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  1. These WC qualifiers all over the world may have problems with player availability if the pandemic continues well into the fall.  

    Imagine a Japanese player in the Bundesliga (quite a few of them) playing a qualifier in a country that has a significant number of cases.  

    1) Will Germany allow a non-citizen to enter back into the country when they have visited a place that is banned for non-Germans to have been in.  

    2) If they are allowed back, what kind of quarantine would Germany have once the player returns?  They could miss multiple league matches which the clubs and the player would be unhappy about.

    3) How is travel within a FIFA window (which is difficult at the best of times) going to happen with all the protocols and restrictions in place when 2 or more countries are being visited by any player?

    4) Will a player even want to do this?

    Now replace Japanese player In the Bundesliga with Davies and trips to Canada and unnamed CONCACAF country.  I see problems regardless of format.  

  2. 19 hours ago, gator said:

    You must remember him playing briefly for Ross County Al? Their chairman is causing some issues with the Scottish football reconstruction plans, I'm not sure if he was there when Andre was on the team in 2013!

    I do.  He was pretty ordinary but the Scottish game can be pretty "agricultural".  

  3. 6 hours ago, Blackdude said:

    Kaiserslautern are insolvent. They'll say what the next steps are to be on Monday. His contract was ending at the end of the season. I wonder if he'll still play after this year. He'll be turning 34 on Wednesday.

    That is a big club that has gone bust!  I still remember the season they came up from 2. Bundesliga to win the Bundesliga the year after.  Hopefully they will be back soon - they have a large fan base.

  4. 21 hours ago, SkuseisLoose said:

    He's only played youth games for PSV. There's no chance he's the third best keeper in CONCACAF over someone like Borjan who plays champions league football every year. No doubt he has the potential to be in the top 3 in the future but he definitely isn't there yet.

    Don't waste your breath.  To Robert, a youth keeper at PSV (who is possibly Dutch) is better than a Champions League keeper at Red Star Belgrade.

  5. 17 hours ago, prairiecanuck said:

    With an eye on 2026 how good is Antoine Coupland?   Any Ottawa people have any thoughts?

    Seen him play once last season as a sub cause I think that’s all he’s played in a match for the Fury.  Lots of attention cause he’s local and very young.  But couldn’t tell you if he will be any good or even make the professional ranks in 20 mins or so of play.

  6. 4 hours ago, VinceA said:

    Another update: It looks like to save their asses Hearts has proposed a change to the league format which would see the SPL expanded to 14 teams and as a result they don't get relegated. This would also mean that Partick Thistle doesn't get relegated either from the Championship. 

    Would also mean Inverness gets promoted to the SPL with Charlie Trafford in tow.

    Don't think the proposal will go through; don't think there's enough votes in the SPFL to carry it.

  7. 13 hours ago, TGAA_Star said:

    What I love about Dortmund is that even though they are a young team, they are a young team of young stars. David would fit right in. Dortmund in the Bundesliga do not buy stars, they help create them.

    Erling Haaland was bought from RB Salzburg.  

    Thorgan Hazard (Eden’s brother) was a star at Borussia Mönchengladbach and bought from them.

    Julian Brandt was an excellent winger at Bayer Leverkusen and bought from them.

    And those are just the current ones.  Dortmund buys very good players and are stars in their own right.  Dortmund is a stepping stone for some players (and managers) to even bigger clubs.

  8. 11 hours ago, El Hombre said:

    C in B was a helluva lot of fun at games.

    Agreed!  I met up with him in Philly for a Gold Cup Quarter Final against Honduras back in 2009 - prematch Cheesesteak sandwiches and all.  Haven’t heard from him in almost 10 years.

  9. 9 hours ago, neuker said:

    With 110 posts to your credit, you obviously haven't been around long enough, nor gone back far enough in this thread to know that. There were many here who did express that they thought Canada had a better chances of qualifying for Qatar via the 7 to 35 route. I happen to agree with them. It was a softer, easier route barring a inter-confederation match-up against a CONMEBOL opponent. However, according to Mt. Vic that format will have to be changed now because of Covid 19. However, I would have much preferred to see Canada qualify for the HEX because we would be playing far more attractive opponents and in the long run our players would have benefitted more from playing such opposition.

    Now, with the forced change of plans, I really don't like Canada's chances of qualifying for Qatar because if we get seeded into a group. For one, Canada will be one of the lowest seeded countries in their group, which means that our first match will be against one of the highest, if not the highest seeded country in our group. Being known for not being able to come from behind either in a match or when trailing in a group does not bode well for Herdman's team. The pressure will be on to get a victory in Canada's opening group match against a top-seeded country. Sure we will still be mathematically in contention if we do lose our opening match, be the all-too-familiar looking at the out-of-town scoreboard will have begun, soon to be followed by the getting the calculators-out stage. We've all been there, done that. Canada must 1) win its opening group match, 2) must have at least two Caribbean nations in its group, and must 3) win at least three matches in a row. None of these three would have been required if we had been able to go the 7 to 35 route. We better pray to God that things return to normal very quickly and that CONCACAF World Cup qualifying can commence in August/September as originally planned.

    Someone having 128 posts accusing someone with 110 posts of not being around long enough is rather rich.

  10. 13 hours ago, SpursFlu said:

    Sounds like just about like everything somebody has been saying on this forum for the past 3 weeks. Right on. BC Place or maybe a remote part of British Columbia would be a great place to play Voyageurs Cup in May. Hopefully MLS doesn't stand in the way

    No chance.  The CSA wouldn’t allow it.  Municipal, provincial and federal authorities wouldn’t allow it.  The majority of the players and their families won’t want to do it.  The MLS wouldn’t have to stand in the way.

  11. 9 hours ago, MtlMario said:

    I think "Quarantine cabin fever" has set in. I just watched part of " Stone Skipping Championship" on TSN! And I thought Underwater basket weaving was boring. The next person that tells me soccer is boring I know what to answer.......😀.  BTW the winner was 20 skips and the world record is 88. Now you know. In case you were wondering.😁

    I watched highlights of the Grand Sumo Wrestling Championships from Osaka.  Learned a lot!

  12. 4 hours ago, The Real Marc said:

    Yeah I think a slow build to normalcy could be potentially devastating. If restrictions are lifted carte blanche this spring or early summer then the CanPL will likely be fine.

    But if restrictions are eased on some activities but not others; with sports being eliminated for the summer....watch out.

    I was listening to a Scottish football podcast and the panelists (mostly ex-professional footballers/managers) believe that the June EURO 2020 qualifier against Israel is unlikely.  I am hoping for an around Canada Day start; anything earlier would be a pleasant surprise, IMO.


  13. 15 hours ago, CDNFootballer said:

    Will Valour and the other clubs be paying staff or adjusting and laying off? Are the players contracts guaranteed in the case of the coronavirus shutdown or will they not get paid? Clubs will be affected but depends on the answers to those and similar questions as to the extent during the temporary shutdown.

    All good questions.  If this lasts as long as it could go, the league could actually be in serious trouble - just think of WestJet and if they have any spare cash lying around, it won't be sent to the CPL. I’m rather worried about this...if and when we get back to normalcy.

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