Honduras and Jamaica in a four team group, and compete for a WC spot in the hex. That was a very reasonable and realistic expectation.
  8. Was that the game at Varsity Stadium about a year afterwards? I was at the game --- wasn't the score 1-0, with Jimmy getting the lone goal? Moot point now. John Carver must be celebrating at the thought that he'll lose one less player to int'ls from now on.
  9. Wasn't it 5th (behind Mexico, Honduras, US, Costa Rica?) Strange how three of the top 5 teams ended up in the same pre-hex group, huh?
  10. LOL, no surprise there. Moving forward, I'd like to see what DeJong can do. Hopefully he'll at least come off the bench. Like to see McKenna get some playing time as well.
  11. He forgot to mention that at least one of those call ups was a friendly, and Jim missed it to help a completely depleted TFC squad play a league match. Whatever, DM.
  12. Give it a rest already. He wasn't a star striker walking out on the eve of a World Cup final, he was a reserve defender who spoke his mind when the team has almost no hope of qualifying. He said what he said, he's been left off the squad. End of story.
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