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  1. 16 minutes ago, SpecialK said:

    Oh please, people are here were saying he was crap and not worthy of call when he was playing for Leixões S.C. and Chaves. Go back and look, I was saying call him up fast because Portugal might call him, he was playing for Portugal youth national team at that time. 
    I was one the first on here to show highlights of him when he was playing for Leixoes. I was so happy he chose us. Then most on here was saying oh he’s not as good Piette and shouldn’t start. 
    There is a huge bias on North America based players. Why because supporters don’t watch, it’s sad. We have a lot of good talented playing in Europe and they get ignored by fans and by the CSA

    Please go find all these negative posts you’re referring to and post them here.

  2. 48 minutes ago, SpecialK said:

    Yes most of you hate me or think I’m stupid but I swear some of you are just Plain dense in the head,  Baldisimo a better player? No disrespect to Baldisimo, he’s young player with good potential. But he plays on a horrible team with no midfielders. Also Yankov is a different kind of player he’s a attacking midfielder not a box to box or DM. Yankov Plays and starts on the best team in Bulgaria and plays against Champion and Europa league level teams. I love how you idiots downgraded him because he doesn’t play in North America or a known team. Borjan played for the same team as Yankov oh wait he must be **** and max is better because he plays in MLS. Yankov would have made our senior team before 2022 and made a huge impact off the bench or starting. He’s young and super talented and will be with a even more establish club soon. For God sakes people watch the games. Most games you can stream. Educate yourselves! It’s Embarrassing! 


    Oh the irony.

  3. 2 minutes ago, archer21 said:

    I really wish we could have capped him too, but it’s hard to blame Herdman. When Yankov showed what he was capable of, Herdman got him to commit.

    If he would have tried to get him to come to the Iceland friendlies, there’s nothing saying Bulgaria wouldn’t have caught wind of it and stolen him then anyways. And I’m sure everyone would have been chirping at Herdman for calling up a player at Botev to those matches instead of a CPL or MLS player. 

    I don’t think he earned a call to either US game in 2019 but he should been called to the January 2020 camp. I just have a hard time believing he would have accepted at that point.

  4. 16 minutes ago, _Roberto_ said:

    Perhaps re-visiting this thread might be appropriate in light of the direction current "International Friendlies - CONCACAF" thread has taken. How much has the way the CSA operates changed since this thread was started 12 and a half years ago? How many of those who participated in this thread have ridden off into the sunset, after giving up on the CSA? (The zero little "blue hearts" number following their name should answer that question.) I've seen three previous generations ride off into the sunset as well in the years that I have been following soccer in this country, and it will happen again to the current generation of Canadian soccer supporters unless we unite and create enough public pressure to force the necessary changes. The people that frustrate me the most are the ones who accuse me and others who share my point of view as being repetitive and not being very nice. The only thing that is really repetitive in Canadian soccer is the way that the CSA operates, or fails to operate, to be more precise. What do those who criticize me, expect me to do? Do they expect me to change my point of view and suddenly proclaim, "Wow, isn't the CSA doing a GREAT job considering the limited resources they have? NOT ON YOUR EFFING LIFE! Do they expect me to go away and be quite? NOT ON YOUR EFFING LIFE!

    You are repetitive because your posts do absolutely nothing to contribute to what you want to achieve.

  5. 12 minutes ago, N1ckbr0wn said:

    We’re all seemingly forgetting (yet has been posted a couple times in this thread already) that the new FIFA rules still allows him to file his one time switch to us. No need to lock up the thread until that cannot be done. 

    Meh, kid doesn’t want to play for Canada. JH has talked about his players having the passion and pride of representing Canada, this kid doesn’t have that.

  6. Very disappointing to lose a kid who was born and raised in Canada to a seemingly lower quality team. If we were actually playing the games we were supposed to be playing you’d think he would have filed his one time switch. Seems like the only way we could have snagged him was to organize a camp in Europe and considering our limited resources it was a for gone conclusion he was gone.

  7. 41 minutes ago, _Roberto_ said:

    Does anyone know if John Herdman took a cut in pay this year? If not he has to be one of the best-paid coaches in 2020. One million dollars for 3 meaningless friendlies in the span of 8 days ain't too shabby:

    January 07, 2020 - Canada 4–1 Barbados

    January 10, 2020 - Canada 4–1 Barbados

    January 15, 2020 - Canada 0–1 Iceland

    Can't the CSA lay him off due to a shortage of work? Like what's he doing? Mexico is playing the Netherlands in Amsterdam on Wednesday. Why are our European based players not playing a friendly this week?


    Please provide a source for JH’s salary.

  8. 2 hours ago, SpecialK said:

    I Have been pretty positive Hey awesome job on picking out the one post in awhile. It’s an exciting time. You’re incredible incessant ass kissing must be extremely exhausting for you. Unless you get some sick pleasure out of it. Just wondering Do you and the CSA have a safe word ? Is it buzz??

    Hey Buzz if the CSA fires you, for some reason, you should take some screen shots of your posts on here and send them to the Chinese Embassy here in Ottawa. You would make a excellent a wolf warrior Chinese troll. Just an idea for ya here to help :) Hey don’t go away mad, just go away. 

    This is just pathetic. If you can’t take mild criticism of your posts perhaps you should take a time out.

  9. 41 minutes ago, SpecialK said:

    Oh please you kiss the CSA ass daily. They do no wrong. I swear they must pay you. 

    I’m pointing out a huge flaw in the system. What if we didn’t have Davies and or the World Cup 2026. We would probably be talking about oh another talented player to another country. Just look at the rosters of our youth teams for past few years. Barely any European based players and don’t tell me they are not good enough because that’s ********. If we don’t Attract young talented players into our program we run the risk that other countries will scoop them up. CSA has practically relied on MLS academies to fulfill  our youth teams why because they are too lazy, too cheap, not enough qualified people running the program, outside insiders involved. 

    You’re incessant whining is exhausting. Why don’t you try to focus on the positive instead always complaining about the perceived negative?

  10. 32 minutes ago, SpecialK said:

    Its just SO sad how closed minded/living in a box Canadian/North American fans are. If a player is not playing in MLS or tier 1 level club in Europe they must be dogshit! But it’s also the CSA too when it comes to young players. They don’t scout in Europe for u15-u17 players. Now I hope that’s changing but before, It was all MLS Academy players. I don’t get how players like Theo and Dominik and there are others were not playing for the Canada’s youth teams. Yes they played for other nations but that’s the issue why wasn’t CSA there scouting, talking sweet romantic words to them. Making them feel hey we are serious, your gonna play against the best, we are building something special and we are going to youth world cups and The World Cup. It’s just sad. Thank god we are luck they committed to us now. 

    A kid who was playing youth for another country and by all measure was on track for a senior call up for that country has just committed to Canada and you’re shitting on the CSA because it didn’t happen earlier. SMH.

  11. 8 minutes ago, fookisan said:

    Not going to argue with you if you don’t understand that you can’t put a bunch of young players against one of the best team in MLS

    Right, there’s nothing the players could have done better. Are you related to Guitierez?!

  12. 6 minutes ago, fookisan said:

    You can’t blame guti when the coach puts out young inexperience back line and defensive midfielders against LAFC. MDS is the atrocious one 

    MDS is a quality coach who’s had success where ever he’s gone, while also giving Canadians a chance to play.

    I can appreciate that CG may be seeing a larger share of the attack but that’s by design because LAFC identified the weakness. He’s been walked around a few times and his body language is starting to reflect that. And he got completely out muscled by Jako on the first one.

    CG is a young player, hopefully he’ll grow and learn from this.

  13. With a few young guys emerging, some players have a resurgence, some promising dual nationals and the sheer volume of guys getting pro minutes it’s going to be very difficult for JH to choose the best mix for a 23 man roster. The starting 11 may be between about 15 guys but the depth is going to tough to choose! 

    Oh how far we’ve come from Unattached FC just a few short years ago!

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