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  1. And that's my point, so should his detractors. It's all pointless, to tout the hiring or question it, he's here to stay.
  2. I think you answered your own query. The fact that this is a discussion still boggles my mind. Regardless of how we feel he's with us, win or lose, until the end of the cycle.
  3. That's just a staff list, not really an org chart. 46 staff listed, not sure where you cut the "bloat." There's obviously going to be two coaching staffs so it would be difficult to get it under 40.
  4. You’ve seen the CSA org chart? Please share. We have a thread dedicated to this topic titled “CSA Finances” or something like that, it would be worthwhile posting there.
  5. They're available. https://atleticoottawa.canpl.ca/2021-season-memberships/
  6. If Ben Fisk retires to “pursue other things” the league has a major problem... if it didn’t already.
  7. Another disappointing departure. Ben Fisk not returning. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLxFdAajsXH/?igshid=1nbwnfj000qon
  8. This is common in pro sports in NA, see the NFL and MLB. Not leagues with stellar labour relations but the tactics employed by the CPL ownership are not at all unique to pro sports leagues.
  9. It actually has Issey listed as part of “Unattached FC” !!! Amazing!
  10. The move from the Vs site to here was more about perception than anything.
  11. Stalteri was with Bremen when they won in 03/04.
  12. Moving on from LAFC. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLFK0t3MICU/?igshid=1knrqt464vflc
  13. There's some great takes in this thread. A lot of lulz. I understand the CSA's announcement, this is a "headline" worthy grab of a guy who's repped a top Euro nation switching to Canada. Some less enlightened fans will see this as a coup. And as for the timing, I think this is a better deal for him than it is for us. He's out of contract, again. He's barely played. He's not even close to being a sure thing for us so...
  14. Apologies, I thought it had been deduced that it was one of Ayo, Guti or Tesho.
  15. Are you going to make us read it for ourselves?! 🙄 edit: relevant quote from JH; "I really really felt for Ayo," he added. "Because he is that local guy in Toronto and we've been talking seriously since July about this January opportunity. And he was excited. Through the Christmas period, we had quite a few connects. One was about two hours long, just talking about how we see his profile fitting into our team. "To get that call from him, he was actually devastated. In one way it was bittersweet. The bitter bit is he can't come into camp. But the sweet was just to see how he rea
  16. Is the unofficial "official" uniform of all athletes sweatpants and a hoodie for non-gamedays?
  17. Number of subs, officials, length of game are all factors in whether it can be “official.”
  18. I suspect they may not call any replacements if a couple players drop out.
  19. Are there rules that require me to address the entirety of a post when quoting someone?
  20. This is sarcastic right? There's no way you can be complaining about being called bad for an alternative point of view, after you've posted here ad nauseum calling people idiots and afraid for taking the virus more seriously than you?
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