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  1. The Marriott was nice but don’t know how many of the US supporters decided to be closer to Disney World than downtown Orlando (especially ones with kids). I was shocked to run into Cavallini in the elevator when I was dropping off my bags in the room.
  2. It was a complete (fortunate) coincidence. I don’t think the CSA will tell us ahead of time.
  3. This will be the first Gold Cup where I won’t care how we do, like the Olympic Qualifiers earlier this year. In my opinion, JH should tell our European based players to skip this tournament, get some rest and be ready for their club preseason and the Octo.
  4. I am not looking past Sept/Oct but am planning on going to USA away (assuming the border opens up) and possibly Jamaica away - which is a bit intimidating if held in the National Stadium in Kingston.
  5. I need to watch this game in French. Can no longer stand Wheeler
  6. To be perfectly honest, do we really care if a player picks The Philippines over us?
  7. Agreed, don’t get me wrong, I’m not sympathetic as we were made to travel down to Haiti amidst all the crap going on down there. But they could have appealed to FIFA to play our home match at a more desirable spot for them.
  8. I wonder if we knew that some of the Haitian players would not be able to travel to the States. Seems like a fortunate coincidence. Can understand why the Haitians would be pissed (as you can tell from the Tonton Sam comment).
  9. This is much improved team in a better situation. But yeah, the horrors of 8-1 can never be removed.
  10. So let’s assume we make the Octo/Octo: would anyone here fire Herdman before it gets started?
  11. That was the ultimate in shithousery (from both sides). Love it.
  12. Need more CONCACAFing, less football.
  13. Absolutely. Even Mexico would struggle in Haiti.
  14. This pitch calls for Route 1 football
  15. David: The New Lewandowski.
  16. I don’t get this hate for Herdman. He could qualify us for the World Cup and get us to the quarter-finals and some on here would still have him fired. Glass half-full people!
  17. Yes I am…both. Spent my early years as a Hearts supporter in Edinburgh and have lived in the UK; parents originally from Hong Kong. Spent a couple of hours over a few beers with Spoony and Arfield at the hotel talking about Scottish fitba afterwards.
  18. Tiki-Bar! Still remember those two young ladies that bought one or two of us a beverage.
  19. Definitely Borjan. Spoke to both of them and shared a beer with Milan in Orlando. Glad he’s on our side...but can see him being a nutter.
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