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  1. Here is a story related to Junior's pre-season training in Spain. He is rocking a Team Canada training shirt: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/6669417/cardiff-city-junior-hoilett-steps-up-pre-season-preparations-and-insists-the-bluebirds-can-make-impact-in-premier-league/
  2. I share your suspicions on his commitment going forward. OZ made a trip to Uruguay to discuss playing for the CMNT prior to the Gold Cup. Perhaps the linguistic bond between the two helped in the decision too. I hope Lucas stays committed to the cause as I feel that we need his quality. It would be very very poor on his part if he walked away. Apart from his rapport with Osorio, how did he get along with the rest of the team?
  3. I was impressed to the hilt by Kevin McKenna's contribution. I find it incredulous that he did not start in the recent WCQs. He is an impact player. Is Serioux higher on the depth chart?
  4. Was de Jong even used on Sunday's match? According to the CSA website scorecard, he did not play.
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