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  1. This is great news for the Whitecaps and soccer fans in BC. We should keep the pressure on the government until ground breaking starts and construction is underway. I've read alot of negative comments on various forums and follow up comments to BC Place articles where many BC residents don't understand the benefits it will have on our economy and tourism in the long run. Glad the Liberals realized the long term benefits of the roof and kudos to Campbell.
  2. Well, it looks like CBC has just posted a rebuttal to that Globe & Mail article: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2009/10/07/bc-retractable-roof-bc-place-stadium.html As per the CBC article, maybe we'll have definitive answer in 4 weeks time.
  3. If you're talking about the posts over one month ago, from what I read, "Spiral" was at least basing his facts on what the Liberals were saying about the budget and the lowered priority of the retractable roof in the media. I also like to base my arguments on citeable sources, as opposed to the "biased" posters on this forum who often don't post their sources. As for this article, the Globe & Mail would not identify their source. You can take your pick on how credible this article is.
  4. Hope this "unidentified source" pans out. If so, this would be great news and there is no reason for MLS or Garber to reconsider the Whitecap's bid: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/british-columbia/bc-place-to-get-retractable-roof/article1314612/
  5. The article is dated September 28th by Google?!? Well, if you were able to read the entire thing, can you post the entire article here?
  6. Not sure why the image isn't showing up. Anyways, as of the moment, the Google link is: http://news.google.ca/news?hl=en&source=hp&q=bc%20place&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wn Unfortunately, the Google results may change over time as other news items with the term "BC Place" show up. The direct link to the article is: http://www.ccemag.com/issues/ISArticle.asp?aid=1000339656 but you need to be a subscriber to the magazine to see it. All I can read from the Google summary about the article is: "Plans to construct a retractable roof above BC Place Sta
  7. Hey, does anybody subscribe to the magazine Canadian Consulting Engineer? I did a google search for BC Place and found the following article: Unfortunately, you have to be a subcriber to the magazine Canadian Consulting Engineer to view the article. The article seems to imply there is an issue with the bidding process but unfortunately, that's all we can see unless somebody who has access to the magazine can post the full article.
  8. You have to be kidding me. We will have one of the worst stadiums in the MLS for soccer without the post-Olympic renovations and retractable roof. Even if we got the retractable roof & post-Olympic renovations, the Whitecaps have repeatedly said they still want a soccer specific stadium and that BC Place was for temporary use only. If BC Place is one of the "better stadiums within MLS," why would the Whitecaps want to get out of there and build their own SSS? Explain that one Einstien. (Don't even bother trying to explain that BC Place is better than any SSS in the MLS becaus
  9. Yes, I would hope those that read this thread send a simple e-mail to the e-mail addresses listed above. Takes you less than 5 minutes. Should the retractable roof & renovations be cancelled, there is nothing we can do at that point. We have more influence over Campbell and the Liberal party than we do over Garber & MLS.
  10. I HAPPILY invite the mods to confirm my IP address and Spiral's IP address, and to confirm that we are different users. As for you Jonnie Monster, you sound alot like Brownbear as you have the same silly logic as him.
  11. That's laughable logic. If Montreal were to gain Vancouver's position, Toronto would immediately vote for Montreal over Vancouver. When you take Montreal into account, there is a perfect city to replace us, who have a SSS built, and only need $25 million to upgrade it. Garber and the MLS Board of Governors will not hesitate to vote Montreal to replace us. Note that we got in because the MLS liked the retractable roof and the renovations done after the Olympics. What many of you have missed is that at no time were the MLS & Garber interested in just the Olympic renovations.
  12. I agree to disagree with you. What people of this board and community can do is only before the government cancels the BC Place retractable roof and renovations. Once they cancel it, they will not do a U-Turn (it's bad enough for them to do one U-Turn, they won't do two) and then it becomes an issue for MLS & Garber, where we have practically no say or influence. I would hope the voters of BC that read this and want the Whitecaps in the MLS, realize our window to make a difference is closing. Past that window, you can yell, scream, and make all the noise you want, but your influenc
  13. Why do you waste your time chasing Spiral down? Why don't you do something constructive such as spending less than 5 minutes of your time writing an e-mail to the addresses posted in the other thread, to voice your concern to the Liberals if you care about the Whitecaps joining the MLS?
  14. When we know what's going to happen - the Liberal government cutting the budget for the retractable roof and renovations - it will be too late</u>. If the Liberal government announces the cancellation of the retractable roof and renovations in their budget, there is little that you and I can do at that point because it becomes an issue for Garber and MLS to decide. Once it becomes an issue for Garber and MLS to decide, we can do nothing about it. The point is, while you and I can do something about this, just send an e-mail to the addresses posted above to voice your concern as a
  15. They are still selling season tickets for the Whitecaps 2010 season, which give Whitecaps 2010 season ticket holders priority to purchase 2011 MLS season tickets. So yes they are. It makes no business sense for them to set off the alarm publicly, although internally, they may be feeling the heat right now.
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