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  1. We are barely at day #0 of our existence in the MLS and there is simply no effort. Last year this time, logos were being unveiled in Portland and Vancouver and players were being signed. On our end, no logo, no changes to the technical staff in the form of scouts for europe or central/south america and definitly no signings of players. NDS is still in place with his unproven track record that is comical at best. We lost of one of Canada's great young coaches because someone has an ego that is as big as Saputo's head office in St. Leonard. I guess JS hasnt gotten the memo, the $50Million entran
  2. Molson, saputo, bombardier, rbc, caisse populaire, -- whats the status of BMO's contract with TFC, when does it end?
  3. no goal in open play, we cant think of being able to advancing, we need to find an attacker
  4. wow...this isnt looking very good!! we just need to win 2-0 or 3-1 and its good
  5. a female friend of mine saw chad johnson on crescent street in montreal on saturday night sporting an impact supporter scarf, she didnt think of asking any soccer related questions....anyone know why he was in town? im guessing that he attended the impact game on saturday afternoon. I know he is currently SC kansas' reserve team.
  6. at the last Canada game vs. Honduras @ saputo, i saw reda at the game wearing a team canada jersey so im pretty surprised by this news.
  7. i hope he tears his achilles tendon at BMO or Empire/BC Place
  8. i dont understand why the TFC fans are so excited to come to montreal? Isnt it enough seeing TFC lose at home, they need to travel 6hrs? ah well, come spend money in our town! your more than welcome
  9. curse? we kicked the caps' a** two months later in the finals
  10. there is no such as being too big. We must look at their objectives; we can safely say that they have two: profits and putting out a good product. However, the latter is of greater importance. MLSE is basically a pension fund with thousands of beneficiaries who care more about their monthly income than a stanley cup or mls cup and rightfully so. As for their biggest asset, the leafs, they reach their profit apex every year and the raptors are an expense they have to keep in order to run one of most used arenas in the world. Consequently, TFC is only but a small part of their operation and usu
  11. ya ur right! Cuz the TFC season is over i just added the comedy channel to my bell tv package to compensate. But in all seriousness, i mentionned TFC because i think the imfc fans never lost hope in gerba and we know what he can bring to the table so one's lost is another's gain! I really hope he sticks around for the MLS.
  12. extrapolate gerba potential number of goals for this season and then divide it in half to be conservation; it would give u his potential mls numbers. If we consider that number, maybe mo johnston would still have his DT job and TFC fans would be gearing up for their first playoff appearance. Ah well tough luck!
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