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  1. You dont think wed finish ahead of honduras jamaica or costa rica one out of every 5 times? id place money on that.
  2. When the heck is the intercontinental draw? They havent even announced a date. Would be nice if we knew who we would play before March friendlies. If its Oceania then missing the hex aint all that bad, if its South America everybody panic.
  3. onesoccer will be a regular tv channel on the dial by the next gold cup. They wont be offering up the rights to another tv channel
  4. We outshot them and out possessed them. Shoudve been a draw at least.
  5. No changes. Dont we have 6 subs? I guess herdman think these guys are our best chance?
  6. Onesoccer is working to be a listed channel for cable subscribers. It wont be online only by the next gold cup.
  7. Saw on twitter that Porto offered 6m euros and were rejected.
  8. He did great in the build up. Made a run cutting inside at half all the way to the 18 yd box, give and go and finish.
  9. Csa website streaming games 2 and 3.
  10. I'm assuming they would've kept the roster at 26, just drop some of the experimental players for Cav, Johnson Kaye etc.
  11. Interesting. Which players were asked to be released?
  12. Wasnt Herdman on record saying they would be looking for friendlies in March?
  13. Canadians will turn up against the Worlds elite, but not necessarily to support the MNT. A lot of those who show up for marquee opponents are there to see in person the football elites, not cheer on the MNT.
  14. We arent playing for 1 spot in the 7 to 35, we’re playing for 0.5 sports and basically 0.1 spots if drawn against south america. Also the historical top 3 in concacaf which we havent been able to crack is not as strong as it used to be.
  15. Hoilett misses a penalty in the 49th and gets subbed out in the 67th. His replacement nets the tying goal.
  16. Really strong game from Cav tn after he was invisible for us last friday. To be fair over half the team was invisible.
  17. David SCORES in injury time. One goal and one assist but Gent lose 3-2
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