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  1. FYI according to my Ecuadorian friend there are 20K in Ontario
  2. ^^http://www.freedocast.com/forms/PopOut.aspx?sc=531B428E31E92135109B
  3. http://www.freedocast.com/forms/PopOut.aspx?sc=531B428E31E92135109B
  4. I never realized how screwed up the Polish soccer association is, it's just like the CSA LOL I'm glad we are not alone
  5. Does anyone have any news, is it true the CSA bid for it..are we hosting it?
  6. You guys make me sick...WTF why can't the best Canadian play for TFC, we are not talking about Gerrard or Ronaldo here, if JDG is the best Canadian he does not even touch the best 50 in the world ...and you are telling me that a decent MF that would be warming the bench in the top clubs would not love playing for his home town for DP money...please
  7. Psychologically it's great watching a game like this I don't expect anything but a loss unlike the previous 2 games If we take anything out of this game, and I mean Anything I'll be in a good mood for the next month
  8. Canada wins 1-0 Raises our hopes, goes on to the last game in jamaica needing to win, leads it 2-0 and ties 2-2 making all of us to puke in our beer
  9. I'm sure there will be people at the Rhino with spare tickets, I might have one just ask around when you get there......don't support the Scalpers
  10. two more hours of work and I'm coming to the rhino
  11. I can meet you in Mississauga next week to give you $ for my, 2 or at the rhino at 3 pm
  12. I was refering to the dufferin entry gate into the EX
  13. I'll be at the Rhino with a bunch of my friends........is the food any good there???
  14. So are we going through the tunnel beneath Go or the Dufferin gate???
  15. I would like to order 2 , I work in Mississauga can I just pick up a pair at your place?
  16. I just tried to get a pair in 104 and they are gone
  17. Actually I joined back in 2005 but forgot my username and password so I just registered again. I got the password from Cheetav by e-mail
  18. TFC might have his rights for the huckerby deal going to San Jone
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