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  1. To update. The immunization plan has been published for those interested. I have not had a chance to review. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/publications/diseases-conditions/covid-19-immunization-plan.html
  2. These applications would most likely be processed by PHAC and Sport Canada in a matter of days once an organization has a plan that has been agreed upon by other levels of government.
  3. Just to add. The Canadian government has secured contracts for 3 million vaccines to be delivered in January and is aiming to have vaccines available for all Canadians by the end of 2021. Work has already begun including the delivery of immunization supplies across the country but the full roll out plan won't be released until early December. The government has contracts for tens of millions of vaccines and the Quebec based company working on their vaccine is getting close. We'll have a much clearer picture soon assuming of course that the vaccine manufacturers follow through on their contract
  4. Although they've made numerous missteps during their response to the pandemic the CFL has announced their 2021 schedule and all teams are planning to play in their home stadiums. There's no indication of whether fans will be allowed in the stands but the idea that teams will be travelling is positive as it would have been decided in consultation with government and health authorities. I assume at this point the CPL is planning a similar undertaking. Fingers crossed. In terms of a vaccine, it's likely to be distributed to the general public closer to the end of 2021 so I don't think it wil
  5. It's quite unbelievable to think that by season 4 this league could be up to 10 teams and 12 by season 5.
  6. Apparently Montreal and another team in Quebec.
  7. I the quote he says "we will play Panama." That could be the royal "we" or, more likely, he means him and the team. Fingers crossed.
  8. $12 😐 The "retail value" listed is $60 😔
  9. I don't know if this is from the 2020 season but is anyone interested in an autographed jersey? My work is hosting a charity auction and to my surprise, one of the items is this jersey. I can't imagine it will go for very much money.
  10. I appreciate the questions and I hope I can answer all of them however not everything is finalized so I may not have all the information. As many of you know and have already mentioned, Jamie (@admin) has worked diligently, at much personal cost, to bring the Voyageurs to where they are now. Feeling that it was time for our loose knit group to take next logical step he approached a group of us who know and trust each other about formalizing the Voyageurs as an entity. We’ve been meeting regularly and are trying to lay the foundation for the future by making sure all legal requirements are
  11. I'm not challenging anyone who doesn't believe the reasoning put forward and I completely understand the issue and it's context. I was just pointing out that the CSA did issue a press release and stated their reasoning behind not holding a camp in November. They weren't being secretive unless you expect them to release every detail related to the cancelled camp, which they've never done, they never will and I'm not sure why they would other than to appease the 50-100 of us who post on this board.
  12. What secrecy? The news release stated why the camp was called off, the issue is people don't believe the reasoning put forward.
  13. Ya, he acts as TD for all programs. The podcast he hosts actually offers a lot of insight into what he does, where a large portion of the CSA revenue goes and what they do on a day to day basis.
  14. This is a great observation. I think this has to do with the Nike deal, which in my mind was a terrible choice. Umbro was way more ambitious in marketing our players and teams.
  15. I believe that to be true but obviously can’t say for sure. Edit: Lost TV revenue would also account for some of the shortfalls.
  16. Of course not, why would allocations be the same this year as any other year? And no I’m not going to compile links and post them again to this site, I’ve don’t that multiple times. All of these conversations have been had before, the threads still exist. One thing that’s always lacking from those who criticize, is an idea of where things should be done differently. I’m all for accountability but if you want to question those who are allocating the money, point to what you would do differently.
  17. They post the percentage allocation of funds, not specific dollar amounts, in their annual report, which is posted publicly.
  18. What report? And if you have found all available public information related to the CSA, their finances and budget allocation why are you asking where money is being spent?
  19. This is all posted publicly, you just have to put the effort in to look it up.
  20. In what ways do you feel the CSA has mismanaged their funds? Where would you reallocate funds? What funding would you cut?
  21. Why doesn’t @SpursFlu start his own COVID related thread in the Off Topic section and refrain for posting his musings in threads about soccer? I understand there’s times when the two intersect but the posts that draw the most ire are the longer ones and the ones in which he attacks other posters calling them dumb and idiots, neither of which are contributing to the conversation at hand.
  22. Well Vic left in 2016 and the vote was in 2018. Regardless of whether you think you can accurately assess the mindset of all voting members Reed plaid a major part in negotiating the right to host. You can be critical but acknowledge the obvious otherwise you just come off as you normally do, like a troll.
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