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  1. Arfield, Johnson and Davies OUT of the squad. Miller, Fraser and Chapman IN. So what the hell happened with Alphonso here? Damn, that's a real bummer.. almost predictable it's so depressing.
  2. Well we haven’t had confirmation that anyone is injured yet, even from their clubs. How about ZBG? Why wasn’t he dressed for MTL? Edit: Kamal Miller has been called as per Twitter.
  3. Petrasso vs Kaye is the perfect example of the margins in football. Both players had their MNT breakthrough with OZ, starting with their U23 call to Qatar. Headed into the 2017 Gold Cup Kaye is a USL player while Petrasso has played League 1/Championship level. In the tournament Petrasso plays out of position at RB and is a key player on the MNT while Kaye sees some time playing in central midfield. Fast forward to 2018 and both players transfer to MLS sides. Both immediately see time with Petrasso being used at RB (presumably because he's playing there with Canada) and Kaye playing a natural role at CM. Now we know where the story goes and one is a relative star in MLS and the other just signed for Valour. I have no doubt Petrasso could play in MLS, it's crazy he never got a shot in his natural position even once. This is a nice pick up for CPL on the back of the De Jong news.
  4. Well actually he had played in friendlies at least. Edgar had just been on trials. I’d argue he’s probably more “in season” than the others called.
  5. That is just for a friendly match vs Suriname. Guyana will be playing Belize for the final qualifier.
  6. I think it was just a convenient excuse to give O’Neil another shot for the time being.
  7. I can’t believe he hasn’t been called. Anyone know the reason? His club team won’t play for another few weeks and he even has a teammate going into camp with Costa Rica.
  8. Alright, the first 3 names I can agree with but really? Roldan would not start for the current Canada team. I'm not sure Schalke, Chelsea, Toronto FC and Seattle are much bigger clubs than Bayern Munich, Besiktas, Rangers and Cardiff. Yes, they definitely have a lot more international experience and reputation. I think if we played more games we could grow our reputation as well, but we don't seem interested. Believe it or not we do come close. Yes, the USA edges us in midfield .. especially if you use common sense and replace Roland with Adams. But it's not "we don't even come close".
  9. I took Herdmans comments to mean that we might see Johnson/MAK tried at fullback. I think he knows he has the players he can rely on in the middle already, especially with Eustaquio in the near future so I think he wants to see who can adapt out of that group.
  10. Ryan Brandt is a Winnipeg writer who has some insider knowledge. Seems to be a formula of the league that they have insiders dropping hints. Could be wrong of course but that’s the writing on the wall I see.
  11. It’s looking likely that he has signed for Valour. I was sort of thinking he might end up in Halifax or pacific with his cmnt connections. My hope for him is that he gets his feet wet in CPL and then heads a KWU CPL bid as a franchise player and maybe even a Simpson/Friend type role.
  12. That was arguably the biggest game in the world for this week, I’m not surprised they didn’t throw him in. What if things don’t go well? What if he had a few poor touches? He and his coach would be crucified. Bringing on Renato Sanches was the right call.. the guy is young but has played in a European final and has a lot more experience.
  13. Looks bad on the whole league to be honest. It would be one thing if he was in his early 20s but the guy is 30 and has never played pro. He probably won’t even play but I’m thinking Cavalry is going to be my pick for the basement.
  14. They will be on international break as well so it’s not like he would miss games. Edgar meanwhile will be missing what will be just his 3rd match of the season..
  15. Actually I’m almost certain he is a left footed player, which could be a huge advantage to him depending on the side the others play.
  16. I mean it would be cool if we employed a little common sense for once. Wow, just imagine a two match window with FG and Guatemala.. in Canadian soccer terms we would be spoiled. A two match home window? That hasn’t happened in almost a decade. Would doing this in the future not SAVE us money and time? We can move more tickets and we aren’t flying guys around the world to sit on the bench. Is there something I’m missing?
  17. 1) Edgar has never been our best player or even top 5. 2) That injury was at 29 in 2016. It is now 2019.. if he hasn’t reached his previous level yet then it’s not gonna happen.
  18. They’ve all been cookie cutter. The 2012 red kit was probably our most “creative”. It was a plain red kit but had our anthem sound waves sewn in. That’s about as “bespoke” as we get.
  19. To be fair why would Nike care what we wear when we don’t play matches? This partnership has been a big disappointment up until now. Basically Nike has our two marketable stars in Davies and Sinclair and we get....? No matches and probably our worst kit ever (which is really hard to accomplish). Are we being trolled? How do we always manage to pick the worst kit ever? Does the CSA not have a say? If this came across my desk I would laugh and throw it back in their face. Nike put about x10000 the time in making their promo video than they did for these kits.
  20. I think you’re giving a little too much credit there even. Is it understandable because he’s called Edgar before? If that’s the case we should have called Jakovic ahead of Edgar. As you said, Hainault being captain of FCK is a big deal. For a team that bemoans their lack of central defenders it’s shocking to call someone who has played one match all year in the English 5th division. Hainault has probably played more matches in the past 2 months than Edgar has in the last 2 years. In a must win game I would want him in there if we were running thin at the back. Hainault CMNT wise is also our most experienced defender despite being out of the team for a while and only being a year older than Edgar. He’s been involved in 3 qualifying cycles and 4 gold cups. Edgar has been in 2 cycles and 3 gold cups, which is the same as Straith who is 3 years younger. I suspect these guys are being viewed as “old news” and they’re disposable for Herdman to play favourites with Edgar for now. But it’s bullshit because you know that if we discovered a German centre back captaining his team at the 3rd division who had a Canadian grandparent they would be “new and shiny” and we would be all over calling them and there would be an insta video etc.
  21. Edgar shouldn't be called at this time. Herdman threw him a bone March 2018 and then another in November and now yet another after one match in the English 5th division? Not a surprise that our Geordie manager would favour Edgar but you need to draw a line somewhere. Even if you want to play the angle that Edgar is there to be a veteran presence it doesn't work. Guys like Straith and Hainault are just as capable at playing that role and they're playing at higher levels.
  22. My thoughts as well! What a dream first pro goal.
  23. Now he's in a position where he is directly comparable to guys like Henry, Jakovic and Cornelius. I'd say one thing that may be going against him is the fact that the match is in Vancouver, it makes it even easier to stick with the status quo and call Cornelius and Henry. Last squad we called up Cornelius, Henry, James and Edgar for centre backs. I think he easily beats out Edgar for a call at this point if we assume the other 3 are locks.
  24. Buchanan on for his pro debut vs Columbus in the 81st. Has looked lively.
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