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  1. In my opinion, Bernier, Hutchinson, De Jong and McKenna were our best players yesterday. McKenna was the only safe player at the back and his ball distribution was good. We really missed him during last WC qualification. I think that things could have ended up differently with him instead of Hasting at central defense... Was he injured?
  2. "I told (Canada coach) Stephen Hart I was 60/40 on it," De Rosario told Sportsnet.ca
  3. Do you think it is a good news for his career? Some player will probably leave (e.g. Coloccini) which will leave a spot for David as a starter. And if Newcastle are able to come back in the Premiership in 2 years, David will be ready for prime time!!
  4. Begovic is also starting for Portsmouth against Wigan. 2 young Canadians starting on this crucial day in the Premiership, great news!!
  5. From Stalteri's website: ''Paul Stalteri has cancelled his contract at Tottenham by mutual consent. Paul made 56 appearances for Tottenham and scored three goals. Paul has signed for Borussia Mönchengladbach and will be playing alongside Canadian International Rob Friend. He will join the club on January 1st. ''
  6. I'm in! I wa very depressend yesterday night, but hope is back now. We can beat any team in the region with the talent we have, and it will start wednesday!
  7. I have the feeling that OUR national team will surprise many Wednesday. In fact, I can see us taking the 3 points. Mexicans will be too confident and we have nothing to lose. I predict a 2-0 win. Keep the faith boys...
  8. Sections: 112: 113: 114: 4 - Row 1, Seats 18-21 (Peter S) 1 - Row 1, Seat 22 (Bertuzzi44) 2 - Row 2, Seats 23-24 (jpg75) 4 - Row 3, Seats 6-9 (D-NoY) 4 - Row 6, Seats 10-13 (squizz) 115: 116: 117: Go to Top of Page
  9. The sale is open, but it's impossible to buy tickets in 114.
  10. I have send it to you Wendsday by mail. I guess you should receive it monday if it works.
  11. Yeah, it takes nuts to fight with a knife.....[:I]
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