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  1. 12 hours ago, Acid-Tone said:

    They probably offered about half of that!   Which is why it was turned down.

    They should think about the future and try selling Aboubakar or Marega and use that money to help make the David deal.   

    Saw on twitter that Porto offered 6m euros and were rejected. 

  2. 5 hours ago, BearcatSA said:

    There are 26 guys in this camp, so did they want more than that?

    As a side not, due to the tensions in Iran/the Middle East at the moment, the Americans cancelled their 25 man camp in Qatar. 

    I'm assuming they would've kept the roster at 26, just drop some of the experimental players for Cav, Johnson Kaye etc. 

  3. 7 hours ago, Ove said:

    Another of today's CONCACAF realities is; that even if a country advances to the semi-final stage of the Gold Cup and/or Nations League, it will still have to play a minimum of two friendlies per year in order to qualify for the HEX.

      Total Gold Cup Nations League Friendlies
    Mexico    17       6             4        7
    USA    18       6             4        8
    Costa Rica    13       4             4        5
    Jamaica    14       5             7        2
    Honduras    12       3             4        5
    El Salvador    14       3             7        4
    Canada      9       4             5        0
    Curacao    11       4                5        2
    Panama    12       4             4        4
    Haiti    14       5             5        4
    It is also a fact that Canadians will turn out in large numbers to support the Men's national team when it competes against the world's elite:
    The June 5, 1994 attendance for the Canada vs. Brazil (1-1) friendly, at Commonwealth Stadium, in Edmonton, was 51,936
    Under the current World Cup qualifying format:  No Friendlies = No HEX

    Canadians will turn up against the Worlds elite, but not necessarily to support the MNT. A lot of those who show up for marquee opponents are there to see in person the football elites, not cheer on the MNT. 


    39 minutes ago, Daryn27 said:

    Yes but then if we make it through the lower playoff to the 4th place match who will we go up against? Either Costa Rica, Honduras, or Jamaica. I’d rather face them in a pool format where one result may not cost us but it would in a two game playoff against them. 

    I’d rather compete for 1.5 spots against Honduras, Costa Rica, and Jamaica then compete for 0.5 spots against Panama, Haiti, Curaçao, then one of Honduras, Costa Rica, or Jamaica then face a South American country like Colombia, Chile, or Uruguay.

    This right here x1000

  5. 6 minutes ago, red card said:

    You're assuming Canada has a very good chance for the 3 auto berths. But in reality, that is not the case.

    I would say in the HEX, Canada is realistically playing for 1.5 spots vs 1 in the 7-35 playdown. Non-Canadian Concacaf watchers would say Canada is playing for 0.5 spot in the HEX since Canada hasn't demonstrated in the past 30 years of being a top 3 in the region.

    In the HEX, Canada has out do Honduras, Jamaica & CR but not everything is under our control since results against Mexico & US come into play.

    In the playdowns, it's likely vs Curacao, Panama & Haiti. And it's all under Canada's control but it also means less forgiveness if there is a major stumble.

    We arent playing for 1 spot in the 7 to 35, we’re playing for 0.5 sports and basically 0.1 spots if drawn against south america. 

    Also the historical top 3 in concacaf which we havent been able to crack is not as strong as it used to be. 

  6. 5 hours ago, N1ckbr0wn said:

    To mimic Spurs I would love to see him in Vancouver being that he’s a Canadian International and we need a striker like Lucas who can finish.... Sporting KC leaves me puzzled though as it’s a decent step down to a medium American MLS market

    Perhaps they are offering more money? 

  7. 4 hours ago, SpecialK said:

     Totally agree . Piette is not  dynamic enough and he hurts the offence. When Eustaquio came on, we were able to control the midfield better and he was making better passes out, he was able to open the game up. Piette is a really good MLS player.

    He has his role in international football too though. Our tactics Oct 15 really suited his style as a destroyer. This Friday not so much. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, nolbertos said:

    Always Canada relying on other results, nothing changes.  El Salvador got lucky on that goal, but the football gods would rather El Salvador be in the Hex than us.  TBH, If El Salvador ever get a quality striker they should be 3rd best in CONCACAF.  They missed so many chances in the 1st half.  And the way they protect the ball and make good passes, which Canada would incorporate more of that style in our game.

    Not sure how you can watch that and come to the conclusion el salvador is one striker away from being third in Concacaf

  9. 3 minutes ago, VinceA said:

    We've had two windows to schedule friendlies to widen the defender pool yet Herdman and the CSA haven't done so and as a result guys like Didic and Zator can't get any game time. What a joke. How are we supposed to integrate them, Cordova and others if they can't see the field?

    And now the March Friendly window is really us trying to play to win to pick up points so would we be willing to try out new guys if the friendlies arent realllly friendlies and more must wins?

  10. 8 hours ago, SkuseisLoose said:

    I know everyone freaking out but really I think we were just outclassed on the night. I don’t think we need to throw the whole team or even make to many changes. Borjan is still better then Crepeau. I don’t even think he made a mistake tonight and it’s hard to blame him for the goals because are defence fell apart on each one. Eustaqio looked good when he came on and I think Cornelius showed he should be paired with Vitoria. I also think tonight has shown Davies shouldn’t play LB for us and the RB spot is still very much up for grabs.

    Borjan couldve done better on the second goal. No need to commit to challenge the player moving away from goal leaving the entire net open for a crossed tap in. 

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