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  1. This is why you have friendlies to rotate and test squads. Also one of wotherspoon and johnson was fine, not both. So vitoria and cornelius at CB vs the states?
  2. Disappointing akindele and cordova dont get a start. Hopefully they make sub appearances.
  3. The only thing is we’d be playing for half a spot. If Concacaf is drawn against South America i want no part of that. If Concacaf is drawn against Oceania, well then now missing the hex doesnt seem so bad.
  4. Thought cuba relaxed those rules and let players play abroad, but i guess its on a case by case basis.
  5. Where does Curaçao factor in? Weren't they nipping at our heels?
  6. Dont look now but panama down by 1 to bermuda.
  7. We’ll definitely see a couple of changes, but not full squad rotation. As Nam alluded to, point differential matters and we cant afford any hiccup in the Caribbean.
  8. I actually thought he looked pretty good when he came on last night. Some great touches and layoffs setting up at least one goal. Similar to what hes doing in belgium now, great hold up play in the build up to his teams goals while they keep winning.
  9. Not to mention a guy like Jonas Valenciunas who has suited up for his country 13 summers in a row. There are quite a few committed South American or European NBA players. I think the problem is more with North American NBA players vs NBA players in general.
  10. Interesting article, if he did fetch $20M euros that would make him our most expensive transfer beating out Davies at $18.75M.
  11. His transfer value just keeps going up. Surely Gent will look to cash in at the end of the season, if not sooner.
  12. There are only so many international games. Every national team has this problem. France, Brazil, Germany all have their "depth" players switching allegiances to get a taste of the international game. If those countries can't prevent depth players from switching we surely won't be able to either. Losing B and C guys is going to become more common in the future as our depth increases, as is the case for stronger international sides. Also yes Telfer MAY have been a fringe callup, but chances are slim to none that he sees the field. Maybe he wanted to be a regular out and out first 11 starter, wh
  13. There is a difference between establishing yourself at Barcelona and Liverpool vs York9. Would you be content if Millar and Tabla moved to the CPL and featured regularly, would that warrant a callup vs their current situations? Furthermore, Tabla has not been called up since his he hasn't featured regularly. Millar is playing regularly in the SPL. Who is getting an easy pass? Surely not Millar as he has been a regular feature in the SPL, lets also not forget Millar wasn't even in the first 23, rather a replacement. For this cycle the person who was called and given an easy pass was
  14. I dont agree with this. Millar is 5 years younger, with a higher ceiling playing at a higher level currently. Telfer is just a victim of our deepening player pool. He's so far down the pecking order, he did what was best for his career. We only have so many spots. We harp on some of our other duel nationals playing 1 or 2 games for another country and wasting their international career, there is a strong possibility that is what would have happened to Telfer if he played for us.
  15. David has scored twice in the first half. Gent up 3-1
  16. Larin starting at CF for Waregem. Edit. West Ham best me to it!
  17. Interesting Cav was called up in the first place given his wife was expecting. Maybe the due date changed? You’d he would’ve declined the call up before accepting then pulling out?
  18. Hopefully the bulk of the squad doesnt defect within that 5 year timeframe.
  19. Elva starts, Straith on the bench, as is Davies.
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