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  1. 16 minutes ago, Kent said:

    Yeah, that is a tie breaker at best rather than something players would seek out. Would you say places like Finland and Sweden get a lot of good imports because of the quality of life there?

    Places like Finland and Sweden get players because they get exposed to potential Champions League and Europa League action and a large number of scouts even though salaries in the Finnish top flight are not much different from the CPL.

  2. 54 minutes ago, Colliedor said:

    Not sure why this isn't debatable. I just go by what my eyes see.


    Why would I point to league strength? I just made a whole argument on why I don't like to take "league strength" as the deciding factor.


    I wasn't quick to forget anything.  I didn't say he had 0 production, I just said I think Borges has better production. Is that really so out there that people can't comprehend this? lol. When I'm talking about production, I mean that based on everything with the ball, not just scoring. Passing, crossing etc. And ya, I do see Borges doing a better job with it right now. Is that all subject to change as both players progress? Of course it is. but as of today, I still lean towards someone like Borges.


    Again, than what were we doing playing players like Kaye, Piette, and Cornelius? I know Canada is/was poor, but even than we still had more experienced players playing in bigger leagues than these guys at the time.

    Rob Friend and Simeon Jackson should've been all stars with us if that was the case. League quality shouldn't always be the absolute deciding factor is what I'm saying. Especially in cases like Millar and Borges, where I wouldn't say the quality of the leagues are significantly different.

    I read to here...then I stopped reading.  The CPL is not significantly different from the SPFL or the Premier Reserve League????  

    If you’re total argument is valid, then there’s a guy who has scored 30 goals in the Ottawa-Carleton Soccer League Fourth Division, why isn’t he called up to the CNMT then?

  3. 1 hour ago, Obinna said:

    I agree that supporters can be fickle. Look at how bi-polar Hearts supporters were over Godinho!

    Arfield took a big step down to play in the SPL, so it was no surprise to see him hit the ground running with Rangers.

    I think more important is how he has been deployed. He's not going to be as influential in a front 3, but you can't argue with the teams record. They are neck-and-neck with Celtic right now and poised to advance from their Europa League group ahead of Porto.

    It may not be the best position for Arfield personally, but one could argue the rearrangement has been best for the team. Scotty is still contributing and getting minutes. It's all good.

    They play with a midfield 3 now, whereas last year it was mostly a diamond with Arfield at the tip, as far as I recall.

    And Zanatta. 

  4. Scottish football supporters can be some of the most fickle ones out there; everything is so black or white = way more than the Voyageurs.  You are only 45 minutes between going from being Messi to being (name useless MF). 

    Arfield is still a huge piece for Rangers and if they win the SPFL, he'll have a big role in it.  And if his performances haven't been to the supporters' liking, then go ahead and do as some have suggested, spend £ X Million on a new MF (oh wait, that's how they got into financial trouble less than 10 years ago - sorry, had to get that dig in).  Scotty ain't retiring from playing for Canada anytime soon. 

  5. I was fortunate enough to run into Arfield, Spoony and Milan at the hotel bar after I got back from a few Blue Hawaiians at the Tiki Bar (forgot who suggested it but glad I went).  

    The lads seemed a bit downbeat at first but overall really nice guys.  Had a drink with them and chatted about life (and football) in general.  It was a good 45 mins to an hour.  Spoony and I know someone in common at St Johnstone.

    Also ran into Piette the next morning at breakfast.  He was by himself and we chatted for 5 mins or so - he wanted to let all the Voyageurs know that the support they receive is really appreciated.  This was echoed by the players I talked to throughout Friday and Saturday..

  6. 6 minutes ago, ted said:

    You do understand that the foundation of football the world over, what makes it the most popular sport on the planet, is largely due to the tribalism built into the game? Without tribalism spectator sport would not exist. There has to be some form of "us versus them" to sustain interest.

    I'm all for passion and even a bit of hostility (I still have this Honduran issue built up over years).  All traditional clubs have a history - I get that completely because at the time, it was meant to accomplish an identity...my club has its own and I am proud of it.  But I don't want a CPL team, for example, in the Saguenay that will only be for "pure laine Quebecois(ness)" or a club in Red Deer that is set up as a symbol of Western separatism.  It's very unlikely, but this is what I'm talking about.

  7. 2 minutes ago, mtlsab said:

    I get your point, I don't disagree, I was just saying that if we want derbys, we need a point of distinction. I don't say we should do it, just that it would build some rivalries

    Perfect.  The comment wasn't directed at you specifically (quoted you unfairly), but just a general point.  I've been to many a European derby in my lifetime.  All had amazing atmospheres but some of them brought religion/sectarianism or identity politics into it.  Just saying to keep that stuff over there; this country doesn't need that poison.    

  8. 32 minutes ago, mtlsab said:

    I said several times that a derby in Montréal between a French and an Englsih club would be dope. This can sadly lead to a violent rivalry. With Montréal Impact in the background, it won't happen any soon!

    The last thing this country needs is the tribalism of an English vs French derby in Montreal.  If I were the CSA, I wouldn’t sanction any club based on this identity and neither should the CPL.  

    Personal opinion: I would quit supporting club football in Canada if that were to happen.  There’s too much of that crap in places around the world.

  9. 3 hours ago, Drunk_Canuck_Rye said:

    Look at the places I posted in this thread like half an hour ago

    I just put one and one together and you’re the guy on the Ottawa Fury FB page who I communicated with a few weeks ago.  Right?

  10. 4 minutes ago, Drunk_Canuck_Rye said:

    Look at the places I posted in this thread like half an hour ago

    You know the downtown area better than any of us so will leave it up to you.  I walked/drove by an Irish place just east of I-4.  But didn’t look inside.

  11. 9 hours ago, Drunk_Canuck_Rye said:

    Sorry, I made an account but I forgot the password so just made a new one, anyways I'm from Canada and I go to college right down the road(UCF)  GO KNIGHTS CHARGE ON!  Anyways, I'll be at the game with y'all and hope to see y'all at Ace Cafe, there's also two nice pubs down the road about a mile from the arena with good drinks 1 is The Basement(good drinks and people), Harp & Celt(Good Irish pub, but American Outlaws hang out there).  I get off work on Friday at 3 so I should make it to Ace Cafe by 4:30.  Also Tomorrow night I have a few tickets to the hockey game and my friends are out of town, so if any of y'all wanna go to the hockey game lmk it's Thursday night 7PM at Amway Centre which is right by the soccer centre.

    We will need to find a place post match as all the places I saw last night close by 10 pm or earlier.

  12. 2 hours ago, sstackho said:

    Were there any negative interactions with the travelling AO at the Toronto match? 

    The ones I met were in a decent mood considering everything and were even complimentary to our national team.  They just wanted their manager gone.

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