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  1. It is an example so it isn't irrelevant. I am not saying that because it is like that in England it must be like that here. Take Italy as another data point. Or Spain. Or Germany. In any of those countries, the widely recognized "national champion" is the one that wins the national domestic league - not the national cup competition. And, again, I am aware that the presence of MLS makes that a different scenario here, but a blanket statement that the V Cup winner is our national champion isn't necessarily convincing.
  2. I am not so sure this is something you can just proclaim. In the 2017-18 season: Chelsea won the FA CUP. Man City won the EPL. Who do you think most viewed as the Champions of England? And I know the presence of MLS makes it a different equation, but the reality is that the national champion is pretty much universally identified as the winner of the national league - not the governing association's cup competition.
  3. No real insight into it, but I would be a bit surprised if Klopp didn't rotate the squad quite a bit if/when they clinch. I think winning the league is the only significant prize - breaking some points record would probably be viewed as a lower priority than the opportunity to give a bunch of the squad players really valuable experience against top opposition.
  4. And goal 185 from open play on a pass from Leon. She now holds the record all on her own. Well done Sinclair.
  5. Just an off topic reminder that the women's team is playing St K&N right now on OneSoccer. Olympic qualifiying tourney.
  6. 1-0 so far for the ladies against St K&N. Sinclair from the spot to tie Wambach. And she was fouled in the box when trying for a header she would have buried so it isn't a cheap way to overtake her.
  7. So happy about this. Ottawa deserves a team. The fans deserve local footy. And CPL deserves the market. Win win win. I wasn't dancing on the Fury's grave by any stretch (the most obvious solution was to have them sign up), but this was definitely the vision when people were espousing the "get on board or get out of the way" sentiments.
  8. So the move for Spring 2020 isn't because it is an attractive option for the team - it is because the league desperately needs to solve a scheduling problem. And it isn't because AM thought the fee was actually worth the investment - it is likely that they got a sale price because they were helping to overcome this scheduling nightmare. And you wonder why some people slag you on here...
  9. I don’t know - I think a strong 2020 season would be more effective in terms of getting people hyped. You lose a whole year if you wait until 2020. I don’t think you actually lose anything by just jumping in. Sure you might have a bigger “first year” if you spend 2020 in planning and promotion, but I don’t think you gain anything in the long term. Make a nice gesture in terms of reaching out to former season ticket holders and get at it!
  10. I would think this would be a really clear path forward - especially if folks from the Fury organization have been involved and can inform the discussion around the history of CPL in the city.
  11. Damn it would be amazing if he could get back on anything like his previous trajectory. All that talent doesn’t just disappear.
  12. So does this constitute official confirmation- albeit via a teaser? If the CPL itself posted it, that seems like the most concrete thing yet, no?
  13. From any sort of realistic perspective, this year couldn't have gone much better. Sure, he could have theoretically started every game, banged in 30 goals and blah blah blah. But at his age, at this club, the fact that he has done what he has done is completely astounding.
  14. "Would be good to see an academy system starting in Ottawa through the Atletico Madrdid angle because the rest of CanPL seems to be shying away from doing that for fear of upsetting youth clubs." "This should really be all about building up the quality of the soccer as quickly as possible rather than being a make work project for second rate players and coaches that can't get hired anywhere else." Lol
  15. Insofar as these comments relate to the discussion of MLS-sponsored clubs in CPL vs foreign-sponsored clubs, I think these sorts of comments either misunderstand or misrepresent a lot of what is/was said about MLS. The idea that MLS clubs should be treated differently than foreign investors isn’t some veiled anti-MLS sentiment. Nor is the idea that the success of CPL will partly depend on its ability to cannibalize some support from the big 3. It simply recognizes the current environment in a business context. Prior to CPL coming online, anyone in Canada who wanted to support a Canadian footy team had 3 choices. That was borne out every time I saw a kid wearing a TFC hat or a Caps jersey - and I have seen that sort of thing, many times. And that is in PEI - about as far from a local MLS market as you can get in this country. But now, there is a buzz about HFX. It is mostly because it is the closest pro team and people can watch games - but some people are also excited about Sanoh’s signing since he lived and played here. Hell, I have tried (poorly) defending against him. That is cool as hell to me. Sure some people will support both HFX and TFC, but I am sure some have switched allegiances to the more local team. Any Canadian footy fans in HFX probably have. And that is happening across the country. It isn’t a knock on the MLS clubs or some anti-league sentiment. It is simply the way CPL’s success will work in non-MLS markets. Similarly, the idea of excluding MLS B teams isn’t an attack on that league - it is just a basic business decision that seeks to preserve and maximize the appeal of CPL to fans. That isn’t a “zero sum game” mindset - it is recognizing the reality of the challenges faced by CPL and the optimal path forward for the league.
  16. Moncton and St. John’s are the only two other viable locations for D1 soccer in my opinion. As sad as it makes me, PEI simply wouldn’t get the required numbers out to games in my opinion. Maybe a regional D2 team - I think the required level of support could be there. But it would be extremely hard to get 5000-6000 out on a regular basis in a province of 152,000 - especially when islanders spend their summers squeezing in as much socializing as possible.
  17. Won a cool autographed HFX shirt in a local silent auction. Very cool piece of memorabilia from the first season.
  18. I hope he bangs in a boatload if goals for us, but I pretty much stopped giving a **** about him as a person. This is the first time I have checked in on the thread no since reading that he made the comment. As far as I am concerned, its great that he can score goals for us, but he lost me as a fan.
  19. Yeah, I am all for this. Would far rather have talented Canadian kids help build the league here. The MLS equivalent rule annoyed me - this one I am fine with.
  20. Not sure if there is a hard limit, but I suspect the CPL brass would be fine with a reasonable number of loans spread across the league (I.e. not indicative of a single team having some special subordinate relationship). In terms of the broader question, being seen as subordinate to a major European league is categorically different than being explicitly viewed as inferior to MLS. MLS diehards may not like it, but the success of CPL will depend, in part, on its ability to draw fans away from the big three. This is especially true outside the 3 big urban centres where attracting fans to more local markets will be key. That task becomes significantly harder if CPL self-identifies as a second class minor league affiliate of MLS. That kind of counterproductive identity is not established by simple player loans (which happen in leagues around the world) but it would be clearly established if MLS B teams were allowed in. It may be unfair, but I honestly think anyone who rejects this line of thinking (or pretends to) is not looking at the issue objectively.
  21. Please don’t make me post it a 3rd time.
  22. I don't think player loans are an issue. As pointed out, they occurred, so the idea that the league was "terrified" seems to be significantly overstating it.
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