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  1. Good point. Don’t know if it’s pessimism or realism. Professional soccer is still a niche sport in this country and where awareness of the MLS is decent but nowhere near the four other major leagues, the CPL is still a small footnote in most people’s minds if that at all. This is also a huge country; I travel a lot for work (and vacation) and it’s not cheap. Grateful as we are for Westjet subsidizing travel (??), the second that ends and there is no replacement, the concerns go up three notches unless there is a hike in revenues.
  2. Are certain people saying that a Canadian team can never have red, white and blue as their team colours? I personally love the badge. But again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  3. I think forcing the 3 Canadian teams into the CPL is a totally different kettle of fish from doing that to the Fury. You pick your battles and I don’t see CONCACAF picking a fight with MLS.
  4. Two words I thought I would never say in my lifetime: Graçias Honduras.
  5. JDG is not a hated figure in Ottawa because until recently, most Fury fans in Ottawa had never heard of the CPL. Personally, I have nothing against the guy (or at least he’s still in a credit position)
  6. Love it! My vote for nerd post of the year so far.
  7. This is an interesting discussion on whether the CPL should/will become the domain of rich clubs and foreign owners buying into the league. I personally can’t see it going beyond a small minority of clubs; and can’t see more than about 12-15 markets where a first division operation could be viable. Atletico Madrid have first mover status but after a certain number, the upside is diluted enough that it no longer makes sense on any level.
  8. Been to both places and I would rather be in Vaasa than Tulsa. And there are no tornadoes in Finland.
  9. I was being a bit of a troll. 98.5% sure they don't have jurisdiction, but it does make you think if L1O and PLSQ are similar quality leagues, then why Ottawa South United should get an exemption from the OSA. Obviously, the Fury were professional and OSU are not and this is more of a provincial matter.
  10. Totally agree. But we haven’t heard from CONCACAF yet on sanctioning. 🙂
  11. It’ll be really interesting to see how the crowds are for the Blackjacks and Atletico Ottawa. The Blackjacks have a very powerful GM and coach behind them both from the Carleton University basketball factory. Really looking forward to watching both teams this summer - don’t know how much of a crossover of fans there will be.
  12. Don't think anyone expected anything like this to happen (and this quickly) when the Fury folded. Shows the influence of a big side like Atletico Madrid and the sway they hold. I've never liked Real Madrid...here's another reason for me not to like them even more.
  13. Mine was a tad over $250 - think the supporters' section was under $200.
  14. I'm being called on Friday to finalize my purchase of a CEBL basketball season ticket (before the whole Atletico Ottawa things came up). The guy who will be contacting me is my former season ticket rep for the Fury - wonder if he has more insight on the situation. Because if he does, then it would indicate that OSEG is still involved in the background.
  15. It’s all so predictable! Saskatoon is going to be the newest CPL team.
  16. Sorry Doug, only saw this now - wasn’t avoiding your questions. 1. At first thought, yes. For the CPL to be successful, it needs to stand on its own. Forcing the MLS teams to join the CPL would kill off a large percentage of their fans and revenue for the short term and I’m not sure if it benefits soccer in this country in the long term either. 2. If given the hard choice, CPL to survive - and that’s more heart than head. But I don’t see this as an “either or” question. EDIT: just re-read my response; there may be an inconsistency between answers. As you can tell, I’m not so quick to dismiss MLS.
  17. As we have learned in Ottawa with the Light Rail Transit, better an announcement when things are actually really ready to go than bowing to public pressure and saying that something works when it actually doesn't.
  18. As long as the MLS is a better quality league, I agree that the three teams should stay there. This is not a question of CPL or MLS, this is better for the CMNT, and to me that is what this is all about. Let’s circle back in 10-20 years and see where we at. The CPL should be there to get kids who would otherwise not have a professional setting to play that opportunity - and to move to the next level.
  19. I don’t see it as payback at all. There are no more Canadian teams in the league and now there is the CPL, Canadians should be considered international players. The same way Americans in the CPL should be considered international players.
  20. Hutch came on in the 77th min and was booked in a cup loss to Erzurumspor at home. Besiktas lost both legs. Side note (as a foodie): best lamb I’ve ever eaten was from Erzerum in NE Turkey.
  21. If I just paid that much money for a player and I have promotion at stake, there is no way in hell he gets released except in a FIFA window. And imagine if he got injured during the qualifiers???? Someone’s head in Leuven would roll.
  22. If true, that’s a lot of money on a transfer for a Belgian second division team. They would definitely expect him to help deliver promotion.
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