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  1. I've said this in other places too... I hate the turf and would love to see grass - desperately. However, I think grass can only hurt TFC at this point. Unfortunately, they are not good enough and the turf (whether they will admit it or not) is their only competitive advantage. This team practises on the turf day in day out... how can it hurt TFC more than a visiting team used to playing on grass?
  2. I will mention again that A LOT of what people are saying here was already pointed out in the Deloitte study. There was another thread in this forum regarding the "CSA Strategic Plan" where someone said they emailed the CSA for a copy of the Deloitte reported that is referenced in the Bibliography. The CSA responded this is not available to the public. Well everyone... our friends behind http://www.canadiansoccerfederation.ca/ have a copy there for download. Everyone should read this. Somehow someone somewhere has to make the CSA implement some of these very good recommendations.
  3. Ben, Gentile's plan is great and all, but even if everyone could get on board and support this there is still one problem: Money. Specifically, lack of money. That also explains the inherent problems in the not-for-profit CSA. There isn't one big enough stakeholder with enough money invested in the "organization" to wield any pressure. So how does the CSA increase their operating budget? I don't know the answer to that, but here is a radical idea. Get the government to cut all funding! Not that the CSA gets a lot of funding, but they do get some. One would expect the CSA would then be forced to act and market the game just a little to raise sponsorship dollars. You know the old saying, "Feed a man a fish ..." The threat to remove funding is what got the Aussie association to move forward (see the Crawford Report). On that note, why is there not more pressure on the CSA to discuss (or better yet implement) the Deloitte report that they actually quote in the Bibliography of the CSA "Strategic Plan"? One of the first recommendations in there is for a qualified CEO, as you and Gentile stress. The Deloitte report is pretty damning to the current CSA structure.
  4. guys the end of that game had nothing to do with the refs. the call against TFC was an easy one. we have no one to blame but Juluis James. that was absolutely uncalled for. wtf was he thinking? and the non-call the other way wasn't a call either. I hate to say it. Is that 4 games now 'lost' in the dying mins? imagine where TFC could be if they could have stayed composed for even two of those matches? not to mention the EDU f-up in Vancouver in the 88'. TFC would have been in the CONCACRAP tourney as well. Hopefully the team learns from this. back to James though... here are his post game comments: "Added James: "It's disappointing. We feel like we should have gotten three points. We worked hard all week and put in all the effort. We were a goal up and at the end, we have to share a point. I don't even know what to say." Commical no? On the field for only a few mins and his first touch is a molestation of Serioux.
  5. I think we're slowly getting this thread off track, but I put all my money on the next two franchises to be Montreal and Portland. Montreal seems like a lock to me... powerful, rich ownership group and the Toronto-Montreal rivalry will be great for sure. Portland has a tremendous supporters group. The Portland/Seattle thing is great in the USL now and MLS would love to bring that to the "major league".
  6. Luis, I agree completely. Though in the NY defense there are two huge factors working against them at the moment: 1) playing in Giants stadium - nuff said. 2) Stadium security really cracks down on their supporters, making it tough for them to create any kind of atmosphere. hopefully their new stadium is built and these problems go away. I don't think anyone can argue a strong NY team is important to MLS' success.
  7. Hey everyone, Paul James was on the Score Footy Show podcast in June when they discussed Ottawa and the MLS. Here is a link to the podcast: http://www.thescore.ca/blogs/audio/player.asp?filename=http://www.thescore.ca/programs/footy/podcast/FootyShowPodcastEp60.mp3&title=The%20Footy%20Show%20June%2027th,%202008 ... the Ottawa topic comes up at 43:25, and Paul's comments specific to Ottawa are near the end of his 6 min answer. the audio is not good on this piece because Paul was on phone from Mexico while with the women's national team. Paul James makes a good comment the MLS is really keen on having some travelling supporters. I think with the MLS announcement about a possible 2nd team in NY confirms Paul is onto something. I saw comments on Soccer By Ives where RBNY were unsure about this -- they would like to see their existing team became stronger first. However perhaps the league realizes (rightly or wrongly) a 2nd team might actually assist in accomplishing this.
  8. I picked up a couple tickets yesterday in Sec 125. (just bitter I didn't get a couple with the TFC pre-sale last week. oh well, near the NEE and the Canadian bench... can't argue with that.) On the phone with TicketMaster I found out the following: - Sections 121-124, 107-108 were also sold out. - 106/109 still available starting at row 31 (there are only 38 rows on the east side) - AND... Jamaica supporters were getting the south-west corner sections 118-121... I think 219-221 are included in this as well.
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