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  1. Herdman better know what hes doing. Cav and hoilett on the bench. Not crazy about this lineup.
  2. The cheaper tickets are definitely moving faster. But they arent all sold out, so price isnt the ultimate factor. Still, I think the CSA shouldve priced everything(save for clubs) under $50. Something like 20,30,40,50. May have gotten more ppl on the fence to bite earlier and create more buzz snowballing to more ticket sales.
  3. Ya i saw that. Its back up now. I got a high volume msg which was causing ticketmaster to go wonky. Looks like tickets are still moving at a decent pace. Maybe 16k sold. With a decent walkup maybe hit 18k.
  4. If we split wins against the US we’re probably knocked out due to goal differential. Need 4 points, 3 wont do.
  5. If it was any other country he probably wouldnt have said it because its not true and we dont have a natural rivalry with them? we have a natural rivalry with the states for many reasons, one of which is its the only country we share a border with. we HAD a natural rivalry with the USSR in the 1970s and nobody would raise a fuss if tony esposito made the comment If he was saying “we hate luxembourg, always have hated those guys” then ya some ppl would be questioning him. Also i disagree with it being one of our worst qualities. Not even top 10 IMO.
  6. im ok with it. If he was saying theyre overrated and Canada is the favorites then thats bulletin board material because you’re not respecting your opponent. I dont think a team would consider posting “the other team hates us” on their “bulletin board” in the locker room. Not liking(but respecting) your opponent is natural in sport
  7. No surprising but cheap seats seem to be moving faster than expensive tickets. They just opened up the entire corner sections(219,220,226,227) in the upper West side for sale.
  8. I can see the US bagging Something like 4 or 5 in cuba, so even with a 2 goal win vs the states followed by a one goal loss in Orlando, we’d be eliminated. It’s 4 points or going home IMO. the 1-0 win away shot us in the foot in terms of goal differential.
  9. Saw some us fans were worried Sargent starting tn meant Zardes plays against us.
  10. Americans really going to be complaining about having to waste their time with this turni instead of friendlies vs top 20 sides.
  11. 4-0 13th minute. Mckennie hat trick. Morris with one. 3 of the 4 goals have been driven crosses smashed in.
  12. Holy crap. I turn the usa cuba game on and its already 2-0 states. Looks like Were gunna have to take 4 points off them to win the group.
  13. Looks like a couple hundred tickets moved over night, bulk purchases in 225 and 110. Way too many moved to be singles, I'm thinking the CSA is giving them to partners and Youth Soccer Clubs at a discounted rate.
  14. Could TSN not just pickup the One Soccer Stream and not even send a broadcast crew? Did OneSoccer ask too much? Did they offer them the feed for free but the two networks turned it down?
  15. has anyone noticed the lack of CSA coverage from camp the last few days? They keep posting videos from Monday and Tuesday training, but nothing much from Wednesday and Thursday. Maybe it's just me not getting my fix because its only a one game window!
  16. Revenue to the stadium yes, profit to the CSA no. The profit sharing agreement the CSA has with BMO means BC place would have to sell something like twice as many(or more tickets) to match profits from BMO.
  17. Russel really had a turnaround year. Thought he was going to be on the way out a year ago.
  18. Nice interview on the CSA twitter with Eustaquio. He mentions this is the first time hes been back to Canada since he was 7 years old when he initially left for europe. I had no idea he hadnt been back, especially with his brother playing here for the last 5 years.
  19. As has been the case in the past, Groupon has tickets available for 50% off. For the Cuba game over 600 were sold on groupon, right now they're at 100+ sold.
  20. They can offer more cheap tix if they open up the uppper bowl. $29 tix almost sold out in the lower bowl, only $50 and $70 remaining for the most part. some ppl may me more willing to come at $29 vs 50+++ sales look to be picking up. Especially south end(non Vs), there were probably 300-400 available on the weekend, now only 30-40
  21. With regards to Eustaquio, the skys the limit for him, but he hasn't even played a first team match since his 9 month layoff. I don't think this is the game to throw him.
  22. The west side has a shared concourse between the upper and lower bowl right? Whereas the Eastside has two different concourses for the upper and lower bowls. Definitely cheaper to open up west side upper level given you don't have to staff an extra concourse.
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