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  1. Oh, and I was unable to get down to the stadium today, but did watch most of the game on television. What a disheartening and frustrating performance by the boys in white. If you're looking for a scapegoat, you have to go higher than Soehn. This catastrophe has the letter "L" written all over it.
  2. What many (even Vancouverites) don't understand is that BC Place was NOT renovated for the BC Lions and the Whitecaps. The two teams, together, will use the place a maximum of 30 times annually. The stadium has been (and will continue to be) used over 200 days annually. Thus, the Whitecaps/Lions use of the stadium will account for, at most, 15% of annual usage. That's why those of you arguing that a SSS could have been built for much less are dealing in non sequiturs. The BC government was faced with the issue of either refurbishing, or building new, a multi-purpose facility for which professi
  3. The stars continue to align for Canada. Group A results leave the 3rd-place team--N. Korea--with only 2 points. Combined with the fact that the 3rd=place team in Group B--Argentina--has only 3 points, and that the top 4 third-place finishers move on--as minimal win for us tomorrow puts us through to the next round!
  4. With Japan defeating Argentina and France and Jamaica ended in a draw, the 3rd-place team in Group B--Argentina--has only 3 points. (Remember that any victory for us tomorrow gets us to 4 points. We only need only other 3rd-place team to have 3 points or fewer now. And we have to win, of course). Group A's games are about to be played: Mexico-Netherlands, and Congo/North Korea. We are looking for BOTH the Dutch and the N. Koreans to get a draw at most.
  5. I've said it before (and was criticized for it) but our best XI does NOT include Knight and Nolly.
  6. Fair enough! I remember those threads and was delighted when BMO went to natural grass. If there was some way we could pick up Swangard's pitch and drop it right at the middle of [T]Empire. When TFC was here [Vancouver] last year for the Nutrilite game, I was down on the field surface as the teams were warming up, and asked one of TFC's coaches what he thought of the surface. "Immaculate", was his response. I thank the poster above for the Keller comment. I'll add that to the file. Does anybody know what the VWFC top brass thinks about the whole artificial turf issue? Are they resign
  7. Watching a game on that stuff takes away so much of the pleasure. The ball is continually bouncing, when the ball is played along the carpet it sticks, and it causes too many injuries. I can't believe that we're going to have to watch another 5+ years (at least) of the 'Caps playing on this ****e. The SSS, with natural grass, can not come soon enough for me.
  8. Mullen should be suspended for a at least five games. Just before he made the tackle he was involved in a play in which he thought he was fouled. He was out looking for blood--and he got it! Ugly!
  9. I agree with you and Bearcat as well. The other area of concern that I see for the 'Caps is in goal. There's a reason Nolly couldn't get an MLS game the last three years. Nolly looked weak on the DeRo goal and on several occasions was caught flat-footed and on his line. That will cost the 'Caps dearly down the line. When is Cannon supposed to be healthy?
  10. Just spoke with someone who spoke with Leo a couple of days ago. Leo told him, "we [Chicago] are bad, but TFC is much worse."
  11. Hmmm...a lot of myths being trumpeted as fact around these here parts. How could Pope John Paul II's mass, held in September of 1984 have been the first event held in a stadium that was built for the Whitecaps and Lions and opened in June 1983? The first event was a match between the Whitecaps and Seattle Sounders, which was played on June 20, 1983. How do I know? I was there alongside my brother as we had each purchased season's tickets for the via the BcYSA. The cost? $40 for each of us for the season. It came out to less than $4/match, iirc. Oh, and I'm not sure if it was the mayor--J
  12. I know quite a bit about the situation and maybe I'll elaborate a bit later. I'll also seek, through my connections, to get an exclusive interview with Dasovic. A couple of things, however. Regarding the National Post article linked to above, the writer makes a ridiculous assertion: that because Dasovic is a "players' coach" that he must be feather soft. Anyone who knows anything about coaching understands that there are many different ways of being a players' coach, only one of which requires the coach to be feather soft. The players respect Dasovic because he is a no bull**** type of g
  13. I was looking for something else on Youtube (is there really a tiger nursing bear cubs?), and happened to see this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vvivHQ8wRU&feature=sub
  14. TFC is screwed; how can you even think of getting a result when the other team has Jesus on its side?
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