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  1. Apparently there is an automatic DP single year option at $6.5M on Bradley if TFC wins the MLS cup.
  2. Time for Liam to go to a team that will play him IMO.
  3. Didnt even make the bench for tonights playoff game:(.
  4. Ya if anything Johnson may be the odd man out if Hutch is called. Up front not sure who would make way for a Larin recall. Tough call.
  5. I know they're not the same position but does this possibly open up the door for a Lain return if Hoilett is ruled out?
  6. Good enough to make a 6 outfield player Champions League Bench but not good enough to see minutes in the Bundeslige despite their injury problems :(.
  7. We’ll have to agree to disagree on the mid choices for the game then.
  8. Thats because we went from playing cuba to the US. There was a huge tactical shift from offensive to defensive and along with it came personnel change. We’re going from playing the US to.... playing the US. It’s one thing to put in a great performance against Cuba, its another to do it against the US, and we play them again in 4 weeks. Not to mention Hoilett is in our most crowded third in terms of player quality. Do you want to see Eustaquio and Hutch as starting mids in Orlando?
  9. Cant see piette being dropped in november after the performance he put in last week. if eustaqiuo doesnt see first team minutes he doesnt start for me in orlando
  10. Taking a photo doesnt work for many mobile tickets now. The barcode regenerates every minute. but if its on the ticketmaster app, you just open the ticket once with data, and in the future it is saved regardless of if you have data when entering the stadium.
  11. Thats tough on Cornelius given he hasnt done anything to lose his starting job, but between him and Vitoria, im probably dropping cornelius. Also Vitoria will be in mid season where Cornelius will have gone a month without a game. This post just got me thinking, wow Menjrekar James has really fallen off our radar. When his club gave him the opportunity to leave, maybe he should have taken it.
  12. Which mid do you see us dropping from the 23 man? Maybe Teibert? Given frasers performance, i dont see how you drop him. Johnson is probably out as well. Also i wonder what happens if Larin bags a couple goals btw now and roster selection.
  13. That injury was really unfortunate, not just because of the time off, but because of the difficulty of re establishing himself in the lineup. if he never got injured, he couldve cemented himself as the starter and given his age who knows if bigger clubs may have been snooping around.
  14. But they're assuming if they win 3 friendlies they surpass us in the rankings. If we make it to the CNL Semis or even win a semi final game they probably wouldn't have the points to pass us?
  15. They're assuming we don't make the Nations Leagues Semis or even Finals.
  16. Shows how much he cares about the program. Love it.
  17. Fair. We'll see how things play out in the next couple weeks. Given Herdman couldn't get Hutch to commit for this past game, is there any indication he would be able to get him to comitt for this game? Would Teibert be the odd man out? Can't see Fraser or Eustaquio getting dropped.
  18. I'm not sure a 36 year old Hutch walks into our starting lineup. I have Kaye over him if healthy. Kaye has been there for all our camps, there is something to be said for continuity. Furthermore, our game is in the middle of the November 11 to 19th international break as opposed to the end of the October break giving even less time for new players to be introduced and integrated into Herdmans system.
  19. Eyes on the prize which is the USA game IMO. We don't need a distraction of another game. The goal is clear, get a result in Orlando and we do ourselves a huge favor in making the Hex. The fact that CNL knockout games mean we can't lose points is just playing with house money. If we lose to the USA and need friendlies to get us into the Hex, schedule them in the new year.
  20. even if it was a slight tweak, it wouldn've gotten worse as the game went on to the point of not being able to continue. It's not like you can "run off" a hamstring injury no matter how minor.
  21. anyone else reading this twittter smack from american fans directed toward canmnt. I smell a rivalry brewing, this is great for us and Concacaf. Would love to see us walk into Orlando and get a win to see them go even more crazy about how with their talent being head and shoulders above ours, the games shouldn't even be close!
  22. I think 100% of our focus for that window should be on the USA game. If we get a result then friendlies are not needed. If we lose then focus on mapping out friendlies which give us a chance at the Hex for the remaining windows until Hex qualification is determined.
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