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  1. I like this lineup. Only change I'd make is Kaye over Piette, or have Kaye at LB.
  2. has he dropped that far that he is not CPL quality?
  3. Is hutch not sidelined with a major injury? Even if he comes back in time, how would his match fitness be at 36? EDIT: NVM. shouldve read the last post of the previous page. Just getting back into training
  4. I don't think anybody is advocating for Larin in the best 11. Maybe best 23, but I get your point about him not producing for the NT, though I do recognize he has been contributing in other ways for his club team early in the season. If Akindele is chosen over Larin, I wouldn't be heartbroken over it, though I still think there could be use for him in the 23.
  5. If its between the 3 you mentioned, I don't see how Arfield is the odd man out. It's Osorio for me all day. Oso would come on as a sub IMO. If Arfield can find the solutions he should be there from minute 1.
  6. Yes, considering he's been in his leagues best 11 several times this year, combined with the fact that Godinho was determined to have the necessary quality. I don't think a few training sessions is enough to determine he doesn't have the necessary quality. I'd like to think he was going to be given a run out, but Henry's red changed plans. Hopefully we have some friendlies where he can get a run out and is properly assessed because I highly doubt he plays against the US.
  7. Well not all results going our way tn. Honduras leading chile 2-1 in injury time. El Salvador may be the only team vulnerable to drop out of the top 6.
  8. Isnt atiba out long term with a leg injury? TBH his time with the NT may be done.
  9. This is why you have friendlies to rotate and test squads. Also one of wotherspoon and johnson was fine, not both. So vitoria and cornelius at CB vs the states?
  10. Disappointing akindele and cordova dont get a start. Hopefully they make sub appearances.
  11. The only thing is we’d be playing for half a spot. If Concacaf is drawn against South America i want no part of that. If Concacaf is drawn against Oceania, well then now missing the hex doesnt seem so bad.
  12. Thought cuba relaxed those rules and let players play abroad, but i guess its on a case by case basis.
  13. Where does Curaçao factor in? Weren't they nipping at our heels?
  14. Dont look now but panama down by 1 to bermuda.
  15. We’ll definitely see a couple of changes, but not full squad rotation. As Nam alluded to, point differential matters and we cant afford any hiccup in the Caribbean.
  16. I actually thought he looked pretty good when he came on last night. Some great touches and layoffs setting up at least one goal. Similar to what hes doing in belgium now, great hold up play in the build up to his teams goals while they keep winning.
  17. Not to mention a guy like Jonas Valenciunas who has suited up for his country 13 summers in a row. There are quite a few committed South American or European NBA players. I think the problem is more with North American NBA players vs NBA players in general.
  18. Interesting article, if he did fetch $20M euros that would make him our most expensive transfer beating out Davies at $18.75M.
  19. His transfer value just keeps going up. Surely Gent will look to cash in at the end of the season, if not sooner.
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