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  1. Who would we drop in his place? Even more complicated with rumors of Zator called up. We arent dropping Henry, Cornellius, Vitoria from CB callup. I dont think there is room for him this window. Perhaps the next friendly.
  2. That is a big win for Gent, opens up 2nd place for them to take.
  3. Why would we drop a two sided fullback(one of our weaker positions) for a CB(when we already have one of our top choice CBs coming back from suspension)?
  4. Given his recent form, starting him is definitely worthy of discussion. But if David is dropped a bit further back id still start Cav in his place, with Larin subbed on if needed.
  5. Just scored. 1-1 in the 70th.
  6. Vitoria starts and scores for Moreirense against Guimaraes. 1-1 in the 70th
  7. For this game? I dont think so. Maybe a future friendly. Borges unfortunately plays in our most crowded third.
  8. Goes 90 in a 1-1 draw against Pumas. Puebla gave up the tying goal late.
  9. Subbed out in the 61st minute today. Hopefully not an injury. Did anyone watch the match?
  10. While Millar is on the bench, Simeon Jackson gets a start for Killie.
  11. Mid to low tier first division Portuguese team should be his goal. He's young enough to rebuild his career and start over. I always wondered why the move to Mexico vs a mid tier Portuguese team, does anyone have insight into his original Mexico move?
  12. When is the roster release? Saw the womens roster released today and for a split second thought it was the mens.
  13. Piette had one of the best performances ive ever seen in a Canada jersey clogging up the midfield against the states. The guy is literally nicknamed the Bulldog. As other have stated, hutch mak and piette are all essentially level. Tough to choose btw them, but need to trust herdman to get it right.
  14. Goes 90 but puebla lose 1-0 to last place veracruz. Puebla themselves sit second last. Too bad as this game looked like an opportunity for Cav to bang in a goal.
  15. On the bench again for LAFC in western finals.
  16. “None of our midfield should be dropped” probably means our starting mid against the US at home. So MAK> Fraser
  17. Proper send of would be a friendly at home in Toronto against Turkey, Denmark or Netherlands IMO. Having said that, his recent performances show he could potentially be in the starting lineup on merit. Our mid is crowded tho. Tough to drop guys. It got even more crowded with Frasers performance and addition of Eustaquio.
  18. What do you guys think, roster announced this week or next?
  19. Pulisic with a hat trick today for Chelsea. Seems to be finding his place at Chelsea now.
  20. 1. Stating no way LAFC would have sent Cornelius out with the mistakes he made AT VWFC is such a subjective statement, there is no way to back it up as anything more than opinion 2. Stating he wouldn't make LAFC roster again is nothing but subjective opinion. MLS rosters take into consideration many variables such as Cornelius' lack of cap hit, he very well could have made their roster, but nobody could say for certain 3. he started and played 90 minutes in 9 of the teams last 11 games. He didn't begin the season as a starter, but he definitely finished it as one which is what mattered most 4. Not sure what the point of this subjective argument is or why Cornelius was brought up in this thread, so I'm going to drop it. Ragging on one of our young up and coming players(when this thread should be talking positively about a guy whose barely seen minutes this year finding 15 mins in a conference semi) who put in a damn strong performance against the USA benefits nobody.
  21. If he was a backup defender on LAFC and they were looking to protect the lead then yes, he would have. But he's a starter for VWFC so he didn't. Jakovic got sent out there because he's all LAFC had, the situations couldve been reversed if the two players swapped roster spots (LAFC vs VWFC).
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