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  1. This is the 6th match Canada has played in the past couple of weeks and I’m pretty sure no one has a clean full laced shot on target in any of those matches 🤔 (as Wotherspoon just scores with one)
  2. Godinho has legit been a baller all tourney. Calm, confident, courageous. So great to see him redeemed in the eyes of CanSoc fans. Him, Norman, Pantemis and maybe even Tabla at times have been my MVPs.
  3. Dias bro. Yes you seem to have game. Yes he should've passed and this isn't the first time Brym should've found him but that constant body language is doing nothing for anyone.
  4. Maybe. But Milan has also brought about 0.5 mistakes leading to goals per game over the last 15 games too.
  5. Yes I also made that mistake. Also repeated that mistake in the Orlando USA game.
  6. Can we just get to the Oct so that I can stop hearing the laughter from my friends when I try to get them pumped for a game and need to answer "who are we playing?" with a friggin "Cayman Islands" or "St Lucia". I can't take it anymore.
  7. Thing I notice watching this Honduras game is every single one of these Honduran players feels like they can score the big goal and wants to go and do it. Full of energy. Full of immediate positive momentum. Now they might not score, but the belief and aggression that every one of these players have is enviable.
  8. Doesn't seem that crazy? Longer distances = more actual time spent in close proximity to other and likelihood of layovers (exposure). The only way distance wouldn't be some factor is if David entered some pod that blasted him from France directly into camp.
  9. goddamn rollins I've never met a "journalist" or blogger or whatever he is that while sharing a very similar passion feels so diametrically opposed and completely opposite to everything I think and feel in almost every single instance of him saying anything.
  10. I'm sure it can all be rationalized away with common sense and "facts" but with the Can Champ and now with this I just can't help shake this Fuck TFC feeling that's been brewing. Rollins with his "ladeedaa well TFC didn't invent Covid" bullshit just makes the fire burn hotter.
  11. friggin Pat Onstad letting that corner kick in directly 🤢
  12. De Jong, Simpson and Hume. My 3 faves who gave it their all no questions asked guys from the last generation.
  13. My point is I don't think Larin just happily slots into some back up role to a guy 5 years his senior. I think he'd give him a run for his money.
  14. Whether it's true or not I blame TFC for pushing that game from back in the fall. Certainly seemed they were pulling the strings on that decision.
  15. That article talks a lot about him being ok playing second fiddle to Antonio. A guy who's roughly scoring 1 in 4 games with his time at West Ham... Why the hell would he be content in that second fiddle role. Granted I don't watch West Ham but imo Larin gives this guy a legit run for his money.
  16. Kane and Son just declared for Jamaica though.
  17. kinda quiet so far had a sequence where it seemed he coulda reached it with his head and then a few seconds later had a chance to redirect a shot that zoomed right in front of him. Probably asking a lot in either case but that's about all he had as far as scoring chances.
  18. I have a real hard time imagining this kid choosing Canada. His dad is MEGA PRO Mexico, his sister is now on the Mexico women's national team. Friggin XBox Mexico sent him a new Xbox and Marcelo shared it on IG. Also his dad just tweeted this article out about the young Mexican maybe going to FC Barcelona. https://www.elfutbolero.com.mx/liga-mx/2021/2/28/ni-hirving-lozano-ni-raul-jimenez-el-mexicano-que-llegaria-al-fc-barcelona-gracias-rafael-marquez-14662.html
  19. If the US and Florida specifically isn’t on that red list then I’m not sure what kind of list that is.
  20. Missed it live but if it takes the media to impart some confidence and challenge this self-defeating excuse based mindset then so be it??! Ugh.
  21. This is also true of virtually every interview with any Canadian player or manager ever in the last 13 years I've been following along except for maybe a brief blip of confidence and swagger before the previous Gold Cup. The amount of energy spent discussing the quality of a pitch is insane. The number of times we talk about a battery that Craig Forrest was hit with 25 years ago, or a bag of piss De Vos was hit with 23 years ago while in El Salvador contributes nothing to winning games. The amount of times our media focuses the majority of their questions on how hard and scary it is to play in Central America or the Caribbean when interacting with players. Our players and managers are more than happy to oblige with negative language about seeking a result and being satisfied with it. The amount of energy Kurt Larson spent painting the picture and beating the drum of how scary Honduras is to play in during the lead-up to a critical match there. It's all negative, fearful and self-defeating language that seeps its way into the mentality of a team one way or another and it's very disappointing hearing Herdman shaking in his boots about Bermuda and Suriname already.
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