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  1. Now, onto some interesting discussion. Anyone have any predictions for the next DP signing? Seeing the impact of a single player in Morales, if they can hit on another player of that caliber, I think it kickstarts them into legitimate playoff contender.
  2. Are there really people that believe Carl Robinson, who's job security and future reputation as a competent head coach is dependent on results, is in on some anti-Canadian conspiracy? If Salgado gets minutes over Alderson and Fernandez over Teibert, it's because they've trained better. Given how underwhelming Salgado has been in the minutes "given" to him, I'd say Alderson is not ready. All those Canadians playing on TFC? Guess what? They happen to be better than the non-Canadians sitting on their bench. The best players get playing time. Weird.
  3. My thoughts: 1. For those piling on the Caps for the lack of possession and sitting back, what did you expect? They were playing a superior team away from home. I had no issues with the strategy after going up 1-0, and it might have worked if not for a SICK strike by Mike Magee. 2. The call on Donovan could have gone either way. The issue I have is the way the match was called up to that point. All players and fans ask of officials is for consistency. Some are more strict, some are more flexible. But, you must be consistent throughout the course of the game. Up to that point
  4. Coming from Medicine Hat, I can respect this opinion. From reading this board however, the overwhelming TFC bias would lead one to believe similar arguments and "****caps" bashing would take place if the player in question was Andrea ****ing Lombardo.
  5. Good point. When the results indicate a need for change, THEN I start to question coaching decisions as a fan. I understand that the club is far from dominating, and there is room for improvement, but nobody can argue that it has been a successful 2nd season in the league for them.
  6. I was incorrect in classifying them as marginal talent (Cann still sucks). Morgan and Henry have bright futures. They are just more MLS ready in an environment with inferior competition. That's why they are getting minutes.
  7. Unfortunately, the Americans had a way bigger talent base to select from. If we were forced to play a certain number of Canadians at this early point, we would be seeing a bunch of NASL quality starting for our 3 squads. Not good. It's the chicken or the egg thing. I want to see Canadians cracking MLS rosters everywhere ... but only if they earn it and are ready to do so.
  8. Yep, it is a national team forum ... but posters must understand the dynamics of club football if they are going to complain about it. More talented roster = harder to crack lineup. Crappier roster = easier to crack lineup. Not sure why this is so difficult to understand. If the teams had equivalent records and TFC was doing it with Canadian content, I back down and cry in the corner. Until then, it's silly to think losing with marginal Canadian content is better than winning with marginal Canadian content on the bench. I don't support losing atmospheres.
  9. No, but they would fail as a business if they made decisions based on nationality over performance. Keep in mind, I am working on the premise that the coaching staff that see the roster on a daily basis are the most qualified to determine roster "fits." ... and as others have mentioned, Teibert was recently on the bench. Wow, a young player developing, imagine that.
  10. Wow. Face palm. You just missed the entire point. You think OTHER people are going to jeopardize their money and careers to please YOU? Really? The Whitecaps franchise does not exist to please you. I support the CMNT more than the Whitecaps. I want to see the CMNT in the World Cup more than I want to see the Whitecaps win the Cup ... but I also understand the business side of the MLS ... Something you continue to ignore.
  11. I think neither Salgado nor Teibert are ready. For the record however, if they were to re-enter the MLS draft, I think Salgado gets selected first by the majority of teams. Yawn, homerism at its best. If they were matched up again, I would bet the oddsmakers (i.e. professionals that make a living on non-biased projections) favour the team with an overwhelmingly higher success rate in the MLS so far this year. And yes, league parity is a reasonable explanation for the TFC wins. It wouldn't be shocking to see Dallas beat San Jose in their next matchup, but that doesn't mean Dallas is a
  12. I would rather see the CMNT make the World Cup than the Whitecaps take the MLS title ... but I also don't have millions of dollars on the line as an investor in an MLS club. Why this is so hard to understand is beyond me. If I coached, owned, or invested in an MLS club with your line of thinking, I'd shoot myself in the head prior to enduring those 20 years ... Purchase an MLS club, then play your sub par Canadians. Until then, enjoy your last place and stop complaining.
  13. What was the overall quality of the Whitecaps team last year? A few scrubs plucked off beer league teams could have "proven" themselves on that squad.
  14. Do all you Ontario homers really think a sample size of 2 head-to-head matchups is more representative than the 15 and 16 matches played in the same league? ... Really? This is the MLS; there is parity. Any team can beat any team on any given night. The Chiefs also beat the Packers in the NFL last year. Chiefs 7-9, Packers 15-1. Now everyone step forward and tell me the Chiefs are the better football team. I wish TFC didn't suck so bad. Not only for the progression of the sport in Canada, but also to give their fanbase something to cheer about instead of spending their time ***
  15. The deadly 4-5-3. Unstoppable ... especially with the giant Rob Friend playing a finesse, supporting striker role.
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