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  1. quote:Originally posted by forthegoodofthegame

    I hope sportsnet won't be blocked for overseas viewers, because it's not up on the board of games on myp2p.eu. Any other ideas because CBC online is always blocked and there is a good chance sportsnet will be also.


    i heard justin.tv will be showing the match

  2. quote:Originally posted by michaeltfc91

    I'm still not satisfied. A game like this being at home and the first in the semi final round should be on all sportsnet channels. Plus there should be a 1 hour pre game show and a 1 hour post game show. There's only the 2 hour game and its back to the highly entertaining sport of baseball

    as much as i like to see that.. its a little bit too much to ask for.. rogers owns the jays and the jays will draw more viewers than this wcq game.. sportsnet actually did a lot by opening up 2 of its channels to show this game after we bombarded them with complaints

  3. quote:Originally posted by Jamit

    Did you even turn on the TV this morning?

    This sorta comment is exactly what FreeKick was going on about in the Canada vs. China thread. The women like playing direct football and it is what they have been taught for years. It is all they know. As noted by Grizzly, the new coach is going to have a tough time of it getting the current players to change.

    i know the canadain women played direct football... i was referring to the american woman playing more of a possesion style game... i said if canada played more of a possesion style game they would have stood a better chance then playing the dirext style they displayed this morning

  4. quote:Originally posted by youllneverwalkalone

    I really don't know what I'm talking about here because I don't follow the women's game but when two 4th division sides match up, the style of football -particularly in northern countries- is bound to be much more direct. You get the ball down and play it because you can't really pass or dribble with any consistency. Why do people think the women can be successful playing a 1st division style, with 4th division players?

    the us played a possession style and they were not that much better than canada.. i think canada had the better players and had they played a possesion game, would have been able to win.. also women may be comapred to 4th division players.. but they are playing against other women(4th division players)so a possesion game is possible because the opposition is just as skilled

  5. quote:Originally posted by Keegan

    60 000 isn't unlikely. Remember they sold out for u19 girls. All this team needs is to build a little buzz

    very true although there is an oilers game on that night on tsn so that can't help the walk up..however if canada is still in the hunt for qualification a very good crowd can be expected... at least sportsnet will have an open time slot to show the game in ontario?

  6. quote:Originally posted by Keegan

    De guzman is fine. There was an article posted that said that Deportivo didn't want to over work the muscle.

    Deportivo doctor said that the achilles is fully healed but they don't want to overwork it and they know that he is going to be playing 90 for Canada so no use in overworking it vs. a team like Hajduk.

    interesting.. they only ended up tieing hajduk in spain.. they will need a result in croatia in order to advance and that game is aug 28... if julian plays it will be a busy time for him as the honduras game is soon after

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