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  1. I can't image a torn hamstring is an injury you want to throw into freezing conditions!
  2. It's about 30 as per @maplebananap: https://www.canadiansoccernews.com/forums/topic/75040-fifa-rankings-why-they-are-important-and-how-to-beat-the-system/?do=findComment&comment=972313
  3. From wiki so grain of salt. Goal difference, then goals scored.
  4. Ok. He doesn't need to hang the line like that. He could give the defender a yard and still beat him!
  5. It's gonna get real quiet in here with everyone heading to BMO! Getting a bit teary-eyed I can't be there. Will be something special.
  6. For all the initial talk of "must win your home games", we've not let a single opponent win theirs.
  7. Tough one. Pitch, heat, suspensions, yellows, schedule, changes. I was wanting us to have the cautious approach at Mexico so we could get the 3pts here, but given the above, coming away with the two is good. I'm not sure a rested squad would have faired notably better on that pitch.
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