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    Levi Oakey got a reaction from Keegan in Concacaf u20 championship   
    Manjrekar James would disagree. He was terrible for the U20s but was at Sigma and still played U20 games. Same can be said of Gale's other teams. I don't buy it. I think Gale just doesn't rate him.
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    Levi Oakey got a reaction from the Humberlands in Friendly - Colombia vs. Canada - October 14, 2014 - PRE-match [no R]   
    I wouldn't say Teibert is the only Canadian on the Caps worth calling when we have called up Aparcio.
    Alderson, Bustos, Froese and Adekugbe would be realistic options. Even Carducci would be a good choice.
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    Levi Oakey reacted to Grizzly in Canada - Jamaica [R]   
    Blackdude's assessment is not accurate and your claims are wildly exaggerated. The crowd was roughly 50/50 in the famous game against Honduras but it seemed worse because of the blue and white BMO thundersticks and the difference in the type of fans, ie. outside the Voyageurs the other Canadian fans were mostly families who sat down most of the match while the Hondurans had a large percentage of supporter group types/hardcore fans including guys from criminal organizations. The majority of the Honduran fans were not from Montreal but from cities in the US and many from Honduras itself. The main reason for the large away support was neither the CSA nor the Impact did any marketing of the game whatsoever and even most Montreal fans including most Impact fans did not even know about the game. I remember standing in line before the previous Impact game to buy my tickets and convincing several people in the line who were buying Impact tickets to also buy Canada tickets. There was a lot of interest in the game when I told people about it, they simply did not know. A central stadium would be better but I think the negative effect of traveling to the east end for west end anglos is exaggerated by Blackdude. Montreal is a lot more diversified than it used to be, more francos in the west and more anglos in the east than previously, and there are a lot of west end anglos who go to Impact games now so how would that be different for Canada. As for the political thing, Trident got a pretty big section out for the Canadian Ultras at the last friendly and even many of the separatists go to Canada national team games. They may not be in the supporters section or wrap themselves in the Canadian flag but they still go and are cheering for Canada not the opponent. 
    With good organization and marketing we could get a very strong pro-Canada home crowd in Montreal that I think would also be a lot more passionate than the crowds we get at BMO.The main drawback for Montreal would be against teams with large motivated fanbases in nearby US cities who could easily travel here. The only teams I really see in that category are Honduras and Mexico so I would avoid playing them in Montreal. With very good organization and pre-sales we could do things a lot better than before even against those teams but still why play in a city that it is easy for many of them to travel to since a lot of them will find a way to get tickets however they have to do it.
    As for playing on artificial turf, I would only do it against teams that are technically superior to us like Mexico and Costa Rica and maybe the US although their game is less technical. On the other hand with Floro's possession style that might not be a good idea even against those teams. Travel to the west should be limited to games in which we are already in North America, the 2nd game in a two game window, so our players are not traveling further or more jet lagged than our opponents.
    I am all for moving the games around and excuse me if I don't buy the argument that the BMO is so passionate all the games have to be held there. On the other hand we can not play the games where we will be at a disadvantage, so extra travel or artificial turf only if it will not hurt our chances. Cities that have artificial turf will be at a disadvantage for getting games but it is not the fault of the CSA that they chose a surface players do not like for their stadiums. Hopefully in the future we will add a few soccer specific stadiums with grass turf and it will be less of an issue.
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    Levi Oakey reacted to A_Gagne in Call up prediction versus Jamaica   
    ********... Tell that to Lars who was playing for the Calgary Storm at 23. I agree with Robert's inclusion if he's going to be our guy for U23 OQ, but wouldn't count Smits out yet. Could see him fighting his way into an MLS starting job in the next 5 yrs if he plays well and catches some breaks.
    Black listing Teibert for "attitude" issues seems a litle harsh. He's quietly having a very good season at VWC, and grown a lot as a player, having been moved to a position that I think plays to his strengths (work rate and a quick incisive pass). He's even been given the armband on several occasions, and like already mentioned, hardest worker on the pitch, game or practice. He's certainly not the finished product defensively, but IMO he's better than Bekker, JGL, and certainly more versatile that practically any of the players named.
    No Osario and Johnson is big, as those are 2 clear starters IMO. 
    Other than that, excited to see REB back. Hope we put out a REB, Jackson, Ricketts front three and watch them run defences ragged. Other than that, not much to get excited about here, but really nothing much to complain about either.
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    Levi Oakey reacted to IceCreamMan in Call up prediction versus Jamaica   
    Roberts has scored for Canada more recently than half the roster. Need the offence he brings.
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