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  1. Suspect yes but I don't know about bull****. The ref called him for the first foul and showed him the yellow. He stood around yelling and screaming and took a second yellow. He did the same thing tonight except he was lucky not to get the second. The point is he puts himself in poor positions. Just shut up and walk away, especially when you're playing away from home.
  2. Agree with everything. Regarding Ibrahim; Who does this guy think he is? He wonders around at 50% and then gets into with guys he no business being on the same pitch as. A red card in Panama and a yellow tonight? He's walking around shoving guys like he's 16 playing a rec tournament.
  3. Apparently Houston tied UNAM 4-4 in 2008 and DC tied 1-1 at Toluca last year. http://soccer.fanhouse.com/2010/08/24/mls-clubs-renew-quest-to-win-in-mexico-this-week/
  4. Nevermind... Just looked it up. That's the 3rd draw for an MLS team to 18 losses.
  5. Is that seriously the first time an MLS team got a point in Mexico? Or has an MLS team never won?
  6. Daso should tell the boys to all get on De Ro's back and cross their fingers for a shocker.
  7. Torrado in... That's the guy who grabbed De Ro around the neck at BMO. And why is his shirt so small? It looks like he forgot his at home and he had to stop at the pro shop before the game but they only had size boys husky left.
  8. Just sent an email to Sportsnet. Also sent one to the CSA asking who, if anyone has the rights to broadcast it in Canada. I'll post any new info here.
  9. I'm pretty sure there's a train crossing in the stadium. I know it's Cruz Azul but how badly does Ibby look out of place? He can't make more than two touches and he's tried a couple dekes that wouldn't even work in training.
  10. It's not all about the 15 minutes on the pitch during the game. It's about guys getting familiar with each and about the training the team does as a whole before and between friendlies in camp. If a team is to be successful the players need to create bonds between them, they can't just be thrown together. That's why so many professional sports teams these days have "retreats" before a season.
  11. He's a Brit! Better than Gerry Dobson calling the Canada game... DeRrrrrrrosarrrrrio and DeGuuuuuuuzman.
  12. In Ottawa watching on Rogers cable. Any HD feed or only the usual GotlTV crap standard def?
  13. Not to mention there's much more flexability with flight times going into Toronto then there would be going to the west coast. I'd love to see games spread out across the country, especially the east coast because those games would be a blast to travel to. Unfortunately Montreal and Toronto make the most sense logistically.
  14. The press release mentions that the post season format will be announced at a later date. Do you think there will be changes? If so what?
  15. The day after the Honduras game I was listening to "The Intermission" (12pm-1pm) on the Team 990. They started the program by announcing they were going to discuss the game during the show. They ended up discussing the make up of the crowd for 5 minutes then spent 20 minutes on how long it took Marinaro to get to the game and what roads he took. The soccer coverage in this country really is embarissing.
  16. "Under those circumstances taking a pass on a couple of meaningless internationals isn't some sort of sin, it's just proof positive that he isn't a complete retard." Just so we're clear he didn't "pass" on these qualifiers, he wasn't asked. He didn't have choice to come or not because there was never an invite. And from what I understand he won't be asked again until he approaches the MNT coaches and starts a dialogue about returning to the team.
  17. Why is Pat Hickey writing about soccer? From what I know about him he only covers hockey. From September til May he comes on the local sports radio station here in Ottawa and rants about the Habs. The last time I heard him was right before the playoffs and he was talking about how the Habs wouldn't be able to win a series. The article is useless and gives a negative impression of the state of soccer in Canada. We all know that things aren't great but this kind of off the cuff reporting makes things worse. In the end it comes down to winning games now and his impression that "overwhelming major
  18. Great post. Although I don't live in Vancouver I think this is a great cause and a great idea. I've been a fan of Dave Bidini the musician since the Rheostatics and a fan of Dave Bidini the author since Tropic of Hockey. If anyone out there hasn't seen the CBC special Hockey Nomad it's definitely worth a view. I was unaware of the upcoming book and I will now definitely pick that up. Thanks very much B & W Army!
  19. Just a follow up for anyone interested in coming to Gracies on Ogilvie in Ottawa... If we have enough people interested I can put on the TFC game at 830pm. Unfortunately we will be able to show the CAN-HON game on Tuesday but with no sound. We have a pretty decent trivia league on Tuesday nights.
  20. Canada vs. Peru Saturday, Sept. 4th Time: 5:30PM EST/2:30PM PST TV Coverage: All four regional Sportsnet channels The following is a list of gathering places for Voyageurs to view the game (details to be added to this post as they are received). Calgary - Edmonton - Elephant & Castle, Whyte Ave. (confirmed) Halifax - Kingston - Montreal - Ottawa - Grace O'Malley's Irish Pub & Restaurant, 1151 Ogilvie Road, 613-842-0220 (confirmed) Quebec City - Regina - Saskatoon - St. John's - Toronto - BMO Field (confirmed) Van
  21. I work at a bar in Ottawa called Grace O'Malley's on Ogilvie Road. I would have been at the game except I have to work, so I will have it on our 15 foot big screen.
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