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  1. You think he’d come in at TAM around $500k? Maybe Osorio money at $750k. He’s making £1.5 so will probably have to take a pay cut.
  2. Nice cut into the box, nice finish. Hope he continues this form.
  3. At least a month in advance? I find that hard to believe. So immediately after our Cuba game at home we already had to pick our USA roster? How do you explain last minute call ups for injury replacements then? Also that still doesn't answer the question, if he had to be released a month in advance, why did he get called to cuba when his form would have been even worse as his season had barely started in the summer.
  4. They don't have any games. They're completely off which makes it even more of a mystery.
  5. Really curious as to the rational for not calling him. Has a journalist asked Herdman yet? Seems odd he gets the continuous call while doing nothing for 2 years, then just as he looks to be rounding into form he gets left out.
  6. If kovac isnt going to give him the minutes he needs to develop, then a loan to a mid tier bundesliga side is in his best interest come January. That wouldnt be the worst thing in the world for him.
  7. Doesnt get the start today despite the injuries.
  8. I don't agree with this. He's 21 and starting for Chelsea, he's not going to make it far anywhere with an attitude in which he thinks he's not good enough to play for England. You have to have belief in yourself to compliment the skill. If he said hey im going to play for Nigeria or Canada because it's less challenging to make the squad, he'd be setting himself up for mediocrity. Also, who says it's about ego? Maybe he feels more English than Canadian or Nigerian given he grew up 21 of 22 years in England?
  9. To be fair cristante has made the italy squad for 11 matches seeing the field 6 times. He was called up to june euro qualifiers, i dont think he’ll never again play for italy, he is still in the mix.
  10. Agreed. Herdman needs to let him go. Whats the benefit of forcing him to play at 37 when his body isnt recovering as fast as it used to. He’s not going to be around for 2022 world cup, now is the time to transition to a guy like eustaquio. We should definitely have a friendly send off at BMO for him though. Maybe against Turkey😎
  11. He got a straight red card for mouthing off to the official in the 45th minute. They lost 1-0 to a second half goal. Not great.
  12. No, he does not need to be called up to serve his suspension. The press release explains why he was called.
  13. I think the long time coming had come and gone. Given his recent performance he warranted a call up, a year ago not so much. Would to have a reporter ask him about the Larin omission.
  14. Nice to see Davies continue to make the bench for a champions league fixture. They only carry a bench of 7 in champions league.
  15. Ya. Hopefully someone can ask Herdman about Larin. Seemed to be picking up in form. Does his team have games through the international break?
  16. The next game is a month later? The Henry inclusion is an odd one. Maybe just bringing him in so he doesnt miss a beat come november.
  17. Wow. No Larin. Eustaquio in. Henry in despite one game suspension. Didic in
  18. Looks like a bunch of tickets moved overnight judging by the ticketmaster map. It could be that some were taken off to be sold on groupon though, this happened for the Cuba game. I think there were around 600 groupons bought for the Cuba game.
  19. What is your definition of a one hit wonder? He produced consistently over 3 years in MLS, and now is producing in beglium(albeit early days). That in itself IMO makes him more than a one hit wonder. I see a one hit wonder as someone producing in one season, never to be seen again. Granted you may have a different POV which is completely understandable. Anyways, I think he still has lots to give and the Belgium move will help kick start his career again.
  20. The majority of toronto area voygeurs on this forum are going to be there. You’re preaching to the choir. Go start a thread on some tfc forum if you want to chastise toronto ppl for not showing up.
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