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  1. Goes 90 but puebla lose 1-0 to last place veracruz. Puebla themselves sit second last. Too bad as this game looked like an opportunity for Cav to bang in a goal.
  2. On the bench again for LAFC in western finals.
  3. “None of our midfield should be dropped” probably means our starting mid against the US at home. So MAK> Fraser
  4. Proper send of would be a friendly at home in Toronto against Turkey, Denmark or Netherlands IMO. Having said that, his recent performances show he could potentially be in the starting lineup on merit. Our mid is crowded tho. Tough to drop guys. It got even more crowded with Frasers performance and addition of Eustaquio.
  5. Pulisic with a hat trick today for Chelsea. Seems to be finding his place at Chelsea now.
  6. 1. Stating no way LAFC would have sent Cornelius out with the mistakes he made AT VWFC is such a subjective statement, there is no way to back it up as anything more than opinion 2. Stating he wouldn't make LAFC roster again is nothing but subjective opinion. MLS rosters take into consideration many variables such as Cornelius' lack of cap hit, he very well could have made their roster, but nobody could say for certain 3. he started and played 90 minutes in 9 of the teams last 11 games. He didn't begin the season as a starter, but he definitely finished it as one which is what matte
  7. If he was a backup defender on LAFC and they were looking to protect the lead then yes, he would have. But he's a starter for VWFC so he didn't. Jakovic got sent out there because he's all LAFC had, the situations couldve been reversed if the two players swapped roster spots (LAFC vs VWFC).
  8. I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw the team sheets and saw him on the bench. I mean good on him for sticking through with it.
  9. For the fairweather fan wouldn't it be a plus to replace a run of the mill defensive midfielder DP with a homegrown and use that DP slot for a internationally recognizable striker? They wouldn't see replacing a Bradley DP with a homegrown, they'd see as replacing a Bradley DP with <insert here internationally known striker>
  10. Paul Tenorio @PaulTenorio · 13h A reminder that@samstejskaland I reported back in July that Michael Bradley's $6.5 million option is automatically triggered if #TFCLive wins MLS Cup. Just two wins away now: https://theathletic.com/1108954/2019/07/31/mls-expansion-all-star-board-of-governors-cba-negotiations/
  11. Apparently there is an automatic DP single year option at $6.5M on Bradley if TFC wins the MLS cup.
  12. Time for Liam to go to a team that will play him IMO.
  13. Didnt even make the bench for tonights playoff game:(.
  14. Ya if anything Johnson may be the odd man out if Hutch is called. Up front not sure who would make way for a Larin recall. Tough call.
  15. I know they're not the same position but does this possibly open up the door for a Lain return if Hoilett is ruled out?
  16. Good enough to make a 6 outfield player Champions League Bench but not good enough to see minutes in the Bundeslige despite their injury problems :(.
  17. We’ll have to agree to disagree on the mid choices for the game then.
  18. Thats because we went from playing cuba to the US. There was a huge tactical shift from offensive to defensive and along with it came personnel change. We’re going from playing the US to.... playing the US. It’s one thing to put in a great performance against Cuba, its another to do it against the US, and we play them again in 4 weeks. Not to mention Hoilett is in our most crowded third in terms of player quality. Do you want to see Eustaquio and Hutch as starting mids in Orlando?
  19. Cant see piette being dropped in november after the performance he put in last week. if eustaqiuo doesnt see first team minutes he doesnt start for me in orlando
  20. Taking a photo doesnt work for many mobile tickets now. The barcode regenerates every minute. but if its on the ticketmaster app, you just open the ticket once with data, and in the future it is saved regardless of if you have data when entering the stadium.
  21. Thats tough on Cornelius given he hasnt done anything to lose his starting job, but between him and Vitoria, im probably dropping cornelius. Also Vitoria will be in mid season where Cornelius will have gone a month without a game. This post just got me thinking, wow Menjrekar James has really fallen off our radar. When his club gave him the opportunity to leave, maybe he should have taken it.
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