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  1. Awesome news since I am an Arsenal supporter. http://www.tsn.ca/soccer/story/?id=289803
  2. Suprising to see FIFA.com interview a CSL player: http://www.fifa.com/worldfootball/clubfootball/news/newsid=1096130.html#agourram+firing+attak+ammunition
  3. Razcle, I sent you a cheque today. Therefore, you will probably get it on monday. Cheers
  4. I think if greater Canadian expansion occurs in the MLS (Ex. Montreal and Ottawa) there is the potential for overseas players to become Canadian citizens and represent our country (pending if they want/wish to do so). However, I do not foresee this happening any time soon just due to time constraints and the lack of Canadian teams currently in the MLS.
  5. No. David Monsalve plays for Inter Turku. Stephen Ademolu plays for FK Ekranas (Lithuania). However, both of these players teams were eliminated in the 2nd qualifying round. Therefore, Atiba Hutichson is the only Canada that I know of still in the Champions League.
  6. Sure we live in what you would call a global village. However, there is something more important when it comes representing a nation in soccer: National Pride. If a player makes appearances for multiple nations, then you have got to question their allegiances/effort to the nations that they have played for.
  7. Looks like Beckham got fined $1000 for his actions according to this TSN article: http://www.tsn.ca/soccer/story/?id=285612 Geez, I wonder how in world Beckham will be able to pay his $1000 fine[].
  8. Actually, I have found James Sharman and the score's coverage of Canadian soccer as of late to be fantastic. As a matter of fact, Sharman had a segment where he brings time in the past where canada has been screwed by concacaf officating, including this years gold cup, the infamous incident against the americans in the last gold cup, and even mentions the slip called a penalty during 2006 WCQ against Honduras at Commonwealth.
  9. I'm in for 2. Personally, I like the current design.
  10. I think a major reason why some members of the media attack soccer in North America is the element of culture shock. In the case of most North American pro sports, spectators have the mentality that "I paided big money, so entertain me and I will cheer if we score." In contrast to this perspective, many soccer fans hold the belief that they are part of the game (somewhat like a 12th man). They want their presence to be felt by the away team. Since the soccer fanbase behaves differently from the status quo, the media feels threatened by it.
  11. As much as I despise Manchester United (Forest for life), it would be pretty neat if they won the EPL title, champions league, and fa cup (all of which there are still competing). Already won the carling cup (English league title) and the club world championship, they could potential win 5 titles in one season. Do you think this is possible?
  12. This loss is tough to swallow, but montreal has a lot to be pride about. I think its safe to say that not many of us felt they would make it beyond the group stage of the champions league (They weren't even a shoo-in for being the canadian representive). While I hoped that montreal could have progressed further into this tournament, I also am optimistic that their excellent performance in this tournament can garner more media attention and exposure to club soccer in canada.
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