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    king1010 reacted to Dominic94 in Daniel Jebbison   
    I insta stalked his comments on his goal debut and our boys Pepple and Corbeanu are way way ahead of us.
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    king1010 reacted to narduch in Daniel Jebbison   
    Cap him!
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    king1010 reacted to LeoH037 in Scott Arfield   
    As long as Arfield is willing and able, there will always be a place in the team for him. 
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    king1010 reacted to CanadianSoccerFan in Atiba Hutchinson   
    The CSA's most viral tweet of all time.  Nearly 16k likes and 1200 retweets
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    king1010 reacted to Norrin Radd in Cyle Larin   
    Larin drew the penalty.
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    king1010 reacted to dyslexic nam in WCQ: Canada vs Suriname - Tuesday, June 8th, 9:05pm Eastern/6:05pm Pacific - SeatGeek Stadium, Chicago   
    In some ways, the Suriname roster release is more important than ours.  
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    king1010 reacted to Shway in Scott Arfield   
    30 mins for Scott today, as Rangers solidified their Championship with an undefeated season. 

    Now, let’s hope he shows up for Canada in a few weeks.
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    king1010 reacted to Ruffian in Dejan Jaković   
    You got your wish
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    king1010 reacted to deschamp86 in Dejan Jaković   
    He sure would be a good replacement for Edgar at Forge
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    king1010 reacted to Strait Red in Daniel Jebbison   
    Here’s a tweet I sent out today in response to Jebbison’s debut with Sheffield United. Daniel liked my response, hopefully that’s a good sign for us.

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    king1010 reacted to JamboAl in David Wotherspoon   
    Spoony was Man of the Match.  He controlled the midfield and put his foot on the ball when needed and was a good outlet towards the end of the match.  
    St Johnstone will be in the group stages of the Europa League if they win the cup or in the European Conference if they finish 5th.
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    king1010 reacted to El Hombre in Samuel Piette (we haven't seen the best of him yet!)   
    Pretty sure Dolan said that he's still carrying a knock.
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    king1010 reacted to Kadenge in Sam Adekugbe   
    Understandably, many of us have a favourable bias towards Cdn MLS players,because we see them play a lot. How many have watched Sam and Valerenga over the past 3 seasons?  Sam has played 77 games..most of them starts/ 90 mins and will be playing Europa next season. 110 appearances in MLS/Allsvenskan/Eliteserien and 1 game in the English Championship. Regardless of whether MLS is better than Eliteserien, you simply can't ignore that level of experience for a defender in our squad in "win or go home WCQ". He  has 12 caps for the CMNT including 2 at the 2017 GC.  I thought he was excellent at LB vs Bermuda.  Unless JH uses Davies (unlikely), he should start  vs Suriname. 
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    king1010 reacted to RS in The Road to Qatar.   
    I don't understand how that's being allowed.
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    king1010 reacted to costarg in The Road to Qatar.   
    Does playing games in Florida in June really help us vs guys from the Caribbean/Central America?  All our EU based guys don't play games in 35c before factoring humidity.  I feel this is a pretty major disadvantage.
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    king1010 reacted to El Hombre in Opponent watch: Suriname (why they have the potential to be a tough team)   
    Golden generation?  Where have I heard that before?
    GK: MLS
    LB: EPL
    CB: Scottish Prem
    CB: English Championship
    RB: Bundesliga
    LM: English League One
    CM: Bundesliga
    CM: Swiss 1st
    RM: English Championship
    ST: MLS
    ST: EPL
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    king1010 got a reaction from cronaldo7 in Cyle Larin   
    23 goals on the season? 
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    king1010 got a reaction from NVsoccer in Liam Fraser   
    He's free to say what he feels, and ppl are free to critique him for it. 
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    king1010 got a reaction from Acid-Tone in Liam Fraser   
    He's free to say what he feels, and ppl are free to critique him for it. 
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    king1010 got a reaction from costarg in Cyle Larin   
    23 goals on the season? 
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    king1010 got a reaction from Dominic94 in Cyle Larin   
    23 goals on the season? 
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    king1010 reacted to Gian-Luca in Jonathan David   
    David with an assist on Yilmaz's latest goal
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    king1010 reacted to Olympique_de_Marseille in Cyle Larin   
    Match highlights:
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    king1010 reacted to Tyson M in Cyle Larin   
    Ya but where are the assists!?
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    king1010 got a reaction from CanadaFan123 in Cyle Larin   
    23 goals on the season? 
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