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  1. Arfield stays on the bench in a 2-0 loss.
  2. not starting in the league now not starting in Europe which he was doing in the past. not good.
  3. Apbsmith just provided facts discrediting your statement that France “steal their players”. 22 of 23 players were born in France. Thats not stealing players. You followed up with an article confirming all the players were born in France to African parents. In no way is France stealing players. Regardless not sure what this all has to do with Arfield who isnt even playing regularly for Rangers.
  4. To be fair their english players looked terrible at home.
  5. Match at home in october against panama is huge. Need to knock them off.
  6. Lol. Usmnt seems like a dumpster fire right now. If they dont win in Honduras its going to explode.
  7. Did you see our all out attacking lineup and how that played out against Honduras? We need to win the midfield first.
  8. I think two ties and a mexico win. Mexico running the table(except against us) and other teams tieing would be great for us. Lets be honest, number 1 is going to Mexico. We have 2.5 spots for 7 teams. EDIT: this got me thinking. When the heck is the inter continental playoff draw?
  9. I hate on Doneil a lot, but credit deserved, he was a stud ln.
  10. Have to say. Through the first two rounds all the results we have not been involved in gave gone our way.
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