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  1. That’s not true. Edit: apologies, I’m mistaken. I thought I had read that the CSA Pres and VP were paid positions but it’s been pointed out I was wrong.
  2. You don’t seem to have a real understanding of the CSA’s finances, perhaps you should read the thread posted to this forum about the organizations FS before making broad assumptions. To your points, the CSA operates at a loss almost every year and has for a long time and I would be surprised if they’ve spent a significant portion of their reserve because at last check it was about one years operating expenses and considering they haven’t hosted any camps at any level, staff have taken pay cuts, they’ve taken advantage of some of the Federal governments support programs and they do still
  3. He did secure the hosting of a WC in Canada, that is unprecedented.
  4. You need someone with better business acumen than a former manager. A legitimate sports executive would be ideal but I don’t think the job is glamorous or pays well enough to attract the kind of candidates some around here expect.
  5. No, salary reductions do not mean there is an emergency reserve, the emergency reserve exists because the CSA diligently took profits from some of the tournaments they’ve hosted and invested them wisely. This is stated in the CSA’s annual financial statements and General Secretary Peter Montopoli mentioned recently that they will have to use some of that emergency reserve to cover some program costs.
  6. https://www.transfermarkt.us/canadian-premier-league-expansion-bundesliga-involved-in-fraser-valley-project-/view/news/373100 Sources have suggested that both Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich could be interested in the project—another possibility is Werder Bremen, the club has long targeted Canada for potential marketing purposes but also talent development. There have also been suggestions by reliable sources that the Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL)—the Bundesliga governing body—could be involved directly.
  7. And let’s not forget about Rob Friend, his connections you the original club in the lower mainland and of course his playing career in Germany.
  8. Odd, because on their current form it looks like they’ll be dropped down to Nations League B, and losing to Mexico can’t help improve their chances of staying up. So maybe it would be better for the team to avoid humiliating friendly defeats, it’s got to be affecting their already fragile confidence. And yes I do take notice of the scores and read the occasional recap of the teams poor performances but don’t get me wrong, I’m as much of a Netherlands fan as you are a Canada fan, not at all.
  9. This is an interesting point that the usual critics haven't clued in on. From what JH has said, this was the plan so I'm sure the CSA has either saved all that money or at least recouped some of it. He's also stated that they're trying to organize another camp(s). The only question is if this savings remains earmarked for the CanMNT. We know that all CSA staff have taken reduced pay since the pandemic started and we know they've built themselves a nice "emergency" reserve but are those two actions enough to maintain some semblance of normal operations or will these funds be reallocated?
  10. So to update; the Netherlands come away extremely fortunate with a 1-1 draw to a much better Italy team. Other than De Jong the Netherlands looked really lacklustre and must be causing some real teeth gnashing for their number fan @_Roberto_. 1 loss and 2 draws with only 1 goal scored over the course of this camp, dire times for the Netherlands with no real hope for the immediate future. What will the KNVB do?
  11. Is Kristian Jack an "undocumented journalist" as well?
  12. Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha Robert go find a Dutch forum to go whine and complain about how terrible your beloved Netherlands is... They lost to Mexico’s C team handily and tied a team 2 spots behind Jamaica! Honestly they wouldn’t even be in the top 4 in CONCACAF!
  13. Please go find all these negative posts you’re referring to and post them here.
  14. I don’t think he earned a call to either US game in 2019 but he should been called to the January 2020 camp. I just have a hard time believing he would have accepted at that point.
  15. So when theoretically should Yankov have been cap tied? The November 2019 NL game against the US?
  16. Correct. @SpecialK actually inferred that this whole supporters group has a loser mentality.
  17. You are repetitive because your posts do absolutely nothing to contribute to what you want to achieve.
  18. Meh, kid doesn’t want to play for Canada. JH has talked about his players having the passion and pride of representing Canada, this kid doesn’t have that.
  19. Very disappointing to lose a kid who was born and raised in Canada to a seemingly lower quality team. If we were actually playing the games we were supposed to be playing you’d think he would have filed his one time switch. Seems like the only way we could have snagged him was to organize a camp in Europe and considering our limited resources it was a for gone conclusion he was gone.
  20. Nah. So you don’t know? Just making shit up? CSA financials are public, I’m sure you could find it.
  21. This is just pathetic. If you can’t take mild criticism of your posts perhaps you should take a time out.
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