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  1. Does this work for you? I don't know if BT Sport is region-blocked in Canada, but you could probably watch it with a UK VPN. Anyway, almost teared up last night watching that. He was trending #1 over here for a good few hours after the match with heaps of praise. Absolutely swelling with pride. Lots of the top clubs are talking about him in their respective forums as a top-5 LB in the world, how they'd kill to have him, how he'll name his price on his next contract, etc.
  2. Ah ****, what?? ...grumble..grumble..
  3. Wow. Was actively trying to keep the optomism down, but ******* yes! Congrats everyone! So exciting! Life feels so different knowing that we are now guaranteed to see Canada at a World Cup. Don't think I've ever had something so distant in the future to look forward to! (and hopefully sooner with Qatar!)
  4. The tactics, management, talent, and composure in the tournament has me feeling very positive overall, but I don't feel positive about this match. That should have been a win. Poor goals to concede, dreadful finishing (hoilett strikes aside). I was going to compliment Jamaica on their defense, but in reality we had plenty of chances. Disappointing. I'll be fine tomorrow.
  5. Is there a way to get a TSN stream? Edit: one of the soccerstreams.net is TSN2 (foxstore)
  6. CAN XI: Borjan; Petrasso, Jakovic, Vitoria, De Jong; Piette, Hoilett, Teibert, Arfield, Davies; Larin.
  7. Just checked latest betting odds and it's just about evens, but we are in fact slim favorites and most of the sites!
  8. It pales in comparison to the other reasons, but one benefit of the switch is that, whereas with the reverse, all the Mexican fans would leave after their match, this way they will mostly arrive for the last 20 minutes of our match and most will cheer for us I imagine.
  9. We face Jamaica unless: -Mexico loses, or -Mexico draws 0-0 (in which case there is a coin flip)
  10. I think he's referring to the fact that these 10pm EST means 3am for us! At least this one was a Friday...!
  11. We're rooting for Slv and Mexico. Anything that prevents Mexico finishing second is best, so the priority is Mexico winning. Ideally: an Slv win + Mexico win so we face Slv. If Jamaica beats Slv then we need Mexico to win with a higher goal difference to ensure facing Jamaica. If Jamaica and Slv draw, then we need a higher scoring Mexico draw/win so we face Jamaica. <conspiracy rant> This being the moronic Concacaf, Mexico plays after Jamaica, so they'll know exactly what they'll need to win the group. In fact, they'll know what they need to face which opponent so this unfortunately means it's possible Mexico could play the match aiming to finish second and face us, rather than win the group and face Honduras (they'll know which third-place team by the time they play). This, of course, is assuming facing us is currently viewed as easier than Honduras. However, Mexico generally have a bit more pride than some of these other Concacaf nations and get torn apart by their media when they fail to win the group so I doubt it, but who knows. </rant>
  12. Unfortunately, they've qualified ahead of either Panama or Martinique. But they'll play either Mexico or U.S so **** em
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