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  1. That stadium may get bulldozed for housing. The location is decent for public transportation. But it has very little around it when it comes to food and other entertainment options (unless you call a Canadian Tire an entertainment option).
  2. I hope someone new comes in soon because if not, this market will be difficult to break into for a long time.
  3. This is potentially bad news not just for the Fury but for Canadian soccer.
  4. Good one! as for the statement about taking a hiatus for 2020, that’s interesting cause they already have my money for the 2020 season. I’d rather them play USL in 2020 than nothing and frankly don’t see why it would make a difference to go dormant. Plus I’m not into giving companies interest free financing for more than a year.
  5. Not hard at all. There must be a reason for the later than usual timeframe. As a fan, I'd love to know. Strategically (even if it isn't on purpose), I'd also love them to not announce a single thing until next Friday afternoon.
  6. Wouldn't mind if the squad announcement was held back as late as possible. It would keep the Americans guessing (a bit) and less time to plan. The players that are going to Florida already know who they are. We need to play more mind games with the opposition.
  7. Perhaps but it also depends on the talent you are playing against on a weekly basis. Don’t get me wrong-I believe Borges had a strong season. Borges is now done for the season and there are still 25 games or so left in the SPFL. I’m fortunate to watch both leagues regularly and Millar plays against better competition every single match.
  8. So are you saying that the talent to play in the CPL is the same as the Scottish Premier League? I hope not cause in spite of my support of the CPL, currently, it isn't even at the level of the Scottish Championship, let alone the Premier League.
  9. So this will now be the challenge for One Soccer...the CPL season is over, Canadian international matches are fairly rare and Liga MX is an interesting product (but personally of only minor interest), how do they get subscribers until March/April? I paid for a year of OS this season because it was Year 1 of the CPL. When it comes time to renew, will I do it? At this point and without significant improvements to functionality and content, the answer is no.
  10. My personal opinion is that the possible answers to the question of why would the Fury not join the CPL would be one or more of the following 1) they have paid (or still have to pay) a significant amount to the USL when they entered the league; 2) they still have significant reservations about the long term viability of the CPL (my guess is they want to give the league at least 3-4 seasons of operations before they join) 3) they do not want to pay another entrance fee to a league that still "only" has 7 teams (when the Fury were in the NASL, there were only around that number of teams) 4) rather take financial risks in a league they believe is more of a solid bet 5) greater travel costs and playing the same teams multiple times (more cross country trips) 6) believe that the average soccer fan in Ottawa that goes to the Fury games may not even be aware of (or care about) the CPL - there is practically zero coverage of it in the media here in town I may be wrong on one or more of these assumptions but if none of these are correct, then it would truly make no sense to me.
  11. Have not heard of a single mention of CPL from the Fury (front office, back office, any staff at all). Would be shocked if the Fury are in the CPL next season.
  12. Before we decide the issue is with the general public not paying for content, how many of us are actually paying for the One Soccer service? Would be interesting to know if it’s north or south of 25%.
  13. I think hated would be a strong term. But I couldn’t tell what structure we were playing and had no idea why certain players (such as Attakora and Dixon) were being left out while a walking time bomb as a centre back was being played all the time. The tactics were baffling and towards the end of the season, we were turning wins into draws when the other team was down to 10 men.
  14. I'm not surprised Popovic is gone. The football was uninspiring and never mind about the playoffs, this team was not nearly good enough and slightly schizophrenic. All to say that I truly believe this has zilch to do with the CPL.
  15. The Fury will not drop down a division. The way the teams are spaced out in USL League One, the travel costs would be even higher than in the USL Championship or the CPL. Hope I’m wrong but there is only a minuscule (less than 5%) chance that the Fury wind up in CPL next season. 2021 is the next moving target and even then I predict it’s at best 50-50 (just gut feel).
  16. a real shame about FC Gatineau but even I was barely aware of their existence and they are a 15 minute drive from my house. It is frankly not at all shocking that players had to pay to play just to keep the club afloat. I suspect the intentions were good but the economics just don’t work when people only know of one team in the region.
  17. Until the window against Cuba, I don’t even know if Spoony had ever stepped foot in Canada before. Would be interesting to see but I don’t think this would happen.
  18. We are in CONCACAF. Based on history, how more corrupt can you get?
  19. Just bought my ticket as well. If my ticket is an indication, we are 10 so far.
  20. Thanks. I stand corrected.
  21. I'm not one of those to have a beef with you but on this one, I'll call you out and say you're being a bit petty. Last time I checked Mexico & Argentina were in FIFA and they have an apertura and clausura. I think it's okay to discuss the merits of no playoffs and a split season, but this has been season one and this is the North American market. Discuss that instead and not the source of the discussion.
  22. Take a photo of the ticket (QR CODE) and show the photo at the entrance. Or I’ll have them scan my US phone.
  23. That was amongst the most fun I’ve had at a CNMT match, especially the result. It was great to catch up with so many longtime Voyageurs as well. I was so emotionally drained afterwards that I was glad there was some quiet time on the walk after the game. One doesn’t realize how vested one is to soccer in this country until you live times like last night.
  24. It was raining and 2/3 of the crowd was in the concourse under cover (not seen in the screenshot). I recall it coming down pretty good until halftime.
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