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  1. Out of the gate, I personally think Atmopshere is important. If the Fury want to full the place, they will need casual fans and also those that follow the Euro game. Even if hte Fury were really good, but the atmopshere sucked, all the people who watch the Premier League wouldnt want to go to an NASL match cause Georgetown Pub would have a better atmosphere on a Sunday Morning when ManU or Liverpool are playing. On the otherhand, if the atmophsere is there in year one, but the Fury were really bad, people will remember how great the atmosphere was more than the result. By year 2 and
  2. Azorean heritage? Not sure if his ties to the Azores versus Portugal is that relevant? The Azores had no settlement until the Portuguese arrived in the mid-1400's. It wasnt until the 1500's that a real society was developed, around the same time Brazil was first colonized. Before that, there was nobody in the Azores. In otherwords, "Azorean's" are of Portuguese Heritage from the Azores. If your of "Azorean heritage" or "Portuguese heritage", its basically one in the same. Even if this player had historical ties to the Azores, any connections he feels to the "old country" would be to Port
  3. Japan has a deep team. While a lot of their starting line-up comes from Europe, they can field a mean J-league based side. I've watched the J-league before, and it seems they are a much better quality league than MLS, minus the DP's. I just dont see Kimura making that line-up. Not even on the bench. The top 4-league sides can probably enough talent ful the A team bench, plus the B team without them having to take Kimura.
  4. Actually that would be pretty neat. I live downtown now, so its easier for me to get places. I'm more interested in where they watch the World Cup. The WC vibe in Ottawa has been pretty tame lately, even in Little Italy! Where do the Portuguese community watch soccer? In my five years in Ottawa
  5. I've only been following the development of the Fury casually, from online basically, and occassionally attending a few events here are there. For all intensive purposes, I'm less a supporter, more a casual fan +, which implies I follow them more than 90% of Ottawa Soccer fans, and I find it pretty difficult to get excited about the Fury. I lived in Toronto back in 2006, the year before TFC entered the league, and you cant walk anywhere downtown without knowing that MLS is coming to Canada. The only marketing they've done outside of Social Media, has been a guy calling around wi
  6. Significant Azorean community in the National Capital Region? That's news to me... I live in Ottawa, have been here for five years, and the only Portuguese people I know are Civil Servants that moved here for work, mostly from Toronto. I grew up in Toronto, which has the largest Azorean community outside of the Azores. A lot of my childhood friends were Portuguese, but also had family in Montreal, which has a decent sized community of there own. Its not a scientific sample, but none of them have family in Ottawa. I only know of ONE Portuguese bakery on the Ottawa side (Called the Li
  7. Rolls eyes at "Ottawa-based Impact Ultras"... they all from the Gatineau side? Only Impact jersey I've seen in town was from a kid shopping with his mom at Costco . I still tend to see more TFC jerseys than any other in Ottawa. Back to the Fury, their has been a few mentions of "depending on how they market it"... Yet, I havent seen much in terms of marketing. Occassionally, I get a call from OSL asking me to commit to Seasons Tickets (same guy all the time). Since I'm interested, I have a million questions about the team and his response has always been "sorry man, I dont know much
  8. I don't disagree with you, I think you bring up some valid points about Nelson's coaching style. But these problems you have identified, mainly, TFC's lack of discipline in keeping there shape, have been on-going problems that no coach has been able to solve. Even Winters, with his rigid style had a difficult time getting TFC to hold their shape. At times, Winters 4-3-3 formation looked like like a 9-1-0 formation. For a short period (spanning 4-5 matches), Preki was able to get TFC to hold their shape, but then again Preki was all about defence first. Not hard to hold your shape wh
  9. Its anecdotal, but my spouse is from Montreal. Before we moved to Ottawa, more and more of her friends from highs chool and CEGEP began moving to Toronto because of the huge gap in pay between the two cities. It costs more to live in Toronto, but the significantly higher pay makes it worth while from a cost-benefit stand point. About half of them are blue collar types, ie: construction, plumbing/electrician, and others are professionals. The higher labour costs, along with land value likely contribute to the higher cost of BMO Field. To illustrate my point, I live in Ottawa-Gatineau
  10. My twitter account exploded with "accident near BMO Field" ... I suspect that's why the attendence was spotty in the beginning. I got better towards in the 2nd half.. I didnt hear a peep from Impact supporters... but TFC supporters were pretty lame too. They did in fact grow pretty loud towards the end of the match... In fact, it was AFTER the Impact scored that TFC got loud. Its been so long since TFC's last win that we don't know how to react when leading... once Impact tied it up... "ahhh, now we chant!"
  11. Bringing the forum back on topic... The comparison you lay-out is really comparing apples and oranges, which makes it an illogical start to what you hoped to be a logical argument. Toronto is in its 7th season, , this is a side that has been horrible on the pitch. The fact that the supporters group are still there in respectable numbers on the south side indicates a very loyal, dare I say "hard core" group, and this is an adjective that supporters all around MLS tend to agree with. Going back to a fair comparison... lets look at the numbers Toronto had in Year 1 and 2 (2007 and
  12. Its true, but a rebuilding "big 4" Mexican side is still a class above MLS. Not trying to exaggarate how good the Mexican league is, but this is a league that has sent clubs to the Final in perhaps the 2nd most important regional club tournament in the world (Copa Liberatadores). They are perhaps in the top 5 leagues outside of Europe. They must see something in Avila to pull him out of Guadalajara's "Reserve" team. If they think he'd get no playing time, why bother moving him?
  13. I know this forum is for new players, but I thought it was worth noting that former TFC midfielder Eric Avila is set to make the move from CHIVAS USA, to their "big brother" in Guadalajara. Guadalajara is a big side in Mexico. Their not world beaters, but you have to think this is a significant step up from MLS. Seems like another missed opportunity. TFC didnt bother to resign him, so he entered into the re-entry draft and eventually landed at Chivas. He's only had 13 caps for them, but he's been on the radar the moment he arrived at Chivas Junior. What do you guys think? Did
  14. You make it sound like the Impact didn't know they were moving to MLS. Could have recruited more MLS ready players or brought up more players from the CSL set up.. . Even the Sounders had attempted to integrate at least four players into the MLS line up, not all of them worked out but then again, somr players with MLS experience never worked out for them either. The point is, a true expansion like TFC or the Philadelphia Union didn't have that same opportunity to use the final NASL year as an extended trial period... Whether the impact took full advantage of that is not the issu
  15. Wow, you obviously missed the point. I'm not gonna argue with you about how bad Lombardo was. For a striker to not score on two seasons despite getting starts.... your preaching to the choir here. The point was this, that despite the smaller talent pool in Canada, they are willing to invest and take the chance on youth players. Anybody can go to Italy or Latin America to look for aging players or diamonds in the rough.... ... for every Lombardo type player there are Canadian players that might have talent but were never given a real shot. The only MLS club that seems willing to
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