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  1. There's some great takes in this thread. A lot of lulz.

    I understand the CSA's announcement, this is a "headline" worthy grab of a guy who's repped a top Euro nation switching to Canada. Some less enlightened fans will see this as a coup.

    And as for the timing, I think this is a better deal for him than it is for us. He's out of contract, again. He's barely played. He's not even close to being a sure thing for us so...

  2. 53 minutes ago, scooterlawrence5 said:

    Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team are scheduled to face Aruba, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and Suriname in an initial round of four matches in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Qualifiers in March and June. Also in March, Canada Soccer’s Men’s U-23 National Team will complete in the Concacaf Men’s Olympic Qualifying in Guadalajara, Mexico. In July, Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team are scheduled to compete in the Concacaf Gold Cup with group stage matches against Martinique, USA and a yet-to-be determined third opponent.

    Scheduled? Hmmmm... 🤔 

  3. 17 minutes ago, Shortdutchcanuck said:

    Are you going to make us read it for ourselves?! 🙄 

    edit: relevant quote from JH;

    "I really really felt for Ayo," he added. "Because he is that local guy in Toronto and we've been talking seriously since July about this January opportunity. And he was excited. Through the Christmas period, we had quite a few connects. One was about two hours long, just talking about how we see his profile fitting into our team.

    "To get that call from him, he was actually devastated. In one way it was bittersweet. The bitter bit is he can't come into camp. But the sweet was just to see how he really felt about missing this opportunity, that it did hurt him. It hurt us as well because I think everyone was excited just to see him in that red jersey."

    On Flores;

    He said Flores' family eventually opted to keep him at home.

    On Gutierrez;

    Vancouver Whitecaps defender Cristian Gutierrez is also headed to the Canadian camp. While born in Quebec, he moved to Chile with his family when he was three and represented Chile at youth level. The 23-year-old has since switched his international allegiance to Canada.

    So Tesho has the Rona.

  4. 2 hours ago, toontownman said:

    Wow this thread escalated quickly this morning in true V fashion. 

    Let's split up, go through every phone book and call Ayo's parents, they might be worried too? 

    To be fair Herdman isn't in the pictures either. Clearly one of two things:

    1) Herdman is the super spreader

    2) Ayo is looked in the interrogation room with Herdman. He will appear in training pictures after they have turned him.

    It's called the "Mind Room!"

  5. 9 hours ago, BearcatSA said:

    Inevitably, there will be some pull outs from this camp for a variety of reasons.  I am intrigued to see which guys get called in their places.  For instance, Bustos is the only guy who played this past year in CPL, so I wonder if any others from there get a look as a replacement player?  Depending on the position, I wonder if Baldisimo (or Teibert or Bair, for that matter) end up getting called up.

    I suspect they may not call any replacements if a couple players drop out. 

  6. 3 hours ago, Obinna said:

    Regardless of the hypocrisy, the heart of his post (which you ignored) is important. You get more bees with honey than vinegar, so if you disagree with someone, try to understand them instead of responding with bitterness or hatred. 

    I am not targeting you specifically, because you are generally good at this (I appreciate your patience when it comes to the CSA finance issue, for example). This is just a general comment for those with ears to listen. 

    Are there rules that require me to address the entirety of a post when quoting someone?

  7. 11 hours ago, SpursFlu said:

    Im pretty sure people hate to hear from me on the topic so I usually avoid it but every time I read people discussing the inevitable and completely reasonable topic of a Canadian national team camp, the same couple characters come around with the chicken little routine. Guys we get it, we're hammered over the head with it 24/7 for the past 10 months. Nothing should be happening anywhere. If you want to give relevant information to the specific details of the topic, fine. But don't go on your everyone is bad, you're all killing people routine, just save it. Americans, Alberta, anyone with an alternate point of view... bad, bad, bad. We know, we own television sets, we hear the message.... just give us a brake. We love the Canadian national team, thats why we waist so much time here. We finally have a team to be excited for and all we want is to see them play. None of us have any actual decision making power so just let it go and let's have the slightest bit of hope

    This is sarcastic right? There's no way you can be complaining about being called bad for an alternative point of view, after you've posted here ad nauseum calling people idiots and afraid for taking the virus more seriously than you?

  8. On 11/26/2020 at 8:29 AM, BuzzAndSting said:

    Just to add. The Canadian government has secured contracts for 3 million vaccines to be delivered in January and is aiming to have vaccines available for all Canadians by the end of 2021. Work has already begun including the delivery of immunization supplies across the country but the full roll out plan won't be released until early December. The government has contracts for tens of millions of vaccines and the Quebec based company working on their vaccine is getting close. We'll have a much clearer picture soon assuming of course that the vaccine manufacturers follow through on their contracts and they prove to be effective. 

    To update. The immunization plan has been published for those interested. I have not had a chance to review.


  9. On 11/30/2020 at 6:04 PM, Olympique_de_Marseille said:

    There was an important update by the Government of Canada the other day:

    "...is amending its order and creating a framework for considering applications from high-performance amateur sport organizations seeking to hold International Single Sport Events. To be considered, applicants would need to include...


    • An International Single Sport Event includes World Championships, Olympic or Paralympic Qualifications, as well as World Cups.
    • A high-performance amateur athlete is defined as an athlete competing at the international level and affiliated with his or her country's national sport federation"


    Looks like we may be able to host WCQ matches in 2021 as they will build an exception to the 14 day quarantine rule for those flying into the country as long as strict protocols are in place.

    At the pace that government usually moves March might be too early, but if we are playing WCQ matches in June they could be played at home.

    Obviously this doesn't apply to professional teams so the Canadian MLS teams are likely to play in bubbles in the US again in 2021.

    These applications would most likely be processed by PHAC and Sport Canada in a matter of days once an organization has a plan that has been  agreed upon by other levels of government.

  10. 19 hours ago, dyslexic nam said:

    It is sounding like the vaccines are getting pretty close to roll-out.  Hopefully there will be a first wave in the first quarter of 2021.  After that, a lot will depend on how quickly they can churn it out (and how much clout the biggest counties use to commandeer as much as they can).   I am hoping it isn’t the Wild West once again like we saw with PPE but you never know.   

    Damn it would be nice if these things work as advertised and we start to get back to life as normal.   

    Just to add. The Canadian government has secured contracts for 3 million vaccines to be delivered in January and is aiming to have vaccines available for all Canadians by the end of 2021. Work has already begun including the delivery of immunization supplies across the country but the full roll out plan won't be released until early December. The government has contracts for tens of millions of vaccines and the Quebec based company working on their vaccine is getting close. We'll have a much clearer picture soon assuming of course that the vaccine manufacturers follow through on their contracts and they prove to be effective. 

  11. 18 hours ago, Cheeta said:

    I think (hope) we're going to see a very much more normal summer/fall 2021.  Graduating fans back into the stands as the season gets on.  It's going to feel weird but it's going to happen if the vaccinations make their way into the general public sooner rather than later.  

    And there's the tough part for the league planners, how soon will vaccinations become available and how widespread will they be accepted?

    BTW, Wanderers supporters have to be the 2nd happiest people in CanPLdom if this Quebec news proves true.  

    Although they've made numerous missteps during their response to the pandemic the CFL has announced their 2021 schedule and all teams are planning to play in their home stadiums. There's no indication of whether fans will be allowed in the stands but the idea that teams will be travelling is positive as it would have been decided in consultation with government and health authorities. I assume at this point the CPL is planning a similar undertaking. Fingers crossed.

    In terms of a vaccine, it's likely to be distributed to the general public closer to the end of 2021 so I don't think it will factor into CPL decisions.

  12. 1 hour ago, Obinna said:

    Does short camp make anyone else think European players may be involved, or am I reaching?

    I the quote he says "we will play Panama." That could be the royal "we" or, more likely, he means him and the team. Fingers crossed.

  13. I appreciate the questions and I hope I can answer all of them however not everything is finalized so I may not have all the information.

    As many of you know and have already mentioned, Jamie (@admin) has worked diligently, at much personal cost, to bring the Voyageurs to where they are now. Feeling that it was time for our loose knit group to take next logical step he approached a group of us who know and trust each other about formalizing the Voyageurs as an entity. We’ve been meeting regularly and are trying to lay the foundation for the future by making sure all legal requirements are up to date and some basics around roles and responsibilities are established with the goal of running an election for an inaugural Board of Directors in the near future. We’re at the point now where we’re almost ready to share our work with the broader group here and we’re planning on distributing a survey to garner feedback about what the organization should look like and where it should be headed. We’re also planning to host an online event in the near future where we will announce plans and answer questions. We all have full time jobs and families so we're moving slowly but we'll get there.

    As for the moderation of this site, myself and @JamboAl where made admins recently. I don't know the other admins or whether they still visit this site. I know Jamie has been quite busy these days and so I offered to take on the responsibility. I don't suspect @JamboAl will have much time to dedicate as I know he's quite busy himself. I also have a lot going on in my life so I'll try to answer all questions in do time.

    Hope that helps.


  14. 1 hour ago, Obinna said:

    People don't believe it because it does not make sense. It seems strange and raises many questions:

    • Why would they plan a European friendly, but then turn around and cancel their plans on the advice from experts?
      • Shouldn't they have just gotten that advice from the beginning? 
      • Did the advice change and if so why not mention that?
      • Assuming it was deemed to dangerous to play, what about the USA?
        • Maybe they were given different advice?
        • Maybe they were given similar advice, but the CSA give more weight to it than the USSF?
          • Would that not be more tempting if your plans were less-than-solid?
            • I would guess so, in which case fans would have appreciated them being more forthcoming. 

    I don't think anyone is being purposely obtuse here. I think people are just trying to logically make sense of it. That is what I am doing anyways. 


    1 hour ago, costarg said:

    If I understand correctly.... The news stated: a "possible game" would be called off.  There never was an announcement of an actual game, with an actual opponent, or where this game would be held, it was all just hearsay after the fact. 

    Hence people don't believe the reasoning put forward.  It's rather easy to understand the lack of trust, it stems from the lack of transparency.  It's years we're complaining about the lack of transparency, everything about CANMNT & CSA is secretive.  We're talking KGB level stuff.  

    It's like your parents coming down Christmas morning and saying "we planned to buy you a game console, but we decided against it because we don't know if we'll still have our jobs a year from now".  It's losing a gift you never received, its only normal it causes trust issues.  There is no proof of this gift, or the effort, or the plan, just the notice saying "we decided against it without informing you".  Its seriously deranged and borders on mental abuse.

    I'm not challenging anyone who doesn't believe the reasoning put forward and I completely understand the issue and it's context. I was just pointing out that the CSA did issue a press release and stated their reasoning behind not holding a camp in November. They weren't being secretive unless you expect them to release every detail related to the cancelled camp, which they've never done, they never will and I'm not sure why they would other than to appease the 50-100 of us who post on this board.

  15. 1 hour ago, MtlMario said:

    Here's an idea. Why doesn't someone  (us or some reporter that covers soccer in this country) ask the CSA or JH or whomever knows about this supposedly friendly? Why all this F@#$%^g secrecy? This has been going on for as long as I remember and I'm in my 60's! Thank u thank u very much (TUTUVM).

    What secrecy? The news release stated why the camp was called off, the issue is people don't believe the reasoning put forward. 

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