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  1. Does anyone know how to watch it live in Canada other than Fifa website?
  2. Thanks. Just watched awesome game with great goals. Mexico, you may dominate Concacaf but meat your master in Euro finalists.
  3. Ok, good enough. In meantime, listening to Greece Mexico on Greek radio & someone just posted a link on fb for live streaming..
  4. Not according to its broadcast schedule: http://www.sportsnet.ca/schedule/?sked_id=soccer
  5. Anyone know if the games of the U20 World Cup starting this Friday will be broadcast or available in any language in Canada?
  6. Something stinks here. I see a MLS vs. Euro philosophy clash. I guess he was too good for this market - did way better than expected.?Look where Toronto still is after so many years. I am sure an American team will snatch him up. This does not look good if you want to fet a good rep. & attract American talent or coaches here.
  7. That's like Coke management getting mad at their most loyal customers for criticizing New Coke product instead of fixing the problem, & after Coke makes fun of Pepsi.
  8. Have it on Vhs... need to convert it to DVD one of these days..I remember missing the 1st part of this game cause i had a game to play
  9. Yes & no they dont because march 2011 seedings were used for concacaf wcq draw (cuba was 6th in conc. at time & got. bye unlike canada). all others except conmebol will use july 2011 rankings for seedings.. For details per confederation, go to http://www.football-rankings.info/. .. This guy is so thorough he even corrects fifa computer.. see his july 2011 list before fifa issues theirs.
  10. with ourluck we get Guatemala in 1st round ,then mexico & costa rica. in next round...or we finally get lucky for once and get antigua, cayman & bahamas in next round (good fortraveling to, eh?) and then honduras & cuba in following round, and some teams get eliminated along the way and we finish 3rd in cocncacaf wcq or 4th & play either new zealand or uzbekistan in playoffs to go to world cup 2014.
  11. Canada is set to "achieve" its worst ever FIFA ranking ever, 104th (103rd in March 2007 was old low). Hope the little islands we get chosen for next week @ wcq draw for Wcq next fall will give the team a chance to become a team finally & improve its fifa ranking.
  12. Glad Greece will be a top seed in Uefa wcq again, just made it thx to Montenegro tying Bulgaria & France not starting well in euro qlfg. Glad england tied Montenegro & stopped them from top seed, lol.
  13. I hope you are right. They gave Mexico a tough fight + last wcq they helped stop us. Hope we get 3 islands, 6 games for Canada to play together and prep for hopefully Honduras & Cuba, and finally Make it to the show again, still have my vhs 86 wcq and wc matches.
  14. thats nothing, per football rankings site, we are going below 100 in August. If we get Guatemala in July 30 wc draw, that is end of Canada soccer for next 6 years.
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