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  1. 20 minutes ago, Olympique_de_Marseille said:

    Web translators always deliver the gold...

    "Their request is illegal and looks like a no-effects psychological attack since our pomegranates promised to get high on the field of play and qualify for the third phase of these playoffs to the Haitian people."

  2. 1 hour ago, SpecialK said:

    Well answer and Question with a question. Why hasn’t the CSA book any friendlies vs top 15 teams ? You can’t say money because FIFA was handing out money left, right and centre, so must be the talent problem ? Well we have superstars now and solid players. Ok Covid problems well... other CONCACAF teams went and played so it’s BS. 

    Herdman’s first game was vs B/C New Zealand ( they didn’t have there star players) team with Zero fans in Spain and very little coverage. 

    Each time Herdman has played a top team he’s lost ( he did win vs US once) and he has looked really bad, like he got out managed, we and media started to go after him for it. Reed Fired Oz not because of performance and I find the money thing BS. They fired him because they were going to lose Herdman to england. Reed and Herdman are close. It’s well documented. Also Herdman has now FULL control over the women’s and men’s game. The Bev hiring showed everything. 

    Because the CSA has put everything on Herdman and has given him the kingdom if he fails the CSA looks horrible and fails. 

    its better for the CSA to look good and pumped out oh winning 7 in a row and Davies and David scoring at will and dominating games 11-0. The Arfield situation says a lot. He was tired of playing minnows and pissed about getting hurt in the Caribbean. The CSA has zero intention of playing top teams. 

    I honestly can’t be bothered to read through an entire post of yours any more because it’s literally the exact same thing posted over and over but to your question about scheduling friendlies, it has been pointed out to you numerous times that the financial situation of the CSA greatly limits their ability to do anything beyond what they’re already doing. You’ve been directed to the FS and have been shown expenditures but continue to ignore the reality.

  3. 6 minutes ago, TGAA_Star said:

    I don't know how confident I feel especially after Suriname because Haiti is a much different opponent and Haiti they are set up probably more than what Suriname was especially offensively but defensively they seem pretty sound too. Which is why I'm expecting a tight game. It will be a draw in this first leg.

    There’s value in a draw at 3.70!

  4. 4 hours ago, Markoaleks said:

    That is amazing!

    I was standing at the top of the section and saw you and your son walk down. Having just found out at the time that my wife was pregnant with our first child I was very happy that you guys got that opportunity. And from seeing the picture it looks like an amazing moment that I can’t wait to hopefully replicate with my kids!

    The Canadian soccer community is very small and the players have always been very approachable because of that. You have to think that as the players and team grow, moments like these, where $100M players climb into the stands to see friends, family and fans after games will be fewer and far between.

  5. 5 minutes ago, narduch said:

    Betting companies probably licking their wounds after all the Over bets from the last match day.

    Not pertinent to this thread but interesting none the less, that's not how sportsbooks work. If they're leveraged to much on one side they move the line to attract the other side. A book will always be fairly balanced and then collect the middle. 

  6. 9 minutes ago, Corazon said:

    Not to stir the pot anymore on this subject as most want to move past it but there is some buzz generating on twitter and reddit in the past couple of days that Tomori may still be eligible for Canada.  I am not going to bother digging to deep into it but worth checking out if your interested.

    Been posted in the relevant Tomori thread here. Bottom line is he can’t accept another call from England till Nov 2022 and then he’d be eligible for Canada again.

  7. 38 minutes ago, Shway said:

    Interesting. Considering he said they’re wouldn’t be much crossover, even though our first game would be almost a month after our potential playoff matchup. 

    Predicting this team will be a challenge. 

    Maybe Arfield could come and bring his family? Will Hutch be there? Will TFC get depleted?

    I wasn't aware of this comment, disregard my assumption!

  8. 18 minutes ago, narduch said:

    I know some here are superstitious.

    But with the news of NHL teams being allowed to travel to Canada. If we win our Group, what are the chances we could host Haiti or Nicaragua at home?

    I hope the CSA is working in the background to make that happen.

    Zero. Those plans have already been made a while ago, before any conversations with PHAC would have begun.

    I assume, similar to last year, the NHL is leading these discussions and other teams/leagues will come knocking once a decision has been made.

  9. 2 minutes ago, TGAA_Star said:

    Good point but then since the Gold Cup is in less than a month, it would have been nice to at least play a friendly or 2 to at least help us prepare. Yes granted we are playing qualifiers but still I'm just saying if we could have managed to fit friendlies into our schedule, it would have been better but it is okay. We have qualifiers to get through anyway.

    I think the bulk of the Gold Cup team is currently in camp so it's almost as if they're holding an advanced training camp.

    It's still possible the CSA schedules an "A" friendly but at the very least they'll play a closed door match against a club team.

  10. A lot of games will be on CTV as well.



    Friday, June 11 Turkey vs. Italy 2pm TSN1/4
    Saturday, June 12 Wales vs. Switzerland 8:30am TSN1/3/CTV
    Saturday, June 12 Denmark vs. Finland 11am TSN1/3/CTV
    Saturday, June 12 Belgium vs. Russia 2pm TSN1/3/CTV
    Sunday, June 13 England vs. Croatia 8:30am TSN1/5/CTV
    Sunday, June 13 Austria vs. North Macedonia 11am TSN1/5/CTV
    Sunday, June 13 Netherlands vs. Ukraine 2pm TSN1/3/5/CTV
    Monday, June 14 Scotland vs. Czech Republic 8:30am TSN1/3/4
    Monday, June 14 Poland vs. Slovakia 11am TSN1/3/4
    Monday, June 14 Spain vs. Sweden 2pm TSN1/3/4
    Tuesday, June 15 Hungary vs. Portugal 11:30am TSN1/3/4
    Tuesday, June 15 France vs. Germany 2pm TSN1/3/4
    Wednesday, June 16 Finland vs. Russia 8:30am TSN1/3/4
    Wednesday, June 16 Turkey vs. Wales 11am TSN1/3/4
    Wednesday, June 16 Italy vs. Switzerland 2pm TSN1/3/4
    Thursday, June 17 Ukraine vs. North Macedonia 8:30am TSN1/3
    Thursday, June 17 Denmark vs. Belgium 11am TSN1/3
    Thursday, June 17 Netherlands vs. Austria 2pm TSN1/3
    Friday, June 18 Sweden vs. Slovakia 8:30am TSN1/3
    Friday, June 18 Croatia vs. Czech Republic 11am TSN1/3
    Friday, June 18 England vs. Scotland 2pm TSN1/3
    Saturday, June 19 Hungary vs. France 8:30am TSN1/4/CTV
    Saturday, June 19 Portugal vs. Germany 11am TSN1/4/CTV
    Saturday, June 19 Spain vs. Poland 2pm TSN1/5/CTV
    Sunday, June 20 Italy vs. Wales 11:30am TSN3/CTV (JIP TSN5 @ Noon)
    Sunday, June 20 Switzerland vs. Turkey 11:30am TSN2
    Monday, June 21 Ukraine vs. Austria 11:30am TSN2
    Monday, June 21 North Macedonia vs. Netherlands 11:30am TSN1/3/4 (JIP TSN5 @ Noon)
    Monday, June 21 Finland vs. Belgium 2pm TSN Network
    Monday, June 21 Russia vs. Denmark 2pm TSN2
    Tuesday, June 22 Croatia vs. Scotland 2:30pm TSN2
    Tuesday, June 22 Czech Republic vs. England 2:30pm TSN Network
    Wednesday, June 23 Sweden vs. Poland 11:30am TSN2
    Wednesday, June 23 Slovakia vs. Spain 11:30am TSN Network
    Wednesday, June 23 Portugal vs. France 2pm TSN Network
    Wednesday, June 23 Germany vs. Hungary 2pm TSN2
    Saturday, June 26 TBD vs. TBD 11:30am TSN/CTV
    Saturday, June 26 TBD vs. TBD 2pm TSN/CTV
    Sunday, June 27 TBD vs. TBD 11:30am TSN/CTV
    Sunday, June 27 TBD vs. TBD 2pm TSN/CTV
    Monday, June 28 TBD vs. TBD 11:30am TSN
    Monday, June 28 TBD vs. TBD 2pm TSN
    Tuesday, June 29 TBD vs. TBD 11:30am TSN
    Tuesday, June 29 TBD vs. TBD 2pm TSN
    Friday, July 2 TBD vs. TBD 11:30am TSN
    Friday, July 2 TBD vs. TBD 2pm TSN
    Saturday, July 3 TBD vs. TBD 11:30am TSN/CTV
    Saturday, July 3 TBD vs. TBD 2pm TSN/CTV
    Tuesday, July 6 TBD vs. TBD 2pm TSN
    Wednesday, July 7 TBD vs. TBD 2pm TSN
    Sunday, July 11 TBD vs. TBD 2pm TSN/CTV
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