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  1. i heard justin.tv will be showing the match
  2. more than 50% jamaican support.. ill believe that when i see it.. who were his "sources"
  3. as much as i like to see that.. its a little bit too much to ask for.. rogers owns the jays and the jays will draw more viewers than this wcq game.. sportsnet actually did a lot by opening up 2 of its channels to show this game after we bombarded them with complaints
  4. any highlights of Friends first B1 goal?
  5. is the game scheduled for 5 30 pm et as the article says?
  6. i know the canadain women played direct football... i was referring to the american woman playing more of a possesion style game... i said if canada played more of a possesion style game they would have stood a better chance then playing the dirext style they displayed this morning
  7. the us played a possession style and they were not that much better than canada.. i think canada had the better players and had they played a possesion game, would have been able to win.. also women may be comapred to 4th division players.. but they are playing against other women(4th division players)so a possesion game is possible because the opposition is just as skilled
  8. hopefully we will get to see our first 2008 wcq live on sportsnet ontario then
  9. are the blue jays scheduled to play that night?
  10. womens soccer in canada has a much greater advantage in qualifying for events like this because most countries around the world dont care for womens soccer
  11. very true although there is an oilers game on that night on tsn so that can't help the walk up..however if canada is still in the hunt for qualification a very good crowd can be expected... at least sportsnet will have an open time slot to show the game in ontario?
  12. selling out a week before the actual game seems likea good accomplishment to me, montreal is close to selling out as well.. now all thats left is edmonton but 60 000 is highly unlikely
  13. interesting.. they only ended up tieing hajduk in spain.. they will need a result in croatia in order to advance and that game is aug 28... if julian plays it will be a busy time for him as the honduras game is soon after
  14. speaking of injuries ive read in several articles that de guzman was nursing an achilles injury and only played the last 15 mins in deportivos draw in yesterdays uefa cup... will he be fit for wednesday?
  15. i think he moved to michigan(why he wanted to move from dallas to toronto) from ethiopia and played for the us u17 team.. i never heard anything about jamaica
  16. the rpb also have some 500 seats in the south end as well
  17. does the jamaican stadium have a cycling track around the running track?
  18. haha tru my mistake i was referring to jonathen
  19. julian is not yet 21 so even though he played for the dutch u21 team he can still choose to play for another country if he wishes
  20. the game is also being shown on gol tv i believe http://www.livesoccertv.com/channels/goltv-canada/
  21. according to the rpb forum gol tv is also showing the game live.. i wonder if it will be their own feed or sportsnets' feed http://www.livesoccertv.com/channels/goltv-canada/
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