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  1. Don't love just the one away goal, but with the heat, the pitch, I'll definitely take it.
  2. Our mids don't have much of a chance to pivot, which caused problems early, but looks like we've figured out bypassing them straight to a dropping David or Larin, which is working well. Also the through ball looks consistently on, just haven't clicked with it yet, aside from the goal, though that was a bit fortunate as it was under hit and Davies surprised the defender with his speed.
  3. The hyping of Suriname has got to me, I'll admit. I'll feeling it. But the nerves are just because it's a one-off and because it's been such a long build up. We've got several players with experience winning things now, we're a different animal and we haven't yet had to show it. Get them chasing the ball, strength in attack, don't let them manage the game, and we should be good.
  4. Not finding any tonight in the usual spots. I've registered with Bet365 and put a few pounds into the account, which then gives you a stream but it's mobile-size only so it's basically a white dot being pinged around between red tops. It may be possible that OneSoccer's stream works but there website claims otherwise for CMNT, I need someone else to confirm whether it worked for Bermuda b/c I haven't tried it.
  5. That would oddly be unfortunate given the tie break is GD and we'd like the chance to run up the score!
  6. Honestly, I'm kind of shocked that tonight's play seemed rather typical to you guys. I don't think I've ever seen us ping the ball around so well. We looked like a club side with well-drilled attacking patterns and moves, and understanding between the players. Not merely one-touch for the sake of it, but meaningful pass and move combining with several players in fluid and clever motion. Yes the Bermuda defenders were essentially pilons at times, but it's beside the point. I don't watch U23 etc so maybe you guys are seeing this type of play from Canada more regularly, but I definitely don't rec
  7. How do you actually watch the match on Bet365? When I click on it it just says the betting is closed!
  8. Does this work for you? I don't know if BT Sport is region-blocked in Canada, but you could probably watch it with a UK VPN. Anyway, almost teared up last night watching that. He was trending #1 over here for a good few hours after the match with heaps of praise. Absolutely swelling with pride. Lots of the top clubs are talking about him in their respective forums as a top-5 LB in the world, how they'd kill to have him, how he'll name his price on his next contract, etc.
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