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  1. 10 minutes ago, Olympique_de_Marseille said:

    El Salvador's technical director Carlos De los Cobos has stated to the media that the they want to play 2 to 3 friendlies in 2020 so that they can surpass us in the rankings.


    The players also feel confident because they play a home twice in CNL in November and they feel they are much stronger at home.



    Panama coach will continue working to move up the rankings but no longer speaking optimistically.

    They're assuming we don't make the Nations Leagues Semis or even Finals. 

  2. 1 hour ago, TOCanada115 said:

    The way Herdman spoke about not being able to get Hutchinson to come back for that game sounded like he was going to start. And as old as he is, against Mexico, and against Haiti, he was our best midfielder. I think it says something that Besiktas threw him right back into the starting 11 after being out with an injury for over a month. He’s got a couple good years in him still. 

    Fair. We'll see how things play out in the next couple weeks. 

    Given Herdman couldn't get Hutch to commit for this past game, is there any indication he would be able to get him to comitt for this game? Would Teibert be the odd man out? Can't see Fraser or Eustaquio getting dropped. 

  3. I'm not sure a 36 year old Hutch walks into our starting lineup. I have Kaye over him if healthy. Kaye has been there for all our camps, there is something to be said for continuity. 

    Furthermore, our game is in the middle of the November 11 to 19th international break as opposed to the end of the October break giving even less time for new players to be introduced and integrated into Herdmans system. 

  4. Eyes on the prize which is the USA game IMO. We don't need a distraction of another game. The goal is clear, get a result in Orlando and we do ourselves a huge favor in making the Hex. The fact that CNL knockout games mean we can't lose points is just playing with house money. 

    If we lose to the USA and need friendlies to get us into the Hex, schedule them in the new year.

  5. 13 minutes ago, Stouffvillain said:

    Remaining matches in CNL for those battling for the Hex.

    HON - Martinique (A), Trinidad & Tobago (H) 

    CAN - USA (A)

    SLV - Montserrat (H), Dominican Republic (H)

    CUW - Costa Rica (H)

    PAN - Mexico (H)

    Scheduling a game after the US game in November may not be a bad idea.  

    The Gold Cup loss to Haiti looks even worse now when I look at the Nations League standings.  No wins and only 2 goals for in 3 matches.


    I think 100% of our focus for that window should be on the USA game. If we get a result then friendlies are not needed. If we lose then focus on mapping out friendlies which give us a chance at the Hex for the remaining windows until Hex qualification is determined. 

  6. 16 minutes ago, Kent said:

    Before Nations league started El Salvador was 30 points ahead of us and now are 3 points behind us. I think that makes it pretty hard to argue that they are being rewarded.

    Fair, but thats because they lost a game to Dominican Republic. Had they taken care of business and won out against minnows they would have been in a lot better situation for the hex, with a couple friendlies down the pipe to pad their lead. 


  7. 17 minutes ago, Ruffian said:

    How many games does El Salvador have left? How many points will they gain if they win each of those?

    Two games in the November window of Nations league group B. Against Montserrat and Dominican Republic. It seems they're getting rewarded for being in Nations League B. After those games I believe they have some friendlies lined up in the new year. 

    We need to take care of our own business against the states and the reassess where we sit in points relative to other teams. If we lose against the states we need to line up friendlies against beatable top 50 teams and pray for a small miracle :(. 

    Don't sleep on Curacao either. 

  8. 18 minutes ago, CanadaFan123 said:

    Hopefully they get to play at home and not some neutral site again.

    It's scheduled for a neutral site again. Don't think that is going to change between now and game day. 

    Henry's red really hurt us as we couldn't run up the score, rather just worry about holding onto 3 pts. 

  9. 19 minutes ago, SirBobsaget said:

    How credible is that? Twitter is not exactly a top source. Why would OneSoccer pay for the rights to Nations League then turn around and hand over broadcast rights to their competitors? More likely the offer was give us x$ and we will release this game to you where x$ was a decent amount.

    Duane Rollins made the comment. Said his source was someone in position to know what was happening. 

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