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  1. 1 minute ago, apbsmith said:

    Perfect, thx for clarification. That's good to know especially as a former player, he will know what players want. 

    Assuming he is TD for both men and women teams? 

    I was only going off the list posted that had him as

    technical director

    JASON DEVOS - Director of Development


    Ya, he acts as TD for all programs. The podcast he hosts actually offers a lot of insight into what he does, where a large portion of the CSA revenue goes and what they do on a day to day basis.

  2. Just now, CanadaFan123 said:

    My problem is the seeming lack of ambition to make money. They don’t make buying customizable Canada jerseys easy.. they should be advertising that. Think of how many Davies shirts they could get on Xmas lists this year.

    This is a great observation. I think this has to do with the Nike deal, which in my mind was a terrible choice. Umbro was way more ambitious in marketing our players and teams.

  3. 1 minute ago, SpursFlu said:

    Maybe all their money went to propping up the Island games. 

    Obviously like everything else right now it has little to do with safety and everything to do with we're going broke and will this activity help or hinder this. I deal with business people all day long. There is money to be made but regulations and rules are just tightening the noose around their neck and making things impossible 

    No, the CSA does not fund the CPL.

  4. 3 minutes ago, apbsmith said:

    All those positions and I don't see a High performance or technical director or set piece coach specialist in the coaching staff for either men or women, that's really unfortunate. 

    I actually sympathize for the coaching staff, past and present after seeing that staff list. 

    I'll leave my other comments to myself haha.

    Jason De Vos is the TD.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Shway said:

    2019 I am not able to find.  

    What is interestingly depressing is that nearly 40% of the source of revenue is from player fees lol. So our federation is held up by the parents, and adult players who pay to register to play recreational and competitive soccer. So there's the 50% reduction in revenue that Montopoli stated....am I wrong to say that @BuzzAndSting?

    I believe that to be true but obviously can’t say for sure.

    Edit: Lost TV revenue would also account for some of the shortfalls.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Shway said:

    The 2018 Annual Report. @dyslexic nam


    So being the business guy that you are.....would you take a 2018 report, and assume that the same financial spend would be applied to 2020 in the midst of a pandemic? 
    And if you know that things are easily accessible since they are posted publicly and someone has stated that they have looked for information that you can easily find, but haven't found it...would you not provide the link to you know make things easy? 

    Of course not, why would allocations be the same this year as any other year?

    And no I’m not going to compile links and post them again to this site, I’ve don’t that multiple times. All of these conversations have been had before, the threads still exist. One thing that’s always lacking from those who criticize, is an idea of where things should be done differently. I’m all for accountability but if you want to question those who are allocating the money, point to what you would do differently. 

  7. Just now, Shway said:

    You assumed I haven't look but I haven't found last years report. Let me know what you have found. 

    What report?

    And if you have found all available public information related to the CSA, their finances and budget allocation why are you asking where money is being spent?

  8. 8 minutes ago, Shway said:

    Nothing make's sense....no reports from other countries stating that their friendly with Canada was cancelled. It was a bullshīt PR move. There was no friendly planned. The reaching out/sending out invitations to players was all just a ploy. 

    This was from October, but it's recycled bullshït again!

    Currently employed are 60 employees, they are listed below and there roles:

    STEVE REED - President
    NICK BONTIS - Vice President

    PETER MONTOPOLI- General Secretary
    LISA SPINA- Executive Assistant

    JOE GUEST - Deputy General Secretary
    JESSIE DALY - Senior Manager, Events
    CATHY BREDA - Manager, Administration
    DAN PAZUK - Systems Coordinator & Registrar
    ALLIE PIKE - Events Coordinator
    KELSEY HUNT - Events Coordinator
    ISAAC RAYMOND - Referee Department Manager
    MICHAEL TUCKER - Referee Program Administrator
    MIKE MORETTO - Equipment Manager
    REMY EYCKERMAN- Warehouse Coordinator

    Barely any events are being organized by the CSA, what work is required overtime?

    SEAN HEFFERMAN - Chief Financial Officer
    FRANCINE MÉRETTE - Manager of Finance
    NATALIA VORONTSOVA - Accounts Payable
    DALIA ARMADA - Accounting Clerk/Accounts Receivable

    Okay people have to paid, money is always coming in and go out...but where to salaries only?

    SANDRA GAGE - Chief Marketing Officer
    DOMINIC MARTIN - Director, Marketing
    RICHARD SCOTT - Director, Communications
    BRAD FOUGERE - Manager, Digital & Corporate Communications
    KAITLIN TULLE - Manager, Brand & Ticketing
    VANESSA RACINE - Manager, Content
    JOHN BRUCE - Graphic Designer

    Nothing is being marketed....jerseys haven't be released to stores, no games are being played to market, players are only being mentioned at their clubs. So what work is being done to be considered working overtime.
    - On average instagram is posted once a week
    - Twitter is a bunch of repost, and birthday shouts

    JASON DEVOS - Director of Development
    DAVE NUTT - Manager, Development - Operations
    STUART NEELY - Manager, Coach Education
    JIM LOUGHLIN - Master Coach Developer

    Coaching education programs are closed/inactive so who's working? I wonder if there was any summer programs?


    JOHN HERDMAN -Men's National Team Head Coach, Men's National EXCEL Director
    MAURO BIELLO - Men’s National Team Assistant Coach, Men’s EXCEL U-18 to U-23 Program Director
    ANDREW OLIVIERI - Men's EXCEL U-14 to U-17 Program Director
    SIMON EADDY - Men's EXCEL Goalkeeping Manager, Men's National Team Assistant Coach
    ERIC TENLLADO - Men's EXCEL Development Coach
    BEV PRIESTMAN - Women’s National Team Head Coach
    ANDRÉE JEGLERTZ - Women's National Team Assistant Coach
    RHIAN WILKINSON - Women's National Team Assistant Coach, Women’s Youth National Team Coach
    MIKE NORRIS - Women's EXCEL Goalkeeping Manager
    DANIEL MICHELUCCI - Men's EXCEL Operations Manager
    JAN LANG - Men's EXCEL Program Coordinator
    KYRIAKOS SELAIDOPOULOS - Futsal National Team Head Coach
    DREW FERGUSON - Para Soccer National Team Head Coach
    MAEVE GLASS - Women's National Team Tour & Equipment Manager
    ANDI BARNABA - Women's EXCEL Program Manager
    ROBYN GAYLE - Excel Mental and Cultural Manager
    SARAH SMITH - Peak Performance Manager / Sports Physiotherapist
    BRANDON FRITH - Manager, Ontario SuperREX
    TANIA SINGFIELD - Goalkeeper Coach, Ontario SuperREX

    This entire list is essentially inactive as there isn't any camps happening at all levels. Not domestic, not international....so who's really working? I can guarantee it's a bunch of fluff online meetings that are planning and preparation for nothing. Because nothing has happened or needed to be done since everything was cancelled in March.


    This is all posted publicly, you just have to put the effort in to look it up.

  9. 56 minutes ago, Shway said:

    Cash Strapped Association or Cash Stupidly Attributed. Take you’re pick, but I’ll assume the latter and won’t accept the former.

    This is bullshït, and as a federation we are being horribly advised...

    I wish the WC system didn’t change, because  then we would be forced into scheduling games in need of those points to catch El Salvador. Since we don’t, we are back to waiting when Concacaf tells us that we have to play, back to being complacent and resting on the laurels of our upcoming young talented core to do something revolutionary using the same planning as the past.

    My disappointment has switched to frustration.


    14 minutes ago, CanadaFan123 said:

    What a joke we are. We have the most valuable under 20 player on the planet and live in an amazing country yet can’t figure out how to organize ourselves for a game. So many excuses and never solutions. 

    No money for friendlies? What a load of shite. And if it’s true we only have incompetent leadership to blame. There is no excuse.

    In what ways do you feel the CSA has mismanaged their funds? Where would you reallocate funds? What funding would you cut?

  10. Why doesn’t @SpursFlu start his own COVID related thread in the Off Topic section and refrain for posting his musings in threads about soccer? I understand there’s times when the two intersect but the posts that draw the most ire are the longer ones and the ones in which he attacks other posters calling them dumb and idiots, neither of which are contributing to the conversation at hand.

  11. 9 hours ago, SpecialK said:

    Did he though ??? Or was he just a passenger on the Victor’s ride. In my view I think he did jack... 2026 was victor’s baby. Also I truly believe the Americans needed Mexico and Canada to get the votes. Remember the Americans were hated on because of Trump during the vote. 

    Well Vic left in 2016 and the vote was in 2018. Regardless of whether you think you can accurately assess the mindset of all voting members Reed plaid a major part in negotiating the right to host. You can be critical but acknowledge the obvious otherwise you just come off as you normally do, like a troll.

  12. 19 hours ago, scooterlawrence5 said:

    All executive board members like the President and Vice President at provincial bodies (e.g., BC Soccer) and at the CSA are volunteers. So yiah, the pay is not glamorous.

    That’s not true. 

    Edit: apologies, I’m mistaken. I thought I had read that the CSA Pres and VP were paid positions but it’s been pointed out I was wrong.

  13. 46 minutes ago, scooterlawrence5 said:

    My point is that much of the soccer industry in Canada (youth clubs, private academies, provincial bodies, CPL clubs) and the CSA won't last indefinitely in this pandemic environment. Cash flow can only be negative for so long.

    I think we both agree that whatever surpluses any organization was lucky to be sitting on in February 2020, is not still sitting on them in October 2020.

    My fear is that without new revenues at all levels from 5 year olds who now choose not to play houseleague up to pro clubs playing in empty stadiums, the soccer landscape is now void of fiscal stability. The government at all levels will not bail out soccer in Canada!  Especially after the new federal election coming soon.

    You don’t seem to have a real understanding of the CSA’s finances, perhaps you should read the thread posted to this forum about the organizations FS before making broad assumptions.

    To your points, the CSA operates at a loss almost every year and has for a long time and I would be surprised if they’ve spent a significant portion of their reserve because at last check it was about one years operating expenses and considering they haven’t  hosted any camps at any level, staff have taken pay cuts, they’ve taken advantage of some of the Federal governments support programs and they do still have some revenues coming in.

  14. 1 minute ago, scooterlawrence5 said:

    "Salary reduction" because of the pandemic does NOT mean there is a "nice emergency reserve".

    No, salary reductions do not mean there is an emergency reserve, the emergency reserve exists because the CSA diligently took profits from some of the tournaments they’ve hosted and invested them wisely. This is stated in the CSA’s annual financial statements and General Secretary Peter Montopoli mentioned recently that they will have to use some of that emergency reserve to cover some program costs.

  15. https://www.transfermarkt.us/canadian-premier-league-expansion-bundesliga-involved-in-fraser-valley-project-/view/news/373100

    Sources have suggested that both Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich could be interested in the project—another possibility is Werder Bremen, the club has long targeted Canada for potential marketing purposes but also talent development. There have also been suggestions by reliable sources that the Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL)—the Bundesliga governing body—could be involved directly.


  16. 37 minutes ago, _Roberto_ said:

    I'll take "1 loss and 2 draws with only 1 goal scored" over "0 loss and 0 draws with 0 goals scored" every time.

    There's a famous Dutch saying which goes, "it's better to play poorly than not play at all."

    Its even got you following Dutch soccer.

    Odd, because on their current form it looks like they’ll be dropped down to Nations League B, and losing to Mexico can’t help improve their chances of staying up. So maybe it would be better for the team to avoid humiliating friendly defeats, it’s got to be affecting their already fragile confidence.

    And yes I do take notice of the scores and read the occasional recap of the teams poor performances but don’t get me wrong, I’m as much of a Netherlands fan as you are a Canada fan, not at all.

  17. 48 minutes ago, Obinna said:

    Good point. The other thing is, if we have money earmarked for a November friendly in Euro and it does not happen, we could use that money to have a domestic camp, MLS players or not. Even if we cannot fly in an opponent last minute, bring some players together and train. It should not cost more than playing in Europe. 

    This is an interesting point that the usual critics haven't clued in on. From what JH has said, this was the plan so I'm sure the CSA has either saved all that money or at least recouped some of it. He's also stated that they're trying to organize another camp(s). The only question is if this savings remains earmarked for the CanMNT. We know that all CSA staff have taken reduced pay since the pandemic started and we know they've built themselves a nice "emergency" reserve but are those two actions enough to maintain some semblance of normal operations or will these funds be reallocated?

  18. So to update; the Netherlands come away extremely fortunate with a 1-1 draw to a much better Italy team. Other than De Jong the Netherlands looked really lacklustre and must be causing some real teeth gnashing for their number fan @_Roberto_

    1 loss and 2 draws with only 1 goal scored over the course of this camp, dire times for the Netherlands with no real hope for the immediate future.

    What will the KNVB do?

  19. 17 minutes ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

    Why are folks ready to close down the Yankov thread when this one, on a player who is a UNMNT member 95%, is still dragging on?

    Hey, let's just plain ignore the US programme and how it works and pretend he really wants to play for us. Because an undocumented journalist named Gareth Wheeler told us to. 

    He's gone guys.

    Is Kristian Jack an "undocumented journalist" as well?

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