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  1. I'd love to see a Henry Vitoria pairing against Cuba as well.
  2. Guess that international break is much needed for him.
  3. If FIFA Rankings are the only acceptable way to seed teams for WCQ then CONCACAF really needs to somehow address allowing non FIFA members into Gold Cup and Nations League. There just isn't a level playing field if teams are playing one maybe two games a tournament against non FIFA opponents.
  4. We still should have been playing friendlies to develop as a cohesive unit and bring in different sets of players to test out their full abilities. This still isn't an excuse for one friendly in 18 months. If the CSA's logic was "we're already guarantted the hex so we don't need to play any friendlies" then that was flat out wrong. Friendlies should have been played regardless.
  5. Hope hutch recovers. His time with the MNT is coming to an end, perhaps a friendly in the next year or so in Toronto as his send off match. Players like MAK and Eustáquio waiting in the wings to step into his roll.
  6. If anything I believe this is the first call in 2 years Larin has earned. He was getting called riding the pine at Beisktas for 2 years, now he's actually consistently starting at a good club level.
  7. Vittoria is playing quality minutes in a good league. He can still help us during nations league and wcq. Straith is at a lower level and not getting as many minutes lately so i agree with you on that one.
  8. No davies at fullback IMO, not with 4 actual fullbacks listed on our roster. Now is the time to see if those 4 can cut it.
  9. CSA have included Davies as a Forward in all social media reveals of the roster. Not like thats a guarantee or anything but may be a hint.
  10. Will eustaqio be fully fit for USA game? Also James is an interesting one, I wonder if Herdman doesn't rate him. I dont think you can play Straith and Vittoria as a pairing as they would get torched for speed. All in all though, not a bad roster.
  11. we already have a thread on this? "possible roster for Cuba"
  12. what time should we expect the roster announcement?
  13. Awesome. Well deserved. Now he has to put in a good showing against Cuba.
  14. Potentially Teibert or johnson from the gold cup roster. Or if osorio is held back due to tfc having games sept 7th and 11th while fighting for a playoff spot. Also piette is dealing with injury and may be left off.
  15. To cap him you dont necessarily need to drop someone from the best 23. You just give a guy an international break off against cuba.
  16. The bluebombers werent signatory to the contract with the nfl, the promoters were. This wont fall on the bluebombers. The promotor knew full well modifications needed to be made to get a cfl field to nfl field. It was their responsibility to do so safley and they failed. It wasn't the blue bombers responsibility to provide a safe nfl field. EDIT: i stand corrected, my apologies lofty. Looks like bluebombers may be open to some repercussions. Bombers CEO quoted below. "Our operations staff have done an amazing job in turning our field from football to soccer, now to an NFL
  17. The return leg is still being played behind closed doors in san pedro sula(not olimpias home town)correct? If so huge plus for forge as that takes out the hostile crowd. Also good thing its not being played at high noon like some past wcq games.
  18. Blue bombers have absolutely nothing to do with the event(and rightfully so, cfl teams shouldnt be paying appearance fees to nfl teams to play in canada). Its the promotor “on ice entertainment” on the hook for everything. They were the ones signatory to the contract with the nfl, the bombers dont even own the stadium.
  19. Not really mind blowing. We have a lot of depth on the wings. Someone is going to have to be the first offensive sub off the bench. As others have stated, it wont be david or davies(assuming he isnt playing LB) so it may be Hoilett. I’m not saying he should absolutely come off the bench, but to suggest that he could be that guy isnt mind blowing.
  20. Wouldnt mine him moving to a sub role coming on at the 60th minute for canada. Start davies on the wing, adekugbe, zbg ot cordova at LB.
  21. How was Welshman treated? I'm assuming same scenario as him?
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