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  1. Yeah, aside from the name the immediate trashing of MLS is a dead giveaway. Plus tg11 would have a much longer, more rambling post.
  2. Not sure how I mistyped that. Def knew the score...
  3. Took some luck, but the Impact started things off the right way with a 2-1 win over NE. With the strong Canadian content they are fielding and using in crucial roles, I will be paying a lot of attention to them this year. Along with the aggregate win over Saprissa, Henry is definitely starting his tenure of the right way. edited score
  4. From the sounds of things, a couple of long term defensive injuries should see him get lots of playing time.
  5. Early days for sure, but so far this game and in the games vs Saprissa, he has been a key figure in attack. If this is a preview for his role with the Impact this season, Brault-Guillard will have a big year ahead of him. That kind of pivotal role could be huge for his continued development.
  6. Agreed - but the goal they conceded was brutal. Five of them standing casually around one guy and ignoring everything else going on.
  7. ZBG has had a really good first half offensively for the Impact. Not sure who was supposed to be marking Teal on the NE goal, but it was on the right side of the box so ZBG may have been one of the responsible parties. But other than that, he has looked good in the attacking half.
  8. Sorry, I phrased that poorly. I meant that Tabla was not on the bench according to google.
  9. Anyone catch the Bayern game? Looks like Davies was subbed of at 63’ so I am hoping he didn’t get injured.
  10. I don’t mind KJ. Yeah, he pumps the MLS but that is his job. I am not going to pretend that makes him any worse than anyone else who stumps for their pay check. I have liked him since the Score days.
  11. I like them. All of them. I think the league and Macron have done really well - especially for a fledgling league of our scope and scale.
  12. I am optimistic that Millar will become an elite player but I also have hope that Eustaquio will become a talent that can play a role almost as important to our overall results as the dynamic duo. At just 23 he is another one that will be with us for the next decade and can provide a vital link to these two and has impressed me with what I have seen so far.
  13. That was the sad part about Tomori for me. He could have been a key element in a potentially good team. And I don’t just mean “good for Canada” - I mean objectively good. With the attacking players we have, and the solid midfield, we are just a couple of good centres backs away from being a really solid team.
  14. I watched the whole thing and he had more than one good offensive run for sure. He was strong attacking when that was still part of the game plan and was strong defensively when it became clear that preserving the shut out by parking the bus was the strategy. Didn't know he got MOTM, but i certainly don't disagree. He had a great game and was part of a really solid Canadian contingent fielded by Montreal.
  15. Great game by Montreal. Wasn’t quite the beautiful game but extremely well organized in defence, worked hard as a team, and a keeper that made key saves when it was needed. Well done Impact. And solid Canadian content on display as well. Shome, Piette, and ZBG all played well.
  16. The main thing is that MLS isn't a dead end for players. They still need to take their chances, and the youth development systems aren't as strong as Euro clubs that have had strong academies (often) for many many decades, but there is definitely a path to success through MLS. Like I said, options.
  17. We may not like it, and it may not be optimal for the CMNT, but I think we have moved into the phase where LB is his position. The amount of time he spends at Bayern, training in that position surrounded by world class talent, dwarfs his time and play with the CMNT. We may still utilize him as a winger due to our own offensive needs, but we are now the ones who will be playing him out of position. Maybe he gets pushed up further (like a Bale) in future years due to his overwhelming offensive threat, but he is clearly being given Marcello-like license to race forward in attack already. In that role, and given his ability to track back faster than virtually anyone who might be attacking his space, I suspect he stays at LB for a long time to come.
  18. Always good for kids to have options. I would hope that young kids with a high ceiling would be really strategic about their career path - relying on good advice from family, coaches and agents. I would also point out hat Davies did go through MLS, and things seem to be working out for him. Not every case ends in a Larin-esque battle. If the kids have the talent, I think they will get to the big clubs one way or another.
  19. God I hope Sanoh tears it up for HFX. Will be really interesting to see how he does because it is a big step for him but he has excelled at the levels he played at previously.
  20. Robert was saying that Vic had done nothing to help Canada qualify for the WC and was praising Warner because at least he had facilitated T&T's progress to the WC. I was pointing out that under the qualification format ushered in under Vic's watch, Canada had a clear path to the hex, entirely within our reach and by all accounts a pretty probably outcome. All we had to do was take advantage of the opportunities at the GC, and we would have been in the hex. We needed to win one very winnable game and we would have been positioned to achieve something we had failed to do for over 30 years. So to me, the response I posted was very much on topic. I am not praising Vic or the qualifying format. But to blame him for not spoon-feeding us a path to qualification (which was the point of Robert's post to which I was responding) seems foolish. The pathway was there for the taking. We just failed.
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