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  1. Hasnt been announced yet. Matches would be March 2022 though.
  2. I was drinking the kool aid. Maybe challenge for that third spot or at least grab 4th and play in the second chance round.
  3. So now im really interested in the inter-continental playoff draw....
  4. Ya , hindsight is 20/20. All we needed was a draw tn and nothing else mattered. We flat out dropped the ball tn.
  5. He was decent in the first half. Second half down 3 is not when you want Piette on.
  6. Draw would do it. Not likely tho. also need el salvador to drop points in their next two games.
  7. I dont know how we can look so bad after looking so good last month. Like we look horrible. Its like we fall apart when we face adversity. Haiti, now today going down a goal early. Defense and set pieces let us down early tn.
  8. To be fair if Herdman trotted out the same lineup and same tactics as oct 15 ppl would be livid as well saying he cant adjust etc.
  9. Sorry. Nothing to do with the play on the field, all to do with the feels. It feels the same to me. All the build up and anticpition, And the massive crash.
  10. Guys we need to pray el salvador loses and we need to win two friendlies in March. ****
  11. Davies is playing LW. Kaye is at LB. who was posting lineups without David?
  12. US lineup is out. Guzan in goal. Zardes and Morris up top. Dest is in too No morales or Yeldin.
  13. If Costa Rica does qualify, they’ll probably qualify as the 4th place team and have to play Mexico in the semis. That leaves Honduras to face Canada/USA at a neutral site probably in the states.
  14. Wow. The club not even giving him a chance in the first team after major knee injury. Has he been performing that poorly in training/ u20s?
  15. They hate all their MLS midfielders. They want to see European call ups.
  16. No Pulisic is a huge bonus for us. Read Bradley was going to be called but picked up an ankle knock in the MLS cup final.
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