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  1. 24 minutes ago, canta15 said:

    I was surprised that Bradley didn’t get the call

    Final roster selection is on Monday and theyve stated guys from MLS cup could be included. Look for guys like Morris, Bradley and Roldan to be added. 

    After a week in Bradenton, the USMNT will shift to Orlando on Sunday. The final list of players eligible for selection for this month’s decisive matches – including any participating in MLS Cup – will be confirmed Monday.


  2. 1 hour ago, Alex said:



    Herdman states Larin was picked for the squad but has genuine personal reasons why he can’t be there. Also, Hutchinson has been in regular contact with Herdman and he hasn’t closed the door on Canada yet but he’s no spring chicken so his minutes have to be managed. 

    With regards to Hutch, he’ll be 37 in February. It appears his body is telling him he cant handle the punishment of international duty.

    At what point do Hutch and Herdman mutually agree that its time to move to the next chapter and allow for the younger guys who have been in camp to take the torch. I mean technically they already have but you can only “leave the door open” for so long at his age. 

    Also glad to hear Larin was picked, hope to see him in the new year. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Kadenge said:

    A young CB starting in Uruguay is worth a look see. Kamal Miller was capped in his rookie season....having said that I have not seen him play.

    Who would we drop in his place? Even more complicated with rumors of Zator called up. We arent dropping Henry, Cornellius, Vitoria from CB callup. I dont think there is room for him this window. Perhaps the next friendly. 

  4. 6 minutes ago, JuicyHam said:

    I like what he is bringing lately and I would even think of starting him up top depending on what formation we roll. David and Davies are still auto starters for me but the one thing that imo wasn't as good as it could have been was David as a target man/having to execute hold up against the US. Yeah he could have scored a couple with better finish but the overall play could have been better 

    Given his recent form, starting him is definitely worthy of discussion. But if David is dropped a bit further back id still start Cav in his place, with Larin subbed on if needed. 

  5. 30 minutes ago, jordan said:


    Arfield starts agianst Ross County

    Wotherspoon starts against Hearts

    Millar is on the bench for todays match with Motherwell. Early red to Killie



    Larin starts agianst Brugge

    While Millar is on the bench, Simeon Jackson gets a start for Killie.

  6. Mid to low tier first division Portuguese team should be his goal. He's young enough to rebuild his career and start over. 

    I always wondered why the move to Mexico vs a mid tier Portuguese team, does anyone have insight into his original Mexico move?

  7. 36 minutes ago, SpursFlu said:

    So the strategy again will be clog the midfield and giveaway widespaces. I ask the question..  who is better at clogging up the midfield than Aruba Hutchinson. The guy is literally nicknamed the Octopus 

    Piette had one of the best performances ive ever seen in a Canada jersey clogging up the midfield against the states. The guy is literally nicknamed the Bulldog.

    As other have stated, hutch mak and piette are all essentially level. Tough to choose btw them, but need to trust herdman to get it right. 

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